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Dropwizard Debian Package

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A maven plugin for packaging your Dropwizard Application as a Debian package. Your Application is managed as a SystemD, Upstart or SystemV job, with the service name ${project.artifactId}.

During packaging your configuration file is treated as a Mustache template, and configuration properties injected. Parameters are exposes prefixed with both dw and dropwizard. Missing properties will cause the build to fail. Assuming validate is set to true (the default), the configuration will be validated, and build failed if it fails.

  • Application packaged as a self contained Debian package.
  • Ensures a JRE/JDK is installed through Debian package management.
  • Generates application configuration from a Mustache template, allowing injecting values based on maven profiles.
  • Validates generated application configuration against the application itself. An invalid configuration file will cause the build to fail.
  • Once installed your application is managed as an Upstart or Systemd job.
  • Sensible default JVM options.
  • stdout, stderr and GC logging enabled by default.


Sample plugin definition in project pom


Sample Application configuration template

# {{{}}} - {{{project.description}}}
# {{{project.artifactId}}} configuration

    - type: http
      port: {{{dw.httpPort}}}
    - type: http
      port: {{{dw.httpAdminPort}}}

  level: INFO

    - type: console
    - type: file
      currentLogFilename: "{{{path.logDirectory}}}/test.log"
      archive: false


Below is the default configuration. The only required parameter is the configTemplate path, however it is highly likely you will also require some dropwizard properties to be injected in to the service configuration.

        <maintainer>Unspecified</maintainer><!-- Optional: The person responsible for this service. -->
        <name /><!-- Optional: the .deb package name. If not specified, project.artifactId is used. -->
        <version /><!-- Optional: the .deb package version. If not specified, project.version is used. -->
        <memory>128m</memory><!-- Optional: JVM heap size to allocate, once deployed. -->
        <packageName>openjdk-7-jdk</packageName><!-- Optional: JRE package to ensure installed as part of deployment. -->
        <packageVersion>any</packageVersion><!-- Optional: Version of JRE package to require, defaults to the latest. -->
        <server>true</server><!-- Optional: If the JVM should run in server mode. -->
        <user>dropwizard</user><!-- Optional: The unix user to create and run as. -->
        <respawn>true</respawn><!-- Optional: If the service should respawn upon exit (not supported for SystemV). -->
    <pgp><!-- Optional: Not present by default. If present, all children are required. -->
        <alias /><!-- Required: Alias of PGP key to sign with. -->
        <keyring /><!-- Required: Path to PGP keyring file. -->
        <passphrase /><!-- Required: Pass phrase of PGP keyring. -->
        <jarFile>/usr/share/java/${project.artifactId}.jar</jarFile><!-- Optional: Path to the service jar, once deployed. -->
        <startScript>/usr/bin/${project.artifactId}</startScript><!-- Optional Path to the start script, once deployed. -->
        <configFile>/etc/${project.artifactId}.yml</configFile><!-- Optional: Path to your service configuration, once deployed. -->
        <jvmConfigFile>/etc/${project.artifactId}.jvm.conf</jvmConfigFile><!-- Optional: Path to your JVM parameter configuration, once deployed. -->
        <logDirectory>/var/log/${project.artifactId}</logDirectory><!-- Optional: Directory for service logs, once deployed. -->
        <upstartFile>/etc/init/${project.artifactId}.conf</upstartFile><!-- Optional: Path to the service upstart configuration, once deployed. -->
        <systemVFile>/etc/init.d/${project.artifactId}</systemVFile><!-- Optional: Path to the service init configuration, once deployed. -->
        <systemDFile>/lib/systemd/system/${project.artifactId}.service</systemDFile><!-- Optional: Path to the service systemd configuration, once deployed. -->
    <files><!-- Optional: Empty by default. -->
            <source /><!-- Required: Path to the resource file. -->
            <target /><!-- Required: Path to the resource, once deployed. -->
            <filter>true</filter><!-- Optional: If this resource should be treated as a template. -->
            <user>${unix.user}</user><!-- Optional: The user the resource should be owned by. -->
            <mode>0600</mode><!-- Optional: The filemode for this resource. -->
    <dropwizard /><!-- Optional: Map of parameters to substitute in to your configuration template on packaging. -->
    <configTemplate /><!-- Required: Path to your service configuration template. -->
    <artifactFile>${}/${project.artifactId}-${project.version}.jar</artifactFile><!-- Optional: Path to the service jar to package. -->
    <outputFile>${}/${project.artifactId}-${project.version}.deb</outputFile><!-- Optional: The path to output the Debian package to. -->
    <validate>true</validate><!-- Optional: Enable validation of your service configuration at package time. -->

Change Log

0.10 - 9 March 2016

  • Added executing /etc/default/{project.artifactId} from start script if it exists (@jplock).
  • Added option to override the Debian package version.

0.9 - 10 August 2015

  • Added respawn parameter to enable Restart directive with SystemD and respawn directive with Upstart.
  • Added oom override with SystemD.
  • Added DEBIAN/conffiles support.
  • Added SystemD support.
  • Renamed sysVinitFile configuration parameter to systemVFile.

0.8 - 14 April 2015

  • Updated to Maven 3.
  • Avoid suppressing output when stopping service fails.
  • Added Debian package name as a configuration option (@grommitz).

0.7 - 28 September 2014

  • Only use SysVinit if Upstart isn't present.

0.6 - 24 September 2014

  • Added SysVinit support.
  • Added start script at /usr/bin/${project.artifactId}.
  • Option to run without -server flag for JVM.

0.5 - 12 June 2014

  • Fixed potential NPE when packaging a project without a URL defined.

0.4 - 11 June 2014

  • Catch System.exit call from Dropwizard check command and handle gracefully.
  • Prevented class loader used for validation leaking classes between the application being validated and this plugin.
  • Repacking code under com.jamierf.dropwizard.debpkg namespace.
  • Added functional tests for both package creation and configuration validation.

0.3 - 4 June 2014

  • Added support for including arbitrary files in the package using the <files /> configuration parameter.
  • Fixed configuration parameters not being respected properly.
  • No longer delete the unix user on package uninstall, in-case we're using a user that we didn't create ourselves.
  • No longer force the use of a 64-bit JVM.

0.2 - 4 June 2014

  • Added JVM configuration with sensible defaults and GC logging.
  • Replaced configuration validation implementation to avoid use of bytecode manipulation.
  • Added ability to PGP encrypt packages using the <pgp /> configuration parameter.

0.1 - 26 May 2014

  • Initial release.


Released under the Apache 2.0 License.


A maven plugin for packing Dropwizard applications as Debian packages.







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