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My entry for the Django Dash 2012 competition
Python JavaScript
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Team FryMe's entry in the Django Dash 2012 competition. The source code can be found here:


  • Greg Reinbach
  • John Costa
  • Ken Cochrane


Just like all the cool projects, we are on Read the Docs.

Demo Site

A demo of the application can be found here:


Clone the repo

git clone git://

Create VirtualEnv

mkvirtualenv tutorus

pip install -r requirements.txt

Install Postgres

For a quick install on Mac OS X install postgres from:

Create a local settings file

copy one of the settings files in the tutorus/tutorus/settings to a new file

Setup the database

./manage syncdb --settings=settings.john
./manage migrate --settings=settings.john

Starting the application

./manage runserver --settings=settings.john

Running the unit tests

./manage test --settings=settings.test

Making the Docs

cd docs
make html
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