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Loadtest examples

Occasionally I'll post tests here that are sanitized but have commonly-performed actions. Future tests will include OAuth2 and JWT.

These examples work on jMeter 3.x and up.

Current examples:

  1. Multisite.jmx - Shows managing testing a multisite with different URLs. Also some json stuff. All Drupal.

  2. APIExample.jmx - A test that includes juggling APIs, a bunch of logic (if/while statements), and some beanshell scripting. This test was a collaboration amongst many colleagues.

Required plugins

Plugins for jMeter 3.x can be found at https://jmeter-plugins.org/downloads/all/ and managed via the plugin manager. The following are required for these examples:

  • jpgc - Standard Set (“Dummy Sampler” is part of the Standard Set)
  • Console Status Logger
  • JSON Plugins