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Examples of How to Use Layabout

This directory contains a bunch of examples showcasing various features of Layabout. Getting started with all of them is roughly the same process.

Before going further, make sure you have Pipenv installed.


In the directory of the example you want to try out, run:

pipenv install

Thats it!


Now you can run the example with:

pipenv run example


Getting started developing a slack integration can be overwhelming. We recommend running the simple example first. It prints all events that your app receives to the console, so it's a great way to interactively explore what kind of events are available for you to handle.

A Brief Overview of Each Example

  • simple: Registers a single catch-all event handler and prints it to stdout.
  • early-connection: Connects with an existing SlackClient and sends a message before proceeding to the normal event handling loop.
  • runtime-handler-definition: Debugs only messages in a channel determined from user input by programmatically creating a handler.
  • conditional-exit: Keep the event loop going until someone says the magic words determined by the user.