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Reindex ❤️ React Native Example App

Instagram clone. A multi-user gallery app, with file uploads.

Currently only Android, iOS is coming soon.


  • Relay and Reindex
  • Authentication through Auth0
  • File upload via Uploadcare
  • Infinite scrolling

Screenshots, yay!

Login Picture Stream Sidebar Grid


  • npm install -g react-native-cli reindex-cli
  • npm install
  • Set up 3rd party service configuration in config.js (Reindex, Auth0, Uploadcare)
  • Login to Reindex reindex login
  • Push Reindex schema
reindex schema-push
  • Get Relay schema
reindex schema-relay scripts/RelaySchema.json
  • Add Auth0 authentication provider to Reindex, eg with GraphiQL (reindex graphiql)
mutation {
  createReindexAuthenticationProvider(input: {
    type: auth0,
    isEnabled: true,
    domain: "YOUR-AUTH0-DOMAIN.auth0.com",
    clientId: "YOUR-AUTH0-CLIENT-ID",
    clientSecret: "YOUR-AUTH0-SECRET",
  }) {
  • Run and enjoy
react-native run-android