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Splinter Sweets - A LibGDX and Kotlin Mobile Game Example


This is an example of building a mobile game app using the libGDX game development framework and the Kotlin programming language.

The project includes the following features:

  • A simple mobile game to demonstrate the key concepts of the very popular box2D physics library.
  • The entire project is written in Kotlin, which is a modern statically typed JVM language and a pretty interesting alternative for Java developers.

Try it here


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Build the Project

  • Setup your development environment
  • For Android, simply use Android Studio to import the Gradle project. Even for Kotlin it is the best choice, because the IDE has a integrated support.
  • Consider using the Kotlin plugin for Android Studio.
  • To build for desktop, use the following run configuration: libgdx-desktop-run-config
  • To build for desktop and create a executable jar file, use the commandline and navigate to your project root folder, then type the following:
    • For Windows: gradlew.bat desktop:dist
    • For macOS/Linux: gradlew desktop:dist
    • You can find the resulting jar in the desktop/build/libs folder.


Copyright © 2018 Marius Reimer

Distributed under the Apache 2 License.