icinga2bot is a plugin for errbot that speaks to the Icinga2 API in order to relay messages to and from a chat channel.
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This is a work in progress. icinga2bot is a plugin for errbot that speaks to the Icinga2 API in order to relay messages to and from a chat channel.


After learning that errbot 4 had trouble with Python 3.5 on Ubuntu, I decided to support only Errbot version 5.x.

Principal development has been done in Centos 7 with python 3.4 and Errbot version 4.1.3, moved to Errbot 5.1.2 on September 25, 2017. I am actively seeking volunteers to help test and port the plugin on other systems.


Centos 7 requirements:

  • Epel Repo in order to get Python 3.4
  • Epel packages: python34 python34-tools python34-devel
  • Compiler and libraries to build errbot: gcc, glibc-devel, libffi-devel, openssl-devel
  • As errbot user:
 virtualenv -p python3.4 err
 err/bin/pip install -U setuptools
 err/bin/pip install errbot

Installation Prerequisites

Plugin installation

  • Assuming your errbot installation directory is /home/errbot, clone or pull the icinga2bot files to /home/errbot/plugins
  • Copy the Icinga2 certificate file to /home/errbot/plugins
  • Edit icinga2bot.ini to match your configuration
  • Add the certificate and icinga2bot.ini to .gitignore, just in case

Starting the bot

If you have configures your bot according to http://errbot.io/en/latest/user_guide/setup.html, then you can start the bot with /path/to/my/virtualenv/bin/errbot --daemon and check that it has entered your chatroom. If the plugin has any errors on startup, those will be shown in stderr.

Using the bot

In channel, icinga2bot accepts the following commands:

  • !i2status will show a summary of the state of everything being monitored, e.g.
    HOSTS     323 Up; 7 Down; 4 Unreachable
    SERVICES  307 OK;  33 Critical; 3 Warning; 13 Unreachable; 1 Unknown
    Checks per minute:  108 hosts, 83 services, 271 database queries
  • !host hostname will show the up/down state of a single host

From the Icinga2 side, the bot will relay the following events to the chat channel:

  • State changes
  • Comments
  • Problem acknowledgments
  • Notifications sent to a mailing list
  • Downtime start, stop, and definition

The easiest way to test these features is to add or remove a comment from an existing host.