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5bfbbc2 Added release note about fixing chart rendering issues.
9c9cfeb [Bug #4320] Fixed run-time chart rendering problems.
4ed02f0 [#4316] Added version and release notes for v1.0.3, and fixed them for v1.0.2.
cd43700 [#4317] Added `rake db:raw:dump` and `rake db:raw:restore` tasks, and documentation.
5614372 [#4318] Added `rake spec:rcov:save` to save code coverage and `rake spec:rcov:diff` to view differences.
388dd91 [#Bug 4307] Fixed unwanted dependency on JSON gem in specs.
de5bcfd [Bug #4305] Fixed documentation.
7c2f79c [#4309] Ensure that reports processing handles Puppet 0.25.x and 2.6.x
2e27d7c maint: Ignoring local Makefile
236b07d maint: Remove code that depends on puppet gem being installed
dbdba7b maint: Status icons in tables alligned middle again
02a679d Improved nodes page by only displaying "More..." if there are more reports.
e53b264 Improved styling of node's "Dashboard Activity" log.
57ecd76 Improved metric partial to sort values, display only seconds as floating point, and add label to seconds.
7ca826f Improved reports page by moving logs up and sorting metric sections.
9c136c0 Improved report page to show log first and sort the metric sections.
b869cfc Improved tables.css by aligning text, specifying width and tightening padding.
01c632e Improved typography.css by making h3 tag larger.
e4132f8 Wrote spec for ApplicationHelper#show.
5a08679 Updated views to use new #report_status_* helpers.
6fa3c45 Added ApplicationHelper#report_status_icon and #report_status_td helpers.
ff5c4ff Improved HTML BODY tag by adding classes based on controller and action.
ab2e031 maint: Add v1.0.2 to RELEASE_NOTES
bbe0d9d maint: Update CHANGELOG for v1.0.2
798575b maint: Add missing warning.png, minor CSS tweak for message box icons
1264997 maint: Minor update to README's Reports section
4a5a0a4 [Bug #4283] Hid "Register" and "Log in" links because authorization isn't implemented yet.
1565e93 [Bug #4170] Fixed warnings to look like errors.
7c38593 [Bug #4272] Fixed errors in documentation.
11f369a [Feature #4264] Added a release notes page.
c297715 [Bug #4282] Fixed warnings produced by missing haml-3.0.13 gem specification.
2ae0bad GEM: Added vendored Maruku 0.6.0 library for rendering release notes Markdown.
7d20359 [Fixed #4281] Renamed to
f896b82 [Fixed #4271] Added missing "favicon.ico", the lack of which was filling logs with errors.
fcbffd3 [Bug #4280] Fixed chart formatting.
4f210cf [Fixed #4276] Fixed exception on the node reports page, caused by unqualified path to partial.
3d55aeb [Fixed #4265] Chart headers displayed twice or none at all.
4be5dcb maint: Fix filename typo
916ecc7 maint: Adding release notes
f18dddd maint: Updating CHANGELOG for v1.0.1
aabe1c3 [#4216] Successful and failed scopes only return appropriate nodes
3646ff3 maint: Updating documentation (with installation instructions)
63ba904 [Bug #4163] [Bug #4166] [Bug #4169] Improved installation instructions.
d8a2e23 [#3839] Add legends and labels to node charts
7e66479 maint: Use status icons for report tables
5345d41 [#4116] Refactor reports index to use report metric accessors
27c7e54 [#3535] Refactor report metric access
12a7a54 [#3841] Add search to all node index-like actions
310373e [#3840] Replace symbols with icons
7fbcac3 maint: update vendored gem specifications
b495b3b [#4164] No longer load seed data with the rake install task
d31f353 maint: removing unused views and partial
7718c3a [Bug #3843] Footer should say PuppetLabs
c1dcb52 [#3579] Destroying a node destroys all dependent reports
5d35e76 maint: Refactor node counts
9e819ac Added `rake scss` task to compile application.scss to STDOUT, useful for debugging.
7f79868 Fixed application.scss styling of buttons for webkit browsers and removed disabled styles.
cab1a13 Improved nodes_controller_spec to provide more complete examples and remove duplication.
6a84fc5 Fixed environments/test to declare dependency on 'rspec-rails' gem
88bd9fd Upgraded bundled gems to rspec-1.3.0 and rspec-rails-1.3.2.
967840c Fixed timeline_event view to handle subjects that can't be linked (e.g. Parameter). Updated specs.
813efde Updated Red Hat spec file
00c53d3 Added updated packaging information for Red Hat and Debian
e6b530d [Bug #4181] Fixed broken reports.css link in application layout.
443ff8d Fixed node_groups#show to not fail with exceptions if it has classes or groups.
fea0098 Fixed nodes#show to not display "value" columns in inspector tables.
8a285cf Improved ApplicationHelper#inspector_table and shared#_inspector to only display "value" column if wanted.
874837d Rewrote application.scss using nesting, mixins, variables and calculations.
4cf7b6e Converted application.css to application.scss.
151d5ee Upgraded vendored gem "haml" from 2.2.2 to 3.0.13
2f9f88f Converted application.css to application.scss using SASS, to simplify styling.
d38b6f9 Made buttons more visible by using contrasting colors, margins and rounded corners.
418be6a Added ApplicationHelper#focus to set the UI focus on a specific form field using JavaScript.
104a3dc Refactored timeline_events partial and added specs.
55c55da Corrected nodes#new form's submit button.
d79f102 Updated forms to use #header_for helper.
450c20b Added ApplicationHelper#header_for(form).
8c2ed8a Updated index views to use #pagination_for helper.
4cb2812 Added ApplicationController#pagination_for, which extracts common pagination code throughout the views.
7993f95 Improved NodesController by adding #scoped_index to generalize scoped index rendering, added specs.
8e71715 Updated reports_collection to use PaginatedIndex.
eef740e Updated NodesController to use paginate_collection!
81c5e88 Added ApplicationController#paginate_collection! and updated PaginatedIndex#index to use it.
958ce4d Renamed JsonIndex to PaginatedIndex, updated controllers using it.
82e9447 [#3719] Do not paginate Groups and Classes JSON
79206fc Fixing RubyGems deprecation warning
6ca7629 Moving testing-only gems to the testing environment config
4f42eb8 Removing rspec-rails gem (we use the plugin)
3ca326e Updating rspec/rails plugin to 1.3.2
8abdf2a Creating a Report shouldn't trigger node updated audit msg
0d56fb9 Updated audit entry text and style
2aee9fa [Bug #3660] timeline event undefined method "name"
68b53fd Fix add class and add group butotns
dd3635c CSS: Firefox gradient love
ef336eb CSS and layout updates
c9f7734 Add tooltips for node report status
b79ff03 [Feature #3701] Home page left hand navigation
2cddec9 [Feature #2985] warn if node stops sending reports
cf4c4dc [Feature #3426] name field should have a label
6c2868c CSS: adjust sidebar margins
1178f72 Remove description placeholder from groups and classes
07b80cf [Feature #3477] Node Manager sidebar class and group links
52ec66c [Bug #3544] Class and group search broken
0f1a245 [Bug #3562] all browser javascript dependencies should be bundled.
94a59df [Feature #3579] Added ability to delete single reports
3683132 Change report inspect for better debugging
0bb51b4 By Class and By Group sidebars now sroll
d294d86 Add status graphs to all node index pages
6017005 Fix incorrectly failing report specs for real
d5918df Releasing v1.0.0rc2
b70552f Vendoring authlogic plugin
8cf65cf Add report specs, refactor report, fix spec issue
75f951c [Bug #3516] puppet dashboard rake install aborted
982e791 [Bug #3527] Successful nodes > all nodes?
76ddac3 Ignore generated README.html
0b00832 [Bug #3469] node activity items link to current page
f8a0406 [Bug #3430] README missing = after REPORTDIR
a5c85a5 [Bug #3432] success report list sorts by hostname
ae9de8a [Bug #3467] dates show up in Euro Format (DD/MM/YY)
30c7d39 [Bug #3478] Update copyright to 2010
a1dd137 [Bug #3489] Delete of only group or class item in a node does nothing
3885361 Fix fcbkcomplete to work in noConflict more
17a6f99 [Bug #3480] Truncate node lists
3f4077a more colorblind-safe chart colors
9c60546 Basic graphico-based status graphs
98a731d Removing flot javascripts, adding grafico
0104ffe Update status graph partials
ad31527 Adding unreported nodes
1a8c60a Fix node successful, failed scopes. Add unreported.
343aa0a Ignore ctags file
2c95e5d Correct order for reports on dashboard page
03d7864 Adding rake udpate task
0393ad2 Vendoring has_scope gem
0a9795a Releasing 1.0.0 (Sweet!)
803ce67 Removing changelog task
30e16b3 Update changelog task
549b985 Fix bug in assigning classes to nodes
f584f3b Add indexes for reports(time) and reports(node_id)
bea2df6 Adding report status indicator to reports index
4328e99 Add node failure warning to dashboard page
65d20fe Add accessor for report metrics and report status icon
0144ee1 Use distinct count in nodes sidebar
355f705 Fix report status names (for CSS)
d56ea83 Fix Node.failed scope SQL
af761df Update tables CSS
2c6507c Update gitignore
05d1da7 Fix JavaScript autocompletion to work under relative_url_root
ba78196 Fix image URLs in stylesheets to work under relative_url_root
e926fe7 Releasing v1.0.0rc1 (Yeaah!)
9cd63b9 Updating CHANGELOG
ad6704b [Bug #3322] Use local times, not UTC times
e20bd0b [Bug #3358] Do not specify hostname column width in tables
c428643 Fix example conf for external_node script
da48338 No longer blowing away groups and classes when updating node
0667504 Ignoring semver file
de657e1 Adding Ian Comfort as a contributor
2fa2e95 Relax rake requirement to >= 0.8.3
ae755db Add link to Mike Zupan's install guide
6b34e97 Fix database.yml example
7307b5f Updating contributors
0705119 Remove extra layout line in nodes controller
9ab62c6 [Bug ##3302] pagination breaks external node
7c06dc0 Fix node reports index routing and re-add View More
7c63eb2 Updating key/value table CSS
420d8b9 Reorganize report show view
81e378b Reorganize node show view
8770033 Reports use new UI
28bf686 Fix number formatting in flot graphs
7f4c8ec Update README
60f670d Basic node search (by hostname only)
bebda1d Removing code from old UI
30e3eab In place edit for class names
282bf5c Render correct sidebar for class show
44d8d9b Add puppet dashboard logo
bc4bf35 Add id to node index checkboxes
0ef8937 Sane paginatino per-page size
63d434b Remove condition on Node.by_report_date
d20c294 Adding run time to dashboard page
edbfbf0 Minor updates to forms CSS and nodes forms
7643292 Update dashboard page
2a314cb Update header drop down styles
bb1a5c7 Minor style updates
11e0a75 Updating node show and adding half width style
b1b1091 Fixing default time format
e95c202 Updates to form CSS
1303cca Update node manager tab active condition
cf283ff Add dropdown to main nav
503bc00 Update Node Class views to new UI
f02cc9a Update Node Group views to new UI
5fc4ee8 Updates to Nodes UI
e4e390b Working node group and class completion
5837819 Basic working facebook-style group autocomplete
7698cda Adding fcbkcomplete jQuery plugin
df58cf3 Small tweaks to index styles
84d35b9 New Nodes index layout and general UI styles
b56c64b Simplifying timeline event view and css
b4ef0e6 Truncate node name in dashboard list
4788194 [Bugfix #3177] Nodes groups parameter not in external node
ee5da5c [BUGFIX #3146] README.markdown tweak
f9388f2 Display details on parameter changes in history.
4751ddd A node's last_report returned the incorrect report, since changing the default_scope order of reports.
a010410 Fix timestamp formatting on x axis for graphs Fix order of run success graph so it shows most recent runs.
a83f05d Make activity timeline more verbose.
1fca6fc Don't show run status graph if there are no reports.
0eb3cf1 Show number of reports for a node in node's 'show' action.
4ed3d15 Enabling pagination for node collections.
277791a Add node and report management rake tasks
4a84db7 Fixed sorting of reports in default_scope of the model.
3729cd0 Adding node rake task. This is for adding/modifying/removing nodes in the dashboard.
a08d992 Add where named scope
6835156 [Bugfix #3071] Node report list should show most recent first
67e481d Clean up environment.rb
846da97 Fix failing nodes controller specs
f0f0533 Add paginated reports and view more links
06676b2 [BUGFIX #3024] Unsuccessful report raises error on #metrics
a19dca3 [Feature #2978] Sort nodes based on domain name
9be6623 Classes can be added when editing groups
261f227 Releasing 0.2.1
773bc5f Fix nasty routing bug for hosts that contain a '.'
a849c84 Releasing 0.2.0
b62d71e Update README
d57764e Sample external nodes script
320c1eb Lookup node by host name
924d4f9 Tweak status report link text
482448f Tweak footer paddings
c2d9194 Element footer (styled like table footer)
7890b62 Move node sidebar Add button to table footer
eb5d2c3 Add paginated reports and view more links
49d7e02 Adding will paginate to vendor and gem.config
f1cb4c1 [BUGFIX #2946] not showing failed icon
6f0906c [BUGFIX #2947] uneven lists on dashboard
2130b97 Large update to stats and graphing
1352421 [BUGFIX #2946] not showing failed icon
8b17973 rake reports:import task imports report YAML files
32c48a5 Extract data from report into reports table
024fe93 Update install task to use file tasks
24f37ab More robust test of node activity feed
3e83b56 Fix statuses controller spec
66ca885 Updating CHANGELOG for 0.1.1
df15ea5 Updating CHANGELOG for 0.1.1
c1b5a52 Version bump 0.1.1
1be1310 Add changelog generation task
49109c2 [BUGFIX] Add migration for reports.success field
40460d5 Use schema load in rake install
522e62e Start tracking schema.rb
87905c0 Updating changelog
dae4172 Reordering of node view information, minor CSS tweak
5475b16 Equal caption size to header
b1cbc08 Increasing tick size in timeline graphs
0cf3df1 Version bump 0.1.0
e6ee999 Adding changelog
86e93c3 Dashboard now requires MySQL
cdc181b Add status graphs to dashboard and status page
3d4c34d Adding runtime stats
79f9d54 [Bugfix #2897] Add dependency to rake >= 0.8.4
e81c542 [Bugfix #2912] Node class names allow "::"
8b3ecba Updating status javascript
0100afd Adding basic status info/graphs
425849e Fix bug in parameter assignment
a8d2b39 Version 0.0.2
1c9bce1 Add reported_at to Node, updated by report creation
bd878de Adding rake to dependencies list
9c1a9e7 Display icon for deleted subjects in timeline
b6f35bf Use indifferent access hash for report metrics
a3775eb Tweak reports styles
9963092 Require unique class and group names
dfe9f21 has_parameters accepts options for has_many
8f3ecfc Adding rake dependency to README list
265988f Add copy database.yml task to rake install
75a6b0b README is a markdown file (for github)
8a6cf1d Adding VERSION file
b78e9da Fix bug in node group graphing
fe84f81 Update README for release
0578b53 Adding HOST and PORT constants to report processor
15d33c6 Updates to report handling
16e67dc Moving report generator
26befce Adding install rake task
c91c067 Adding puppet report generator
3e69d37 CSS Refactor
bc7e1a1 Adding icon class to parameter delete button
396eda1 Node form autocomplete tweaks, hiding headers of empty tables
cbf88bf Adding description to group and class json
6038670 Add host accessor to Report
db40158 Fix bug in node form class list
b9421c7 Adding sample report to seed data
81ca370 Updating seed data
c84f001 class and group search return JSON for autocomplete
7072ef1 Moving puppet require to env
a1d9f87 Put autocomplete search box in table footer
bdd9709 Adding autocomplete javascripts and impl
103903f Update node controller spec
3872f0e Refactor node class and group forms, restyle errors
6dd62ea Removing prototype files from Rails upgrade
e0ce6eb Ignore swap files
018d6fc Fix activity feed for removed items
7f9dcf8 Update interface elements for node groups show
54bf278 Use form.object instead of @node
5dac65d Update to resource finder for nodes controller
b1c2a36 Stylesheet tweaks
7e879a1 Node urlification in route
df659c4 Adding stringex gem for urlification
728867f Updating rack gem
eb535fd Updating rails to 2.3.5
ee89e9e Update to reports
6148c07 Autocomplete search for node form, minor UI updates
8e2e963 Freezing rails
9881f39 Vendoring gems
8ee4e2a Rework node edit for node group, class autocomplete
9862ea9 Create a node from a node group view
e59b939 Refactor node group graph
67ec232 Removing node spec
56b2446 Don't show secondary content box without content
2d0772f Further refine activity feed template
4757b77 First pass handle cycle error in node view
a75a468 Parameters don't conflict if their values are the same
576d3cd Fix bug in activity feed templating
cd52252 Remove dev comments and alias
dcbc237 Refactor graph node traversal to add inherited groups
9371db1 Node group graph raises an error if there are cycles
6d6bbac Handle activity feed events with removed subjects, etc
587747a Parameter compilation and conflict management
13b1b2a Updating parameters implementation, refactoring layouts
37492a7 Rework node parameters for new model, refactor layouts
afbd4d8 Updating views and view specs
4e1a0b9 Updating rspec-rails
9a1a9a4 Replace parameters serialization with Parameter backend
d329405 Add node class name validation
398e57d Adding parameter model
e1db7fe Ignore all files in tmp
29df1c3 Adding support for opts to Node#to_yaml
436cab9 Update inherited resources for YAML fix
bc24516 Fix typo
37a3d4d Refactoring layout, using inspector_table helper
cc09a0c Adding inspector_table helper
2c43129 Refactoring controller helpers up the inheritance chain
0fcd146 Adding unicorn to backtrace silencers
db56aec Adding fake descriptions to node class and group
8b478bf Adding to_yaml to Node
f0ff10e Adding width to inspector table key column
636c1c3 Fixing radiuses, adding margin to inspector table
84d9fc3 Remove secondary content top margin
5f7e4c4 Show all when filter text is removed
53381a7 Removing unneeded ajax
1c3234a Updating show page
660fea6 Add Nodes views
6efd7ef Adding styles and markup for sign up and sign in. Search styles on node groups.
ba7b6e2 Add node list to node group view
ecbf5fd Ajax form update for node group edit
48459fd NodeGroup controller now uses InheritedResources
209043e Adding Inherited Resources plugin
9192f0a Updates to bring back Andrew's styles
5613190 Add table filtering (ala Github)
e716cd8 Iterating on node groups view
eca0dc7 Adding sidebar table filtering
ddcfc5c Adding edit ajax load to node_groups
33aec33 Updating layout, styles, and controllers for styles
550cd61 Adding nodes relationship to node group
550b248 Adding Node#inherited_classes and display in edit view
abfb9ba Adding Node#all_classes naive implementation
54a0c7d Removing old activity model files, updating user specs and node group edit spec
140b915 Adding AuthLogic authentication
182f15d Add Activity Feed, Dashboard homepage
d593d3b Adding TimelineFu plugin
f9fc468 Node groups have parameters
10369b8 Node groups have classes
a3e7670 Add delete link to node view
ecf551d Updates to node group and class views
d829a8f Minor updates to CSS
93c4b59 Sort CSS declarations because I'm anal
4faac46 Adding node classes and groups to navigation
b8125c4 Fix for 1.8.6 Hash[]
340ec7a Remove debugging code
4b6317f Ensuring that parameters can be deleted from nodes
c849d4d Updating .gems for heroku defaults
15adf2f Adding .gems file for heroku
2c3ff12 Add, edit nodes w/ classes, groups, properties
cb746b2 Adding seeds file
328f656 Refactoring node, node class, adding node group
1d72ee2 Refactoring node controller
86ea7ee Removing prototype JS files
aeb23cd Adding basic nodes index page
5b73977 Adding rspec and shoulda matchers to gem list
5c4a8ec Moving lib specs to spec/lib
89bb198 Adding basic layout and styles
74f3366 Updating rails
5f35ecc Removing vendor/rails
7a6c263 Condensing basic schema into one migration
64bc2ad jQuery-izing Node<->Service (dis)connect interface
b2bc34e Adding (and partializing) (dis)connect result views for Nodes<->Services (aka "classes")
ed0014d Controller functionality for Node (dis)connect to/from services (aka "classes")
320d4fa Adding non-Ajaxed, non-backed-by-controller Node<->Class (dis)connect interface.
5b487b3 Adding description to node view.
49f7c73 Refactoring parameters processing method.
50d7c74 Nodes controller now understands maintaining parameters list.
6cd8742 node view with jqueried parameter editor
c54ebfd making parameter deletion interface work with newly added parameters
7773141 adding jQuery form plugin and Livequery
47fca8b first pass at node / parameters editing
035f7c8 and adding a layout with a yield fixes the silly problem I was javing.
2134f8f new javascripts
bd41636 adding jRails plugin
e174fe3 removing unused response_for block (old larry code)
14bd27e removing response_for plugins
0c9391b View spec rendering issue is preventing the correct template from being displayed.
82e2d8d upgrading vendored HAML gem
33e0c5f simple node view
e532cda updating controller to at least show a view. (WTF?)
0d1dc3e upgrading environment rails version
4dd98f4 upgrading mocha to 0.9.7
2e6e439 upgrading vendored rails to 2.3.3
1a1eb76 Adding YAML REST response for node configuration .
51c14d1 Adding trivial node view (specs).
8b0a4ba this is no longer Larry
0e7c44f Renaming hosts to be puppet-compliant "nodes".
3d6270f removing larry migrations that don't pertain to puppet-node-manager
f29d20b removing Edge concept from system, as P-N-M has only flat 'classes'
ad09056 making Host <-> Service linkage
3e5ef84 cleaning up host model
7f2e915 removing concepts from Larry that don't apply to puppet-node-manager
bd5817d Specs and a bugfix for name normalization routine
f68f714 adding autotest rules to catch specs in spec/other
3640594 refactor common name normalization routine to a module
a383210 Host can now generate a crazy-ass Puppet manifest
56c671b Service now also has a configuration_name
1651a9a remove this pending spec; we'll get back to that if we need it
9bb0622 Make configuration_name normalized for use as an unique identifier (e.g., w/ Puppet)
cf7ef11 Instances have configuration services and parameters
f4333cd Host can return a configuration now
a4f60db Instance name should be unique per app; adding parameters to instances
6bd9071 required_services patch missed when committing earlier instance -> host work
d5bc157 hosts and instances should be able to see each other.
f84fdc7 ignore Passenger restart.txt file
a1cf25a small experiment with getting various resource responses RESTfully
9afc1d9 adding response_for and response_for_resource_controller plugins to experiment w/ REST responses
84cec12 Linkage between Instance and Service is now many:many.
183dab5 adding will_paginate as a plugin, in order to paginate views
6b7ec13 minor domain design image tweaks
e855b44 adding a png export version of the domain model graffle file
de1b4d0 Updating domain model image to account for renewed Puppet-classifier discussions.
6098b96 fixed a couple of example description typos
8ae882c Updating associations to be comprehensive.
e1dae29 Deployments are now connected to Instances, not directly to Apps.
e2311e4 Moving service association from app to instance
d85d647 adding Instance controller, empty views, exemplar, routes.
3814479 Adding Instance model, with linkage to App model
863607d eliminating watchers table from database
89be83c Removing watcher model, which was obviated by domain design changes
5b7b410 Removing audit model, which was replaced by an edge in the domain design
927cdc0 3rd draft of domain model -- we are able to replace some classes with edges
c193217 2nd draft of domain model (first was on paper)
b17080f adding root? and leaf? predicates to services
a810aef Service relationships form a graph
d806881 Adding Customer<->Host lookups
97b9360 Adding Host<->App associations
a28263c Adding Deployment<->Host associations
83361a0 apps can optionally have services
887afa1 filling in some missed checks and validations on App
975dc9f Adding App<->Deployment associations
d68622d adding App<->Service associations
e9e6ff9 adding App<->Customer associations
4d3cf22 adding Service->Edge association
395b4b9 Updating service with validations
35087e0 converting LICENSE to match what is in Puppet-Reporter
798fe20 Basic model and exemplar for Edges
96a4b95 Basic model and exemplar for Watchers
a960ab6 Basic model and exemplar for Hosts
c517e3d Basic model and exemplar for Destinations
675a80d Controller integration spec semantics for #create were wrong. Updating.
45098b6 Basic model and exemplar for Deployments.
2d3f787 Adding restful controllers and specs, with empty views.
3b09011 basic Audit model, migration, exemplar
34936b7 basic App model, migration, exemplar
6e3c010 cleaning up typo in customers controller example block
b19196b including resources controller for bare restful controllers
bfc3522 restful customers controller
0935aaf watchers controller will be RESTful
4f2bb52 services controller will be RESTful
6539ed7 hosts controller will be RESTful
a8344a5 edges controller will be RESTful
2d3288f destinations controller will be RESTful
40b1c91 deployments controller will be RESTful
b0d328c apps controller will be RESTful
0e6904b audits controller will be RESTful
80af37c customers controller will be RESTful
051c425 bringing in shared behaviors, updating spec helper
e8ea7b9 bringing will_paginate gem into the tree
0b19ce7 adding licensing information
a801a68 Adding basic customer model, migration, and exemplar.
53c0661 added bare models & specs implied by the domain model
07f4289 creating empty spec directories
7b21477 Initial commit.