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Space Viewer - Rocket Infos (Monorepo)

NOTE: This project (API) is deprecated. Please see Space Seek for the follow up.

iOS build

Android build

This is the source code for the iOS App 'Space Viewer - Rocket Infos' and Android App 'Space Viewer - Information about Rocket Launches'. You can see lots of information about rocket space launches from all over the world! Want to know at which location it will launch? Or do you want to see its live stream? All the information are bundled in this app.

This includes rocket launches from SpaceX, NASA, ROSCOSMOS, ISRO, ULA and many more!


Tech Stack

  • Monorepo (yarn workspace)
  • React Native (without Expo)
  • Code Push by Microsoft App Center
  • Redux-Saga for asynchronous actions
  • Moment.Js for date operations

React Native project can be found at packages/mobile

Build & Run

Should be as easy as:

  yarn; yarn mobile/start
  yarn run-android
  yarn run-ios

Credits / Special Thanks


Copyright © Marius Reimer

Distributed under the Apache 2 License.