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Puppet Dashboard Release Notes


  • MIGRATION: Added cache with node's latest report and success status to improve performance.
  • Added rake tasks to dump and restore the database, see README for details.
  • Added database check to ensure it's running the latest schema.
  • Added support for accepting Puppet 2.6 reports, with limited support for displaying their contents.
  • Fixed and improved the README documentation with much more complete installation instructions.
  • Fixed node categorization, added new categories to "Nodes" sidebar and highlighting of errors.
  • Fixed node failures causing them to be listed as failed forever.
  • Fixed exceptions and messages shown if no items to display on groups, classes and reports pages.
  • Fixed styling of icons, warning sections, autocomplete, etc.
  • Fixed chart rendering issues, including it being too wide to fit on the screen.
  • Fixed unintended dependencies on external Puppet and JSON gems.
  • Fixed confusing headers for node listings shown as part of other pages.
  • Improved reports by displaying logs sorted by severity level and highlighting these accordingly.
  • Improved performance of many pages by eliminating and optimizing database queries.
  • Improved performance by concatenating JavaScript and CSS files together.
  • Removed unused checkboxes.


  • Fixed exceptions on the node reports page.
  • Fixed chart headers so they are shown only once.
  • Fixed chart formatting errors.
  • Fixed homepage warning message boxes to look like errors.
  • Fixed errors in documentation.
  • Added userful menu bar.
  • Added version number to menu bar and release notes page.
  • Added missing "favicon.ico", the lack of which was filling logs with errors.
  • Removed unused "Register" and "Log in" links.


  • Fixed exception in display of audit log messages
  • Fixed deletion of nodes to remove their reports, eliminating orphans
  • Fixed exception on node group pages if they had associated classes or groups
  • Fixed unwanted pagination of JSON and YAML results
  • Fixed reporting of successful and failed nodes
  • Added deletion of single reports
  • Added labels and placeholders to form fields
  • Added local copies of all JavaScript files
  • Added run status chart to node list pages (all, successful, failed)
  • Added searching to node, class and group index pages
  • Added tooltips to node and report status indicators
  • Improved README's installation and configuration instructions
  • Improved sidebar with links to classes and groups, added it to homepage
  • Improved tabular display of nodes, groups and classes
  • Removed empty reports.css to make packagers happy
  • Removed loading of seed data by default
  • Updated UI with status icons, improved typography and spacing, more noticeable buttons
  • Updated packaging information for DEB and RPM