Easy diptych, triptych and n-tych creation in Photoshop
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Tych Panel

Version 2.5.0 - Tue 7 Nov 2017

by Reimund Trost reimund@code7.se
Website http://lumens.se/tychpanel/


Tych Panel is an extension for Adobe Photoshop that automates diptychs and triptychs creation. It supports an arbitrary number of layouts using a powerful row/column compositing paradigm. Together with a super easy panel interface, Tych Panel is the ultimate diptych, tripych & ntych automation tool.

Tych Panel is released as open source and licensed under the MIT license.

Download & Install

  1. Download & unzip https://www.dropbox.com/s/za66403tbm8hds6/tychpanel-2.5.0.zip?dl=1
  2. Run Photoshop as administrator.
    MacOS: In terminal, run ´sudo /Applications/Adobe\ Photoshop\ CC\ 2018/Adobe\ Photoshop\ CC\ 2019.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe\ Photoshop\ CC\ 2018´.
    Windows: Right click Photoshop executable > Run as administrator.
  3. In Photoshop, goto File > Scripts > Browse...
  4. Browse to the newly uncompressed folder. Select the installer.jsx that corresponds to your Photoshop version.
  5. Restart Photoshop.
  6. Show the panel by going to Window / Extensions / Tych Panel.

Building & testing (CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017, CC 2018) - Html5 panel

  1. Run package-html to build the panel.

  2. Install using installer script. In Photoshop, goto File > Scripts > Browse...

  3. Select the installer.jsx that corresponds to your Photoshop version.

  4. Restart Photoshop.

  5. Enable the panel via Window / Extensions / Tych Panel in Photoshop.

Installation (CS5, CS6, CC) - Flash panel

  1. Copy the contents of scripts/photoshop to /Presets/Scripts/Tych Panel (create the "Tych Panel" directory if needed).
  2. Open flash-panel/Tych Panel.gpc in Adobe Configurator and export it to /Plug-ins/Panels.
  3. Enable the panel via Window/Extensions/Tych Panel in Photoshop.



  • Added support for Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 (upgraded to CEP 8).


  • Fixed bug in installation script preventing installation on CC 2017.
  • Installation script now gives better error messages (hopefully).


  • Added drag & drop support. Just drag pictures to the buttons in the panels.


  • Photoshop CC 2015.5 compatibility fixes.


  • Fixed incorrect paths in Bridge script.


  • Added installer script for installing without Adobe Extension Manager.


  • Photoshop CC 2015 compatibility fixes.


  • Included missing thumbnail placeholder image.


  • Fixed broken 'Use selected images in Adobe Bridge'.
  • Fixed issue with Bridge startup script adding menu elements multiple times.
  • Fixed issue with large images.


  • Ported panel to html5 panel (Flash panels were discontinued in Photoshop CC 2014).
  • Added color theme support.
  • Adapted for retina displays.


  • Fixed flatten bug.


  • Fixed revert units bug.
  • Fixed bug which caused documents being closed when autosave=false.


  • Tych Panel ProTools support.


  • Keep transparency when flattening documents.


  • Fixed bug when specifying the same image twice or more from the command line.


  • Prevent reorder window from appearing when with only one image from command line.


  • Fixed issue with reorder window not appearing when called from command line.


  • Fixed bug with long filenames. Names with more than 255 characters will be truncated.


  • Alert the user when trying to save to an invalid directory.


  • Use the correct icon on new row button.


  • Changed theming of CS6 panel to match the default (dark) theme of PS CS6.
  • Added icon.


  • Minor fix for PS CS6.


  • Fixes a bug that breaks Tych Panel in non-English Photoshop installs.


  • Reorder images with thumbnails.
  • New impoved row/column paradigm that allows virtually unlimited number of layouts.
  • Rows & columns can be attached on either side of your document.
  • Resize to both target width & height.
  • Maintain width or height when adding new rows & columns.
  • Convert images to smart objects.
  • Ability to use layer masks instead of cropping images.
  • Run Tych Panel on selected images in Adobe Bridge.
  • Added option to use selected images in Adobe Bridge as input
  • Save as PSD.
  • Background color option.
  • Support for images with layers (via Flatten Image)
  • Outer border width and color options.
  • Rounded corners on each image.
  • Rounded corners on outermost images.
  • Added option to save each individual layer.
  • Smarter file naming so that allows the resulting file name to derive from input files.
  • Save as PNG.
  • Apply an arbitrary number of actions.
  • Decide when to apply actions - before laying out pictures, or after.


  • Removed workaround for panel background color. If the color doesn't match in PS, you should update your Photoshop.


  • Fixed triptych bug that made seams the wrong size and the background to not be filled.


  • Fixed nasty bug which made the script ignore that the resizing option was disabled.


  • Preload button images; hopefully fixing problem with button state images not showing all the time.


  • Fixed rounding error issue on some of the layouts (diptych 1 and 2 and quaptych grid) giving seams that were slightly off.


  • Fixed compositing bug with already opened document.


  • Fixed unit bug where current unit in Photoshop was used rather than pixels, leading to images being resized using the wrong unit.


  • Use own stack script instead of Adobe's "Load Files into Stack" which acted a bit buggy when called from a html link.


  • Fixed 'Close on save' bug.
  • Changed to button layout to be centered and added a little top margin.