Quickly save jpegs with this Photoshop panel.
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Save Panel

Version 1.2.0 - Thu 09 Jul 2015

by Reimund Trost reimund@code7.se
Website http://lumens.se/tools/savepanel/


Save Panel is an extension for Adobe Photoshop that speeds up the file saving process by allowing you direct access to save presets via a custom panel.


  • Create save presets.
  • Automatically creates missing directories.
  • Save to either a path relative to the current file or to an absolute file.
  • Custom filename: Append or prepend a suffix/prefix to the current filename or set the filename entirely.
  • Save jpg, png or psd.
  • Apply resize to fit dimension before saving.
  • Apply custom action before saving.
  • Option to automatically close the file after it's been saved.
  • Categorise similar buttons under a common heading.
  • Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC and CC 2014 support.

Note that the new html panel will not work in earlier versions than CC 2014. For CS5-CC, use the older flash based panel.

Installation (CC 2014, CC 2015) - Html5 panel

  1. Build the panel by running ./package <your_password> (you will need to replace lumens.p12 with your own self-signing certificate).

  2. Install using installer script. In Photoshop, goto File > Scripts > Browse...

  3. Select the installer.jsx that corresponds to your Photoshop version.

  4. Restart Photoshop.

  5. Enable the panel via Window/Extensions/Tych Panel in Photoshop.

Installation (pre CC 2014)

  1. Copy flash-panel/scripts/Save Panel to /Presets/Scripts.
  2. Open flash-panel/Save Panel .gpc in Adobe Configurator and export it to /Plug-ins/Panels.
  3. Enable the panel via Window/Extensions/Save Panel in Photoshop.



  • Added installer script for installing without Adobe Extension Manager.


  • Ported Configurator based panel to html panel.
  • CC 2014 support.
  • Allow dupicate preset names.
  • Various changes to the options dialog.


  • Fix issue breaking save on Windows network paths beginning with double-slash (//).


  • Enabled png (lossless) compression.


  • Fixed problem on some Windows machines where paths beginning with 'file://' did not resolve.


  • Fixed problem with saving an unsaved document to an absolute path.
  • Fixed issue with Custom action dropdowns not being properly populated.
  • Moved New button.


  • Fixed path issue preventing save in some settings.


  • Save button now creates new preset if no prior presets exist.
  • Fixed some issues with absolute paths.


  • Added statusbar (CS6 & later only).
  • Added ability to collapse button groups.
  • Complete color theme support (light/medium/dark/darker now available).


  • CS5 support.
  • Basic theming in CS6/CC (light/dark).
  • Writes presets to Photoshop's preferences folder.


  • Total rewrite. Now with dynamic panel and save presets.


  • Added icon.
  • Made CS6 panel match the default (dark) theme of PS CS6.


  • Added buttons for 820/920 sizes.


  • Psd support.


  • Save full sized jpeg with/without bw suffix.