5970 lines (5883 sloc) 468 KB
252c9b8 Further RST to Markdown fixes for types, values, tests
1157e8d Updated all types to Markdown output
fef8800 Updated reference output to generate valid Markdown
79e0a2e Reformatting documentation from RST to MarkDown (#4509) Signed-off-by: Jes Fraser <>
62435e5 Rewrote functions documentation to Markdown
e4b2aa6 Removed legacy Trac code
8ddea2a Maint. Passenger fix broke a test
f43e87b Fix for #4476 -- rails calling yaml internals
a23d80a Fixes #4485 -- single quoted strings should not treat \n as new line
8e31b52 Passenger needs HTTP headers values to be string
037bb32 [#4404] Remove requirement for source on Parser::Resource::Param
0e4bc62 [#4364] Fix failing spec due to incorrect loglevel
3a6ca54 Fix #4458 - Do not dump the whole environment when instances can't be found
d909827 Fix for #4465 -- earlier "feature" patch broke ldap
47005aa Maint -- tests need to respect RFC-952
6aac8f0 [#4467] Make Puppet Master respect facts_terminus settings
1cba9a7 added md5 support as requested in
1dfd2b6 [#4381] extlookup shouldn't trigger reparses of .pp files
be2b1f3 [#4370] Fixes extlookup precedence getting overwritten between runs
03808fd Fixed #4364 - Reduced audit msg from info to debug
539b57c [#4347] run_mode was colliding with --mode for "puppet doc"
1faebdd [#4423] repair parameterized class instantiation
37568bd [#4423] class { shouldn't get stored on the namespace stack
449315a [#4397]+[#4344] Move type-name resolution out of Puppet::Resource into the AST resources.
daa801b [#4344] Temporary fix to stop agent from importing modules
00ebf01 [#4344] Fix for failing templates when module name matches file in local dir.
e32320e [#4336] "reportdir" was in the wrong section
0f9672a Fixed #4311 - Typo in defaults.rb
f54d843 Fix #4461 - attempt to fix another performance issue
2c21fae Fix for #4300 Solaris svc files need new pid filenames
83c2419 [#4284] Fix failing specs run as root due to missing puppet group
8237f68 [#4242] Fixed (removed) a broken unit test
d5ad0fb Removed eventual documentation line ... eventually came
871e6fd Fixed #4368 - Updated clean stored configs ext script for new config sections
cb64477 Updated version to 2.6.1
ecf44e4 Updated CHANGELOG for 2.6.1rc1
bdfcac5 Update Red Hat spec file for 2.6.0
9f08e7c Feature: puppet-load - a tool to stress-test master compilation
ef9a4a6 Fix #4245 - default insertion of ACL is not thread safe
4065e81 Fix race condition in rack autoloading of request/response
3163932 Fix #4244 - Cached Attributes is not thread safe
7d42f77 JRuby doesn't implement Process.maxgroups
760e418 Fix #4349 - Parsing with ignoreimport=true was always loading site.pp
67bdf89 Fix #4348 - Puppet doc single manifest broken
13c71b9 extlookup() is a builtin
d38e522 [#4333] old optparse doesn't support default_argv=
86b0882 Fixed #4326 - Updated SUSE packaging
03313b8 Fix #4319 - source file url sent to the master is invalid
ac3a0d2 vim: highlight default parameters in definition/classes
be2141a vim: match collected resources.
c047c8d vim: added elsif
9569136 Fix for 4314 -- Need to allow '-' in class name for refs
636079f Fixed #4304 - Changed logging level for auto import message
000fd1e Fix for #4303 -- reverting to old escaping in '-strings
1d494a3 Tweak to fix for #4302--dangling ref to known_resource_types
2383050 Fix #4302 - Compilation speed regression compared to 2.6
63ec207 Minimal fix for #4297, with notes for follow-up
7ad7eb1 Fix #4286 - rename puppetdoc global module <site> to __site__
28bb195 Fixed yumrepo type deprecation wanring `
067a46d Temporary tweak to tests for #4242
9778f2a [#4242] Fixed recursion due to parents including their children
59a23d6 Fix for #3382 -- Empty classes as graph placeholders
865282a Fixed example
a0a63c3 Fixed network and indirection reference
64386cf Fixed Indirection reference
db0b30d Updated CHANGELOG for 2.6.0
42a475e Fixing #4268 - manifests always imported
06fc40c [#4269] Undef variables interpolate to empty string
1288f8c [#4270] Force inherited classes to load into the correct environment
539d716 [#4287] Fix the undefined evaluate_match error when comparing functions
d2da1d4 Tweak to tweak to fix for #4233 -- ":" is valid in type names
bbc07f2 Bandaid for #4285 -- :name vs <namevar>
40e6f02 Tweak to fix for #4233 -- only accept word chars in types
d87a2e3 Updated CHANGELOG for 2.6.0RC4
cf597d7 [#4233] Ruby regexps are not multiline by default, but Resource titles can be multiline
d6cbb21 Fix for #4234 -- ruby DSL fails on second resource
4822de3 Fix for #4236 -- Only interpolate $ if followed by a variable
b509032 Fix #4238 - if should match undef as ''
8c8c146 Minimal fix for #4243 -- import isn't thread safe
d319da4 [#4247] storeconfigs was calling with the wrong arguments
9f91540 [#4256] External nodes parameters can now be assigned to nodes
680dd1a Fix for #4257 -- problems resolving ::-prefixed classes
6e07a19 Fix #4262 - Puppetmaster used to log compilation time
5b68afe Fix for #4255 -- misleading diagnostic message
dd03ac9 Partial fix for #4278 -- the performance aspects
4ce33fd Fixed #4249 - Updated SUSE packaging specifications
91185c6 New man pages for 2.6.0
1cda7c5 Fixes errant Trac references in documentation
f60b6a0 Updated CHANGELOG for 2.6.0rc3
9df87e9 [#4219] Install misses command_line dir, puppet $app --help fails
0422852 conf/redhat: Consistently pass pidfile option to daemon, killproc, and status
63bf037 conf/redhat: Update conf/init files for single binary
f72741f conf/redhat: Rebase rundir-perms patch
793d7b7 [#4213] -o option for setting onetime now works properly
2edf7fe [#3656] Serializing arrays of references
27d5a47 [#4215] Have rundir depend on vardir
06cc552 Fix for #4220 -- modules not implicitly loading their init files
8747479 Updated CHANGELOG for 2.6.0rc2
fa74020 [#4209] catalog.resources should return resources
f5f9a38 Fix for #4210 -- missing require in CA
1c3e844 Minimal fix for #4205 -- incorrect Import loop messages
99d8323 Fix #4206 - import "path/*" tries to import files twice
a2115af Alt fix for #4207 -- serialize environments as their names
fe4dcd8 [#4208] Missing parameter breaks multithread compilation
e028310 Updated CHANGELOG for 2.6.0rc1
3180b9d Code smell: Two space indentation
5432259 Code smell: Avoid needless decorations
8f15707 Code smell: Don't restate results directly after assignment
c3e2353 Code smell: Use &&= for dependent initialization
42a5390 Code smell: Use ||= for conditional initialization
a07bbe2 Code smell: Omit needless checks on defined
07b15bf Code smell: Avoid unneeded blocks
8d1fbe4 Code smell: Avoid explicit returns
889158a Code smell: Booleans are first class values.
81e283b Code smell: Line modifiers are preferred to one-line blocks.
e8cf063 Code smell: Use string interpolation
eefccf2 Code smell: English names for special globals rather than line-noise
184132e Code smell: Use {} for % notation delimiters wherever practical
9ee56f2 Code smell: Inconsistent indentation and related formatting issues
051bd98 Code smell: Miscellaneous oddity removal
77f8599 Code smell: Win32 --> MS_windows
3fbc1d5 Updated GPG rake signing task for new Puppet Labs key
94fa5d5 [#4182] show_diff was broken for streamed file contents
7009704 Fix for #4117 "Storing newly-audited value" messages
9cf9788 Manifests with variables were broken when read from STDIN to puppet apply
835f73c Use the name in the search path for looking for metadata
5bab997 maint:rename resource_type to define in internal dsl
654b564 [#4198] Require 'fileutils' everywhere FileUtils is used
a07af2b [#4196] Move the docs into the source directory structure
3c00591 Fix for #4178 - generalize autoloading to include .rb
cea2e5b [#3582] Remove assumption that Puppet.settings would return values of a consistent type
c58e420 [#4180] Support legacy module structure
b4593f2 Update RDoc parser to reflect change of custom plugin and fact locations
dda165a Fixed #4180 - Updated old module structure to match correct default
1715f3a [#2730] mount ensure present shouldn't unmount
a282cc3 Fixed subscribe example
2353115 Fix for environments in startup script. - Dropped the forced --manifest switch in the suse startup script to allow for environments to re-define this. Otherwise, environments will not work as puppet override configuration with command line arguments.
cfca62b Redmine: 2474 - Fix for mount fstype documentation
3ff38df Fix for #4137 -- Oracle needs text for strings > 255
62dbae5 Fix for #2807 Puppet settings available as variables
a5fc364 [#4161] RDoc fails to parse some of our ruby syntax
b7e2580 [#3169] Adds more debugging to SSL cert verification
70af43f Fix for #4167 -- overriding file permissions in conf file
2c88884 [#4114] Fixes test failures caused by previous 4114 fixes
4a6428b saving work for my unit tests. The redhat one still fails...
1e0d922 [4123] - allows self.instances to correctly report state of services.
8d3ced5 created init provider method self.get_services which accepts an array of filenames to exclude when processing defpath.
cdd4382 [#4114] Fix failures in the unit tests
e419293 [#4114] Added queueing to the log
4b00c6a [#4110] Wrap Type#retrieve calls for backwards compatibility
5f8a242 Fix for #4120 No namevar running puppet doc -r type
6ac36eb [#2370] Allow OpenBSD to add packages with versions and flavors
45a9f37 [#4108] Changed missing Application constant error
a0ea74b [#4149] Don't create two Resource::TypeCollections
7978be5 [#3906] Fixed missing constant Puppet::Rails when using storeconfigs
fb6f2aa [#4136] Specs should listen on localhost
6d4be90 [#3961] Part two: --destroy should also be local
0598f35 Fix for #4148 (2.6 is greater than 0.25.x)
5971898 Fix for #4142 stray use of JSON instead of PSON
74e5bdc [#3172] Fix the arguments to, which I had broken
4f06e9e Maint: Explicitly put test sqlite files in a temp directory
84a9412 maint: fix stub failure in report_spec.rb
1f48d68 maint: fix stub failures in report_spec.rb
bee843a maint: fix stubbing in package_spec.rb
528b915 maint: fix stubs in transaction_spec.rb
37277a5 maint: fix stubbing in catalog_spec.rb
ea55e83 Maint: Improve the speed of setting settings.
7c7f6da maint: file_spec heisenbugs
d6d726b Heisenbug: settings as catalog trying to create directories
e579aab maint: spec_helper should reset settings directories on *every* test
298a764 maint: Remove a heisentest that wasn't testing what it claimed
b389392 maint: spec_helper should only get loaded once
3304068 maint: :mutable_defaults to improve spec consistency
08b49c6 [#4090] Fix the run_mode for certs and put tests on the applications to assert their run_mode
e318db6 [#4059] fix the specs to correctly mock the call signature
ab3d27c [#4059] Minor errors preventing ralsh from running
59bf5e4 [#2713] Enable ELSIF
ebd0311 [#3172] puppet kick can take hostnames as bare arguments
697508d [#4108] Missing constants fail deliberately and with a message
2639a56 [#4092] Changed notify message to defined instead of changed
223157d Fix for #4091 -- require loop in executables
174e02a [#4090] Change how RunMode instances are created so that an object for each RunMode is only created once instead of every time it's called
62e3b61 [#4090] Fix last few tests and renames of mode to run_mode
2a25883 [#4090] Git rid of the idea that run_mode is a configurable option with defaults
75e0662 [#4090] Rename mode (:master, :agent, :user) to run_mode
3cd48d8 [#4089] Replace internal usage of :check with :audit
e848d41 [#3961] puppet cert --generate implies ca_location = :local
255628e [#3961] Rename cert's @mode to @cert_mode to reduce confusion
b2bd05d maint: Confine a test that depends on sqlite
fdc8c35 [#3994-part 3] rename spec tests from *_spec_spec to *_spec.rb
9a94ee2 Fix for test ordering sporadic failure
9ceb454 [#3994-part 2] rename integration tests to *_spec.rb
06dffc1 maint: A test specified that a file wasn't writeable, but was writeable when run as root, which caused the test to fail. Changing the test so that a directory is in place of the writeable file so not even root can write to it.
2baf74e maint: Fixes some noisy specs
0aae5a7 maint: Fixing tests that fail when run as root
0fa10a6 Cleaning up various warnings in specs
2ab123f Removing obsolete nodescope concept
153d7cd Fix #3665 - part 2, node inheritance fixes
dd4fa66 Fix failing tests in spec/unit/resources/type.rb
770a8ea Fix #3665 - main class shouldn't be a subscope of itself
76953d8 maint: Fixes broken order-dependent Tidy specs
9afc67a Fix for pre 1.8.7 compatibility in namvar patch
d62a391 Breaking require-loop
b4af238 Fix for #3985 typo causing warning
9169ef0 Fix: puppet apply trying to use XMLRPC constant
af41beb Remove an old test that had been unintentionally reintroduced by a mistake in a conflict resolution
6a8e6fe Tweak an old test due to new error handling.
5f53bfa Restore error handling for value=
e817ad1 Fix tests broken by level-violation fix
e5478d4 Simplify the newattr method by removing a level violation
4ef40b8 maint: Rework testing of Reports http processor to be self contained
edfcbf9 [#3139] Fixed a problem with the value method for parameters
61e978b [#3139] Fixed a broken integration spec in type tidy
cf9bcad maint: Fixing test to reflect that host environment assignment now takes an object instead of a string
c70c96b Fix some tests broken by changing the call to newattr
a72fb14 Fixing oversensitive test
15004f3 maint: Fix failing test that needed more methods stubbed
60932e1 Fixed require warning documentation
6fcb87d Fixed mcx documentation error
15ae389 Documentation fixes
f95169b [#4006] Fix test failures caused by reverting ticket 2890
b5572ae Bug 3731. Applied Fix suggested by Doug Warner to always flatten out the array
117e6b6 maint: Have 'rake spec' output in color
a7e4fe8 [#3810] Do not create a reports settings block
db44a32 Tweak for fix for #1175 to fix test failures
3bd6f11 maint: Fixing a test typo s/stub/stubs/
ebc3e78 maint: Fixing a failing spec by stubbing a method on a stubbed object that should have been stubbed.
3b4d33c remove tests for removed code
c8089f1 [#2646] Fixes the change to onetime made in b96cd6c
4bf6950 [#3139] Make newattr idempotent
51b70c0 [#3994] rename the specs to have _spec.rb at the end
9958c80 [#4064] Modify the Rails spec to use the block form of confine
af8bd77 [#4064] Modify confine to also allow a message and a block containing the test.
182c003 Fixing #3988 - adding support for watchr
3a44f0e Fix #3932 - Add --charset to puppetdoc for RDoc mode
fb5c1d7 Fix #3907 - Hash couldn't be initialized with an empty hash
9592dd8 Fix #3871 - Add the 'in' operator
3696d95 [#3865] External subcommands
0fc41ae [#3802] Replace rug with zypper
dc1a977 [#3766] Remove YAML fixups
e0e6b64 Provides #3723. Add ability for execs to have several attempts at a successful execution and fix minor bug with logoutput and returns as an array..
c8ca19a [#3674] Make sure that failing to load a feature isn't fatal
2a73b5d [#3674] Part 2: Autoloader load method should propagate failures
7952af5 [#3674] Autoloader should propagate failures
f35c59f Fix #3667 - Fix class namespace
938fbe9 Removing obsolete nodescope concept
49cf2f2 Fixing #3651 failing to pop comment stack for some constructs
0dd4201 Fixing #3072 - Resource generation is recursive
b96cd6c Fixes #2646. Move onetime option from the agent to global defaults so we can specify it in the config file.
0a21e1b [#2522] authorized keys owner is verified
738802e Fixing #2337 - Adding 'freeze_main' setting
50a626d Fixing #1545 - Adding 'caller_module_name' variable
5d1934b Fixing #1545 - module_name is now a variable
bba45f1 [#4055] Confine CouchDB-related specs to the couchdb feature
1c5b67d [#4055] Refactor of abstract Couch terminus, more specs
432db25 [#4055] Add CouchDB terminus for facts
35636e9 [#3921] Fix typo "fact_terminus" -> "facts_terminus"
45ca669 Targeted fix for #3851
c00285c [#3810] Add http reports processor and `reporturl` setting
1d49def [#3804] Fixed one failing spec for RackREST
1e89bff Fixes #3514 - CR/LF line ending in puppet.conf cause silent failure
e6709da [#3409] fix test failures from ldap environment patch
a7884b4 [#3409] environment is not checked when nodes are in ldap
c75b219 Fixes #3395 - CR+LF line endings in manifests cause syntax error
8b127b1 [#3388] Setting host_aliases from [] to [] no longer results in any changes
be7112a Fixing #3139 - all properties can now be audited
986298b Working #3139 - Adding Settings.clear Spec#after
32f6a9d Working #3139 - Removing Property#checkable
58cf8d9 Working #3139 - Catalogs default to host_config
8f3e8bb Working #3139 - ResourceHarness does caching
d6407f4 Working #3139 - removing obsolete checking in Storage
0b95a85 Working #3139 - scheduling moved to resource harness
4627b8f Improving fix for #1175; tightening thread safety
ccc869e Part 2 of fix for #1175 (functions in environments)
7c6b883 [#1621] Composite keys for resources
2396eba Use the 'root' feature rather than directly checking the uid
8128311 fix tests to reflect methods moved from type/file/owner to provider/file/posix
28702a4 variable name error in refactor
19c70b5 Remove over-eager error branch in a complicated If
09881cf Confine out a lib that puppet was failing to load on non-win32
d72fd9d Confine out tests that fail on unix
d1b86ec Behavior change for //UNC_Paths broke an old test
ba506c1 Resolving conflicts with jes5199:ticket/master/2935-settings-mode
f15a324 Fix Exec type
86bd838 Move syslog into a feature
fc92408 Adapt Util::Storage specs and avoid trying to lock on directories
58100ed Relax path qualification check on FileServing::Fileset
1c016a1 Implement quoting on the exec commands and repair specs
6a92894 Avoid trying to symlink() on windows
47c9dd1 Implement "forking" for Windows
c59d864 Avoid non-win32 signals on win32 runtime
bbba9f9 Avoid trying to set uid/gid on windows
a90bcb0 Start extracting the owner managment for files into providers
b51be28 Expand file type to be able to handle Win32 and UNC paths
17a9ad1 Updated version to 2.6.0
a2e809b Fixed RSpec deprecation notice in lexer tests
f054d5b Make specs work on win32
54c4538 Delete tempfiles on win32
97c043f Fix path handling
f80b4c7 Print stacktraces if requested
1d98e67 Adapt defaults to Win32 environment
ea9bb49 More win32? feature def
1645d8e Define posix and win32 features
b3aa3ec Improve error message
d67f60f Fix ProviderDpkg specs to avoid any real executions
e119b04 Avoid setting the timeout before we know which timeout we should set.
d40e6d4 Bug: tidy specs need FileBucket::Dipper
a6b52bb Avoid trying to lock on non-files
533ef68 Removing obsolete FCollection stub from Functions
bc90df6 Functions are added to a module instead of Scope
17e40e7 Slightly restructuring "Functions" file
9d0a38e [#3921] Add facts_terminus setting to Puppet settings
2874729 [#3921] Remove unnecessary require 'puppet/resource'
58a3d27 Fix for #3949 and related
b755f7f Fixed #3912 - Added client certificate name as an internal fact called "clientcert"
b5f14c6 {#3866] Rename the method metaclass to singleton_class to avoid the deprecation warnings from Rails ActiveSupport
2b5bd49 Fixing #3822 - checksums will be loaded from filebuckets
94390de foo
3b7aac5 For #3822 - Reducing checksum code duplication
ca7b166 Fixed unsupported perlstyle regex and few other minor bugs
85f2565 Signed-off-by: Ross West <>
a4eb5d5 Signed-off-by: Ross West <>
970fd87 Fixing #3791 - client environment is used
cce63d8 Bug #3748 LDAP group membership
4ba3dc2 Fixing #2655 - Adding default parameter values to resources
20a74bc Refactoring tests - replacing stubs with instances
b5db33b Fix for 3664: interpolating qualified variables.
9ddee72 Fix #3664 - qualified variable parsing in string interpolation
a32381e Feature #2935 remove misleading comment
5937af4 Feature #2935 Unify the codepaths for setting settings
b7d387e Feature #2935 Puppet[:mode] and Puppet[:name] are read-only
342298c Bug: Broken codepath in util/settings
6d5566a Feature #2935 settings are in Mode sections instead of executable names
9536723 Feature #2935: method extract require_application
c338fef Feature #2935: Test for if we're "puppet cert"
cbb2802 Code cleanup: remove "self." from setdefaults
37a5530 Feature #2935 Modes: root? predicate
ac7efc8 Feature #2935 Puppet::Mode#master?
5665e39 Feature #2276 Single Executable: Update docstrings
fc29049 feature #2276 Single Executable: use new names for settings sections
631552c Feature #2935: Applications should declare modes
8f4d644 Feature #2935: lazify require graph for applications
6b26a7c Feature #2935: Puppet::Mode
b65d1af Feature #2276 Single Executable: usage message
76304f8 feature #2276 Single Executable: move CommandLine methods
e9627a0 Fixing #2658 - adding backward compatibility for 0.24
61a719f Adding #2658 - Adding support for run stages
d13f8ac Fixing #3671 - --compile Catalogs are pretty-printed
89e8745 Fixing #2655 - Adding default parameter values to resources
edcf429 Refactoring tests - replacing stubs with instances
3dfb762 Fixing Catalog conversion
0d4fd60 Fixing #1903 - metaparam inheritance is much faster
047ebfe Fixing Parser::Resource param validation
2fae0bd Fixes #1999 - Allows the 'apt' provider to downgrade packages.
b10d35d Fixes #3745 Catch unhandled exception in ssh_authorized_key provider
584961a Fixed #3721 - Removed -u option from crontab on HP-UX
a15a70c Fixing tests broken by conceptual merge conflicts
5988f76 Fixes #3663 - It should be possible to list signed hosts only
2c153b1 Fixing #448 - relationships have their own syntax
052f98f Fix #3408 - enable puppetd http compression
3eaf69c Fix for conflict between fileserving streams and none-checksums
2cf7222 Fix #3373 - Client side file streaming
ee5d7f1 Add master side file content streaming
63c122f Fixing tests broken by Luke's CRL flag patch.
91e6022 Fixes incorrect line in partial CRL fix
379bda0 WIP - trying to fix #3460
3947574 Updated Template documentation link
5fd6e54 Change the main spec to an apply spec
009629f Feature #2276 Single Executable: usage message
5b64d3b feature #2276 Single Executable: optparser should get CommandLine#args instead of ARGV
5683fd9 Feature #2276 Single Executable: Pass a commandline object to the application
d038a1d Refactor #3706 Reify eigenclasses of Applications
7656ba7 feature #2276 Single Executable: CommandLine can be instantiated
63e2e56 feature #2276 Single Executable: subcommand method
b6e2ce6 feature #2276 Single Executable: help info
b073722 feature #2276 Single Executable: help for apply
bfad735 feature #2276 Single Executable: rdoc paths on ubuntu
7103378 feature #2276 Single Executable: legacy settings
54c1cc5 feature #2276 Single Executable: "puppet describe"
c79b228 feature #2276 Single Executable: "puppet kick"
6bdda8c feature #2276 Single Executable: "puppet cert"
f9783fc feature #2276 Single Executable: "puppet master"
1d8bd0d Fix #3552 single executable should display usage
722a27f Fixes #3702: the 'log' report now sends the host name as the log source again.
ddd40bb Fix for #3690 failing to calculate error codes
d61a69a Fixing #3668 - fixed autoloading classes from modules
f66095d Fix #3656 JSON serialization of dependencies
f0a0084 Fixes #3582 - Adds dbport configuration option for specifying database port
8b99367 Adding indirector support to Resource Types
748aed9 Fix #3552 single executable should display usage
eafde5c Added support for flat packages in the pkgdmg package provider. Added a test in: ./spec/unit/provider/package/pkgdmg.rb
c9e3d75 Fix: the rcvar name is not necessarily the same as the service name. (More and more I get the feeling that FreeBSD's rc system is totally unsuitable for Puppet. What about porting Upstart or SMF to FreeBSD ... ?)
861c177 Added proper status command
5f72eb9 Re-included old BSD service provider, made new one default for FreeBSD
c3cd24b Rewrote FreeBSD service provider
1250f80 Fixed documentation issues exposed in #3772
211782f Updated CHANGELOG for 0.25.5rc3
7c59acf Renamed all references to Reductive Labs to Puppet Labs
e82f5de Fix for #3107 Changing users on AIX
44f1465 Fixing #2864 Added support for AIX System Resource Controller (SRC) - service start stop
02ed8db Fixes #2836. Add hold support to dpkg provider
0f2d3ce Fixes #1223 Add Zypper support for SuSE machines
a166d50 Fix for #3399 zone type should handle exclusive IP stacks
af521fa Adding #3518 - basic dot format support
9b2b0ec Fix #3551 rake spec fails to run integration specs
6a66d5e Update Red Hat spec file for 0.25.5
46c72bb Updated CHANGELOG for 0.25.5rc2
ee0cc07 Fixing #3533 - Removing all transaction cleanup
11189fb Fix for #2910 -- Tidy/matches is too tricky to use
913b63c Bug #3451: Don't leak the terminus class setting from Puppet::Resource::Catalog's spec
a228399 Fix to the fix for #3295
ae52005 Write ssh_authorized_keys as user
8c5e80e Fixing bad test
088c801 Fix for #3558 -- source file reading speedup
cd06b87 Fix for #3556 Plussignment value melding
2de7da4 Fixed #3655 - Puppet doesn't find installed packages with portage provider
d20d5de Fixed #3672 - Error message on duplicate fileserver mounts incorrect
6ae6821 conf/redhat: Add notifempty to logrotate config
7fc66d5 Fixed stored configuration documentation
14456b4 Fixes #3653 - Changed default factpath value to better reflect plugins in modules
f3e466b Partial fix to #2837 - changed warning message to debug
686239f Fix #3555 - fix state of purged lists
6f8a1e9 Updated Rake tasks to no longer load puppet.rb
83a8c68 Fix #3540 - name methods correctly
3d395e8 Fixes #3295 - generate() now sets the working directory to the directory containing the specified command.
0f077c7 Added YARD task
b49c60b Update man pages and partial doc fix to #3491
115f37d Fixed #3532 - Typo in lib/puppet/ssl/host.rb
784dd26 Updated version and CHANGELOG to 0.25.5rc1
4a6474c Modify SuSE spec file for 0.25.x and correct shebang lines for puppetd/puppetmasterd
385506f Fixes #3460 - Makes Puppet FHS compliant by moving /var/puppet to /var/lib/puppet
b494427 Fix for #3101 (bug in MRI 1.8.7)
966b269 Fixes #3419. OS X 10.6 Ruby doesn't set supplementary groups
49be54e Revert the guts of #2890
e69b7db Fail gracefully on packages that don't have the HOMEPAGE variable set (e.g. dev-lang/php).
83ac6b8 Fixed #3443 - Typo in mount type
dfe5c3a Fixes #3135 - darwin doesn't support 'mount -o remount'
2a60e1e Adding :catalog_terminus setting
626945b fixing obsolete comment in puppetd
9fbb69f Adding support for only using cached catalogs
7e1e76e Refactoring Configurer to enable the next feature
b28e21a Fixed changelog Rake task
e93eab8 Fix #3155 - prevent error when using two matching regex in cascade
b883272 Fixed puppetlast typo
67bf142 Fixed README contents to reflect Puppet Labs and docs and wiki changes
e35e142 Fixed link typo
d40e24c Fixed #3384 - Updated broken link
da00f68 Making a Puppet::Module test more resilient
9792915 Fixing yumrepo type to use 'flush'
9ee4c2d Only trying to retrieve passwords on OS X when root
8c31ebe Removing obsolete tests
aee9c29 Fixing a warning in the aix package provider
232ad8f Removing tests for code that was removed in the REST refactor
94fddbc Fixing and porting Transaction Report tests
13d141a Fixing Property#change_to_s in rare case failures
66858ef Fix test in parser.rb due to API change
0f254be Fixing Hash functionality with non-constant keys
41aeba4 Removing vistigial method in ASTHash
1821187 Porting/removing group test/unit tests
03532e0 Porting a simple set of tests from test/unit
006e6af Removing obsolete test
1a6e08f Fixing Transaction integration test
410b71c Removing invalid File integration test
effa719 Cleaning up content/source code
456447c Protecting spec_helper chmod from failure
fa64774 Redeleting puppetmasterd integration test
797f412 Making SshAuthorizedKeys tests less brittle
622bb70 Markus's patch concerning string interpolation
23adec5 Fix tests that use or stub find_by_checksum, which I just changed the signature of.
4ac8e2c The pure-ruby YAML lib doesn't accept parameters
e31fe8c Fix a failure in new FileBucket where it was impossible to read from a bucket with a non-default path.
3797c7a Update YAML dir test to match behavior
83d8bda Fix heisenbug in spec/unit/provider/mount/parsed.rb
dde69c3 Remove test for old RDoc work-around
c5ce824 Fixing various broken Resource::Type tests
6cd6c47 Renaming and fixing puppetrun tests.
a27013a Fixing calls to "class_scope" in Scope tests
84d6892 Fixing all 'require' function tests
b643413 Removing any mentions of :casesensitive setting
fe140a2 Migrating "puppet" executable integration test
edef647 Fixing 'puppet' to directly run manifests
fff8d04 Fixing syntax warning
7c25317 Moving puppet back to bin
a4d1ba0 Puppet::Parser::AST::Leaf#evaluate_match "insensitive" renamed to "sensitive"
404bdfa Repair validate_checksum codepath, even though it is disabled.
e895494 parameters have changed
94651df Add stub to Puppet::Parser::Collector test to prevent runaway stub failures
40c1fb0 Resolving conflicts with ???
1059370 Fixing a typo from a regex
3eeebf5 Fixing change printing for content/ensure
47c3ca1 Converted File[checksum] to a parameter not property
44cba9c Adding "checksum?" helper method to Checksums module
d05d25c Refactoring File[source] tests somewhat
aab2374 Resolving conflicts with luke:tickets/testing/2954
86cf226 Adding virtual and exported resource support to the DSL
9d5ba41 Cleaning up ResourceAPI tests
9060766 s/DSL::ResourceHelper/DSL::ResourceAPI/g
6d2a10b Adding simplistic pure ruby interface
e515513 Adding environment support to parser resources
30f49bb Resolving conflicts with ???
b7015d7 Moving the string interpolation parsing to the parser/lexer
07cfdd0 Resolving conflicts with jesse:feature/master/3394
ad148d6 Resolving conflicts with luke:tickets/master/2759
922cf1a Resolving conflicts with ???
0d70468 Finishing renaming :params to :parameters internally
ad93d0e Forcing parent evaluation in resource types
6e4db82 Fixing type/title resource resolution
aa659f2 Converging the Resource classes further
5401a7c Adding strictness checking to resources
9c867e6 Fixing most of the broken tests in test/
274d1c5 Adding tmpfile cleanup to tests
7089446 Removing Resource::Reference classes
4871c90 Adding support for class parameters
4709e9b Removing :paramcheck and :typecheck settings
744295d Allowing to take an environment
4f907c6 TypeCollection now supports namespace arrays
2fa0a48 Adding parameter validation to Puppet::Resource
aff5992 Fixing failing Environment unit tests
61636e4 Tuning file load order
7a99a1d Removing obsolete Settings comments and require
af9a920 Adding an environment helper
c8e89cc Changing the interface of Puppet::Resource
b7ea180 Partially fixing #2954 - Adding class parameters
cbe2c49 Fixing test structure
4bff506 Indirector/FileBucketFile warnings
0917248 REST: Fix a state leak causing test failures
8f9fc30 REST FileBucket: REST barfs on relative paths
23ccefe REST: hide Request object
d8e1b27 Feature #3394 REST runner, execution
1603f73 Feature #3394 REST Runner, preparation
16658a0 Feature #3383 Part 2: Remove RAL XMLRPC
eda649b Feature #3383 RAL over REST
09b1412 Fix tests on #3347
e5a7800 Feature #3347 REST-ified FileBucket
f838389 Fix a failing test in #3115
9acd0b2 Feature #3115 REST-ified status()
b581c23 Fix #3229 - use original value in case/selector regex matching
490a03d Cleaning up a test.
576accd Removing unused Checksum::File terminus
58920a0 Converting File terminus to use formats.
37fd6ae Fixing datadir defaults to match new standards
bf3359e Adding client and server data dirs
b41d535 Adding filename extension support to formats.
7504f1e Resolving conflicts with ???
d0389f4 Renaming Parser::ResourceType to Resource::Type
67ef78d Removing Interpreter class
b82b4ef All non-transient parser references are gone
644ad7e Fixing callers to Parser to only pass environment
9f8e0c0 Using the RTC helper to find the known resource types
1705366 Always warning if autoloading a file fails
7bef2e0 Adding helper module for finding known resource types
804105d Moving Rails initialization to Compiler terminus
26b272b Parser now uses Environment resource type collection
cb16908 Adding 'known_resource_types' to Environment
201889b Renaming LoadedCode to ResourceTypeCollection
2c2b3c2 Storing per-environment LoadedCode instances
6bf1953 Removing old, never-used DSL code
df2d392 Adding support for parsing ruby files
b938edf Fixing test structure
847233f Adding []/[]= support to Parser::Resource
6e04fba Fix for #3366 - --tags '' treated as boolean 'true'
33b565a Fix for #3424 and tests to prove it.
4820a1b Fix for #2604 Pure Ruby yaml generation
1c5b3d7 Fixes #3113 - When importing a manifest puppet needs to chill
e6a720b Fix for #3412 install.rb should not put "." first in the tmp_dirs
b1b3bcf Resolving conflicts with testing
ba2a3af Fix 2239 (step five): introduce new Puppet::Transaction#stop_processing? flag and associated check thereof within the resource evaluation code. This should allow for the transaction to bail out of its processing if it finds that a stop has been requested, based on the state of Puppet::Application.stop_requested?.
9cb6841 Fix 2239 (step four): Refactored Puppet::Daemon's stop/restart methods to set status flags appropriately in Puppet::Application, and removed call to now-deprecated @agent.configure_delayed_restart. This should get the restart and stop behavior for daemons and their agents working nicely with the new global process status interface of Puppet::Application.
82f852a Fix 2239 (step three): Refactored Puppet::Agent to base starting/restarting behaviors and predicates on new run-status interface of Puppet::Application.
edbe9b6 Fix 2239 (step two): introduce Puppet::Application.controlled_run method to provide simple status-restricted execution of a passed in block; this can replace the process status checks and properly handle delayed restart behavior for Puppet::Agent.
2cf647c Fix 2239 (step one): introduce global settings represeting application run state with methods for setting the state and appropriately-named predicates for querying state, all in the Puppet::Application class itself. To be used by Puppet::Daemon and Puppet::Agent and Puppet::Transaction for better response to TERM, INT, HUP.
ce944a5 Fix unit tests in file/target.rb
481ddb8 Name change of event in ral/type/exec.rb
1ebc91e Use a helper function to evaluate a resource since the API has changed
bfb1fa5 Allow skipped resources to process events
a18b05d Actually invoke the allow_changes? method in ResourceHarness
bf2f088 Generated resources' events are actually bound to the resource that generated them.
50ed75b Remove test that tests internal class structures which have changed.
1779079 Remove stale set_trigger
9154aca Since the types stored in resource's @parameters have changed, we need to also change include? method to be more robust.
2a2ab75 Fix test failures due to name changes of event symbols
0a72a98 Remove rollback test, since rollback was removed.
010907b Mark resource/status as failed if they are associated with a failing event.
17bccb0 Restore noop non-behaviours
8465cd0 Resolving conflicts with reinh:feature/master/single_executable
0f768ed Removing now-obsolete user tests
7627441 Fixing most failing test/ tests.
9d9b20f Fixing Configurer interface to transaction report
eb0a4b5 Fixing fingerprint tests to work with new log validation
f4ef039 Changing REST report integration test to use new interface
fdefb64 Fixing "require" function to use new class interface
266bc08 Removing now-obsolete "retrieve" method on package type
67a75db Fixing broken selinux tests
2777e1f Fixing feature validation when passed one item
5aa26d0 Changing method profile for other event queueing
ec7ea27 Refactoring event queueing for performance
68ce086 Changing the method profile of EventManager#queue_event
9919b14 Moving Metric management to the reports
a9fc134 Removing mention of @changes in Transaction
a18769d Cleaning up the report tests a bit
386b3e5 Fixing #2759 - reports now have complete change info
fbd5b0a ResourceHarness now doesn't check params with no 'should'
3f6c948 Changing Transaction to use the new ResourceHarness
6051599 Fixing log message when changes fail
149d5ef Fixing some compatibility and old tests
c30494f Renaming some methods in Transaction::Change
8d5f052 Adding Transaction::ResourceHarness class
6651aa4 Adding first version of Resource::Status class
4bb35a7 Fixing File type indentation
796d882 Removing last event collection transaction code
e838bcc Solidifying the RAL/Event integration.
977595b Refactoring the Change/Event/Property interface
5776fe4 Cleaning up the Log initialization code.
2292b76 Refactoring the RAL interface to logging
d93d80a Using Logging module in main Puppet module
c6dd180 Adding tests for "Logging" module
242209d Correcting comments and making report timestamp internal
a4b77f6 Failing in app/puppet if facts are not found
f925475 Fixing file content logs
73f57f2 removing extraneous comment
4be8601 Adding Transaction events to Transaction reports
2aa579b Removing a redundant method in Report
5a8b460 Removing unused code and adding a couple of tests
9a78bee Adding tests for the 'report' log destination
f2ed655 Extracting event management into a separate class
329527f Changing SimpleGraph.matching_edges to expect one event
f8d7c44 Moving event creation to the resource
ee9cff9 Reorganizing Property class to match current style
4212f1c Cleaning up Event creation
8280987 Adding "type" instance method to enhance Demeterness
ad90900 Random code cleanup
32d34e9 Moving Ensure property into separate file
3c86666 Moving Parameter utility classes into separate files
2cbd9e8 Switching transactions to callback-based events
6a450c5 removing never-used code
379ac8f Moving log destination code into separate files
b2d1728 fixed a couple of typos
7ab29c4 Unit tests for path changes
a8245d8 Handle path elements with ticks and spaces
98581ad Fix builtins glob in single executable
b4b07f5 Fix failing specs
e7bc19a Rename puppet application spec to main
c014c29 Renaming the old puppet executable
deff92d Find both bin and sbin usage docs, fail gracefully
3c8d012 Fix application name in bin/ralsh
be0ecf8 Initial puppet single executable
7a32777 Renaming applications, mostly removing 'puppet'
b19a044 Some tests were leaking state when the test failed
5b2802c Typo in method call in test.
6a148e2 Supressing warnings (not really failures) in test/unit
06deee7 Fix test using wrong Puppet util filesetting group
74f5167 Mock user in SUIDManager tests
000d37a Removing resources generate tests
11379c0 Removing old test for service/debian provider
2b8125c Replace test/unit file write test with spec
164f1ce Allow adding single key to hashes
fd427a5 Raise an error when appending not a hash to a hash
75c32f9 Fix #2389 - Enhance Puppet DSL with Hashes
9122ac5 Fix #2929 - Allow checksum to be "none"
73c8d0d Fix #3186 - require function set relationship only on the last class
c5a4de2 Fixing #3185 Rakefile is loading puppet.rb twice
c694c4d Fix #3150 - require function doesn't like ::class syntax
075f3c8 Added time module to tagmail report
dfb8082 Fixed the return types were valid, and removed the copy paste error with the exception logic
6e16ea1 Resolving conflicts with ???
bca7e2c Add AIX package management support (installp&nim)
b2c9455 Fixing #3148 Settings#without_noop when run with no noop setting
8bafc37 Move scope parenting & class_scope from Compiler to Scope
7403c6e [#3392] Better Rakefile, remove puppetmasterd spec
de94f68 Fixing tests in pkg provider
4b55fb0 bug #3407 Part 2
f891ba2 Fixing #3407 Failing tests in spec/unit/node/environment.rb
af9c19a Bug #3406 augeas spec fails if there is not a default provider
718a87a Bug #3402 Stub returning invalid type for :noop
88d6cd5 Bug #3401 Spec failed due to missing manditory setting in mock
d9920bc Bug #3400 Bad mocks causing failing tests
c6f02f2 Fix #3167 Duplicate constant warnings in dpkg.rb
70c71c5 Fixed Rails database tests
46f9d00 Fix #3117 - cert fingerprinting uses a method not available in ruby <= 1.8.6
04842ef Fixed test error message.
fcce222 First shot at the OpenSolaris pkg(5) provider
3e9677f Feature #2839 - fingerprint certificate
91c44b4 Fix a few puppetd specs tests
d77c9ac Revert "Feature #2839 - fingerprint certificate"
58a81ba Fixing #1054 - transaction reports are always sent
282b4b3 Removing some unneeded validation code from
66a3e6a Removing unused configurer code
2044550 Fix #2894 - exclude .pp files under modules files directories
d31ff7e Adapt to method name change since 8971d8
a9fb82b Feature #2839 - fingerprint certificate
a967b93 Feature #2395 - revoke when cleaning a certificate with puppetca
e26e831 Updated test series
53869e9 Fix #2818 - scope variable assigned with undef are not "undef"
4226e01 Fix for #2959 (calling exit status on a nil report)
8971d8b Fixing #2596 - Node, Class, Definition are not AST
39d4a93 Adding a context method to the Errors module
22c642d Extracting language doc support into a module
adc211a Adding module metadata
bf40f4f Upgrading rspec for tests to 1.2.9
61d1911 Fix 2841 - Puppetdoc/RDoc parses realize function
e63d23e Added tickets/master/2596 to the testing branch
41da962 Feature 2827 Option to disable managing internal files
c9f40be Fixed #2568 - Add database option 'dbconnections'
2d137e2 Fixing #1507 - Adding a :ca_name setting
089ac3e Fixing #2617 - using the searched-for REST name
28e1bc6 Always using the CA_name constant instead of "ca"
2d4b795 Fix #1934 - detailed-exitcodes for puppetd
0f61816 Fix #2649 Allow ssl dir creation in --noop mode
53be6f8 Fix #2796 - Fix puppetdoc rdoc selector parsing
391786f Fix #2795 - puppetdoc rdoc reports a better error message
b832d81 Fix #2784 - puppetdoc/rdoc didn't parse mono-instruction class content
b1deb89 Covers the RDoc Puppet Parser with specs
ced5a78 Fix #2376 - Display class/node inheritance in puppetdoc
8d9fbbd Fix #2703 - add 'require' to puppetdoc
41b7c3c Adding an example yaml node script
66a44dd type augeas: add 'incl' and 'lens' parameters
c61335f Patch to address feature #2571 to add Oracle support to Puppet
d71bd68 Updated CHANGELOG for 0.25.5
d88b357 Fixes incorrect line in partial CRL fix
dec84e5 Fixed documentation issues exposed in #3772
4daf8c3 Updated CHANGELOG for 0.25.5rc3
9214400 WIP - trying to fix #3460
9d3e98b Minimal footprint fix for #3751 (serialization 0.25.5 <-> 0.24.8)
d481340 Updated Template documentation link
5a1a45c Update Red Hat spec file for 0.25.5
2257605 Updated CHANGELOG for 0.25.5rc2
5258a0a Fixing #3533 - Removing all transaction cleanup
bcde541 Fix for #2910 -- Tidy/matches is too tricky to use
5abe571 Bug #3451: Don't leak the terminus class setting from Puppet::Resource::Catalog's spec
ebd924c Fix to the fix for #3295
ce233aa Write ssh_authorized_keys as user
6739bab Fix for #3558 -- source file reading speedup
b0e3c61 Fix for #3556 Plussignment value melding
8a30495 Fixed #3655 - Puppet doesn't find installed packages with portage provider
e4130af Fixed #3672 - Error message on duplicate fileserver mounts incorrect
1275a47 conf/redhat: Add notifempty to logrotate config
134204d Fixed stored configuration documentation
1aa98a6 Fixes #3653 - Changed default factpath value to better reflect plugins in modules
44f6d64 Partial fix to #2837 - changed warning message to debug
3a1b178 Fix #3555 - fix state of purged lists
f6046ab Fix for #3577 -- to_yaml parameter in 0.25.5rc1
f351e2d Renamed all references to Reductive Labs to Puppet Labs
cf7e696 Updated Rake tasks to no longer load puppet.rb
b93924e Fix #3540 - name methods correctly
9bc2f28 Fixes #3295 - generate() now sets the working directory to the directory containing the specified command.
3ee6834 Added YARD task
99818ef Update man pages and partial doc fix to #3491
f988af3 Fixed #3532 - Typo in lib/puppet/ssl/host.rb
f0e12e5 Fix #3496 - suppress transaction debug message
0eea2f5 Updated version and CHANGELOG to 0.25.5rc1
57ae381 Modify SuSE spec file for 0.25.x and correct shebang lines for puppetd/puppetmasterd
d90ec79 Fixes #3460 - Makes Puppet FHS compliant by moving /var/puppet to /var/lib/puppet
ae0b0bf Fix for #3101 (bug in MRI 1.8.7)
9db066b Fixes #3419. OS X 10.6 Ruby doesn't set supplementary groups
306d082 Revert the guts of #2890
4eea77a Fail gracefully on packages that don't have the HOMEPAGE variable set (e.g. dev-lang/php).
f5b8494 Fixed #3443 - Typo in mount type
b0ef2c6 Fixes #3135 - darwin doesn't support 'mount -o remount'
7018cf5 Adding :catalog_terminus setting
978ab8a fixing obsolete comment in puppetd
6d13d0d Adding support for only using cached catalogs
bc28715 Refactoring Configurer to enable the next feature
ba43d7b Fix for #3366 - --tags '' treated as boolean 'true'
5ab5e8a Supressing warnings (not really failures) in test/unit
e4df0b0 Fix test using wrong Puppet util filesetting group
eeb3d74 Mock user in SUIDManager tests
9ea27db Removing resources generate tests
218e3e9 Removing old test for service/debian provider
1556938 Replace test/unit file write test with spec
2defc00 Fix for #3424 and tests to prove it.
44798b9 Fixed changelog Rake task
5d10f65 Fix #3155 - prevent error when using two matching regex in cascade
fbedb99 Fixing #3148 Settings#without_noop when run with no noop setting
389c77b Another trivial follow-up fix for #2604: invalid path to zaml.rb
56b5753 Fix inefficient SimpleGraph#matching_edge
4b2b9eb Fix #3229 - use original value in case/selector regex matching
19863c0 Fix #2929 - Allow checksum to be "none"
fd76142 Fixed puppetlast typo
3b4e782 Follow up for #2604, debug msg left behind.
e44430b Fix for #2604 Pure Ruby yaml generation
74cd55f Fixes #3113 - When importing a manifest puppet needs to chill
7ec50a7 Fixes #3387 - Handle path elements with ticks and spaces
d561a98 Fix for #3412 install.rb should not put "." first in the tmp_dirs
751df45 Fix #3186 - require function set relationship only on the last class
a1d216c Fixed the return types were valid, and removed the copy paste error with the exception logic
d532e6d Fixing #3185 Rakefile is loading puppet.rb twice
5aa596c Fix #3150 - require function doesn't like ::class syntax
3457b87 Added time module to tagmail report
71653a7 Fixed #3162 - tidy does not remove empty files when "size => 0" is set
efd0f76 Fixed #3128 - Updated man pages and moved puppet.conf.8 to puppet.conf.5
ad4f94a Add version number to puppetlast display.
0533cea Forgot fakedata called in spec
6416f91 Fixing #2669 puppetmasterd integration has leaky state
8a3a205 Fix for #2327, check the return types from augeas and fail where appropriate
2ae7516 2047: Add a not_include into match
55f6239 Minor unit test fixes
b7b7a1c vim: Improve function matching when functions contain ')'
b3c363c vim: puppetDefArguments is contained by puppetDefine
f9e05a8 Fix for #3094 (libdir should take ":" delimited path)
b473264 Fix #1842 Net::HTTP#enable_post_connection_check doesn't work anymore
9419c2b Fix for #3035 (redhat services use init for source)
10becce Fix for #3077 (unit tests broken in 0.25.1-->0.25.4)
49a7185 Fix for #3085 (user_role_add pulls from same source as useradd)
1f086c2 Fix for #3114 (ruby's arbitrary limit on process groups too low)
c5eef04 Updated CHANGELOG for 0.25.4
0025e13 Partial reversion of patch for #3088 to fix #3104 (Exception misreported)
bfc9e45 Updated CHANGELOG for 0.25.4rc3
a91c476 Fix for #3088 (catching Exception also traps SystemExit)
1a263e2 Fix for #3089 (timestamp may now be a time object, not a string)
75634b7 Fix for #3093 (also need to be able to call pkgget_with_cat on class)
94e269c Uncommeniting the fix for #3001
9636b93 Updated CHANGELOG for 0.24.5rc2
d4319a5 Minimal fix for #3001 (failing to fetch metadata on dangling symlink)
cdcbdc7 Fixing #2914 - pre/post hooks now work for transactions
67216aa Fix for #3075 (sshkey host_aliases ignored)
e4462c0 Updated version and CHANGELOG for 0.25.4
441879f Revert "Fix #2845 Cron entries using "special" parameter lose their title when changed"
f7e1435 Updated rake task to fix gem build issue
49013f0 Updated version and CHANGELOG for 0.25.3
f8c1b08 Reversion of pipe IO patch for testing on #3025
7f25805 Fix #1464 Mount complains about missing fields
c99f394 Fix #2845 Cron entries using "special" parameter lose their title when changed
0a7e212 Fix #2887 'service' tests paths too early
dd22b71 Replaced ugly gem creation task with slightly less ugly task
d0efcc6 Added tasks directory to Rakefile and gem task file lists
8a6d66e Added puppetpackages task description
eada68a Updated CHANGELOG for 0.25.2
6111ba8 Fix for temporary file security whole
e7d98cc Fix for #2999 (absent package handling on solaris)
87136b4 Fix typo in documentation: wheter vs. whether.
cbc2ef0 Partial rollback of refinements to fix for #2994
fd631b9 Do not close stdout or stderr in execute.
f878fe8 Update Red Hat spec file for 0.25.2
4394c48 Updated CHANGELOG for 0.25.2rc3
13cbf04 ReFix 2675 ending slash in directory should get stripped off
5c6f07b Use a pipe instead of a temp file for command output.
7e64393 Additional fix for #2994 (followed symlinks do not have checksums)
7e2e12b Fix for #2995 (don't fail to load PSON when UTF-8 missing)
c84186a Revert "Fix for #2731 (problem communicating with processes in SELinux)"
74d9693 Updated man pages for 0.25.2
7e2b1e9 Fix for #2995 (don't fail to load PSON when UTF-8 missing)
d1ff4b3 Fix for #2994 (undefined method "_file" message)
4d81511 fix #2987 - check correct hash entry
682000b Updated CHANGELOG for 0.25.2rc2
e4bb529 Fix for #2967 (RFC-1123 problem and regression on wildcarded domains)
776be7c Updated CHANGELOG
a73f799 Updated version
26e7486 Fixing failing tests
05e897e Fix for #2881 (ralsh doesn't find individual parsed resources)
e04f9e4 Code smell reductions
24654a2 Making provider/host/parser.rb compatible with host_aliases
49530ad Fixing #2964 updated resources cannot be collected until they are exported twice
6ab2453 Fix for #2731 (problem communicating with processes in SELinux)
0e5d264 Fix for #2940 (propogating nil rather than reporting the error)
d60ea0e A slide down the RFC-1123 slope towards MS Windows compatibility and chaos
b185801 Fixing #2960 Test Failed: 'Puppet::Type::Mount::ProviderParsed when modifying the filesystem tab should write the mount to disk when :flush is called
5e5c8b5 Fixing tests
0cb5e7d Fix for #2943 (Make puppet --apply respect --preferred_serialization_format)
0884035 Fix #2970 spec/unit/provider/ssh_authorized_key/parsed.rb has order dependencies
b86decc Fix #2816 MySQL server has gone away
854c065 Fix for #2813 (alias propety v. alias metapram)
813cb58 Fix for #2765 (--no-fqdn regression in puppetrun)
e9a0cb7 Fix for #2657 (retain old setting if config has syntax error)
727ee72 Fix #2966 spec/unit/util/queue.rb can't be run twice
8c8e921 Fixing #2963 spec/unit/util/autoload.rb depends on global state
ea90daa Fix for #2965 (Chatty SELinux message)
fc221ff Fixed RSpec deprecation error
037b99a Fixing #2958 inconsistent errors in spec/integration/bin/puppetmasterd.rb
d11c750 Fix for #2951 (SELinux test errors on OS X)
0dc2dba Fix for #2890 (the cached certificates that would not die)
03f37ac Fix for #2950 (parens needed warning)
61fd460 Fix #2924 Test Failed: Puppet::Indirector::FileContent::FileServer when finding files should find plugin file content in the environment specified in the request
2432b23 Fixed test typo
f5960ce Closed #2937 - Migrated a number of requires to features
2d88926 Fix for #2869 (SELinux tests failing under some load orderings)
18c5165 Adds partial IPv6 support to authstore
857047d Fix for #2567 (Authstore does unintended/pointless DNS lookups)
dddbd28 Enabling steps for #2567 (Authstore does unintended/pointless DNS lookups)
ea0a43f Fix 2948 Failing rests in spec/unit/rails.rb
b6f4291 Fix #2923 failing tests in spec/unit/ssl/host.rb
bf7c108 Fix #2677 Proper OIDs on puppet.schema for LDAP
e0488b2 Fix #2808 puppetqd doesn't give an error when no config is given
7b2e2ba Fixing 2851 spec/unit/network/rest_authconfig.rb test descriptions change
1c69af2 Fixing 2855 Inadvertent zlib dependency
3528a7b 2850 spec/unit/application/puppetd.rb generates warnings if run with certain other tests
d343af0 2876 spec/unit/indirector/catalog/compiler.rb changes behaviour
a7fae47 Fix 2936 Insufficient mocks for webrick in spec/unit/network/http/webrick.rb
b96b757 Fix for #887 (safely setting pager to cat for blastwave)
d685f44 2633 file and line info on bad params in type/file
4326eb2 Fix for #2817 (links created even when links property set to follow)
118adc1 2875 spurious test failure in spec/integration/file_serving/content.rb
0f63a54 2877 race condition in webrick
4895329 Fix for #2921 (test not checking for what it really wanted)
f47fa40 Fix for #2925 (accept higher versions of rspec)
c261721 Fix for #2911 (Allow capital letters in selinux contexts)
bf7d650 Fix for #2900 (rug output parsing too specific)
cccbca4 Fix for #2786 (failed trying to backup directory in recursive purge)
6dfac97 Fixing 2907 rspec crash when spec/unit/application/puppetrun.rb is run after spec/unit/util/ldap/connection.rb
1c8d272 Fixing 2870 Spurious failures in spec/integration/ssl/certificate_request.rb
979440f Fixing 2862 spec/integration/file_serving/metadata.rb fails unless run with other tests
e04d299 Fixing 2858 spec/unit/application/puppetmasterd.rb fails if run twice
53a9805 Minimal fix for #2822
9ac1ed6 Fix for #2863 (calling each on uninitialized tag list)
bd9e06f Feature 2827 Option to disable managing internal files
8b66998 Fixing 2849 puppet changes sshkey alias every run if it is blank
7136c85 Fixed spellquote function documentation
de16fd3 Updated yumrepo type documentation
d1fa7cf Fixed --no-ca option in Gentoo also
8b5b4b6 Fixed incorrect command line in Red Hat sysconfig file
623d9c7 Fixing 2886: Failing specs in format_handler
feb021f Avoiding rspec bug which causes 'be_all' tests to always pass
228f105 Removed some extraneous files from ext
01c98f6 Fixed #2798 - Correct issue with crontab provider on AIX
f7c5ceb Fixing 2725 Error message when permissions incorrect on file server directory
07b94b4 2842 Format debugging should be removed
3abcc89 Fix #2783, take2 - puppetdoc should use environment to get modulepath/manifestdir
f5dd6c8 Fix #2831 - puppetdoc doesn't cope with regex node
4a06379 Fixing #2857 (quote nesting error)
9a41c35 Fixing #2791 fs_find should follow symlinks
5629092 Added additional documentation to file mode attribute.
dc8812c Fixing 2792 selinux tries to set properties on unsupported filesystes
57632a0 fix #2854 - parse timestamps
cb6bc27 fix regex for non-installed packages
9cfe390 Fixing 2812 authorized_keys without comments fail
53b3b86 Fix for ticket #2844 (file recursion generated vs. explicit prefix)
8129caa Fix for ticket #2700 -- check for @explicit_waitforcert in puppetd --test
e32f980 Fixed #1806 - supplementary groups are not reset
be7ff82 Fix 2768 maillist resource is broken
48beaba simplify and fix portage provider
0ac0ce9 Implement tasks for git-based workflow.
bd5dc64 Possible workaround for #2824 (MRI GC bug)
c1e47a4 Fixing #2789 puppetrun fails without --tag
106c9a9 Fixing 904 RDoc::usage incompatible with rubygems
5ed2e26 rack: SSL Env vars can only be in Request.env
7f2e5fc Fix #2671, preferred_serialization_format does not complain about invalid values
f0eaf20 Fixing #2764 ActiveRecord 2.1 support
eaab789 Fix failing tests introduced by #2797
55d8ffa Fix #2810 - adapt tidy to new FileSet api
236bacc conf/redhat: Prevent killproc from removing /usr/sbin/puppetmasterd
41f025c Fixed ldap typo again
6c2daa3 Fix #2783 - Puppetdoc rdoc should use environment to get modulepath/manifestdir
5648666 Add Environment#manifestdir and small refactoring
74a877e Minimal fix for #2821 ("rake spec" is needlessly slow)
cd10e6d Added package signing task
ca56aa7 Least kludgy patch for #2675
adc0a4e Fix for #2661 and related issues
65f601a Fixing 2806 Specifying multiple tags fails to apply any of them
e2c675e Updated generate function documentation to make it clear it runs on the master
53f40bd Fix #2681 Incorrectly duplicating resources
3fdc8ef Ticket #2770 (deserializing Exec[...]s with "\n"s)
b172287 Fixing #2767 invoke-rc.d warnings
4013560 Fix #2797 - tags are not inherited by recursed file sub child
f05a04e Fix #2784 - puppetdoc/rdoc didn't parse mono-instruction class content
38ec9fc Fix #2796 - Fix puppetdoc rdoc selector parsing
5f7177e Fix #2795 - puppetdoc rdoc reports a better error message
136949d Fixing #2631 show_diff sometimes doesn't happen
cb3e5e1 Fix #2787 - Storeconfig doesn't store/update node ip and environment anymore
ff23b57 Fix for #2670, Puppet silently ignores catalog_format
ee13efa Add docs to Mac OS X package creation script and clean out old docs in the preflight
b8470b8 Fix #2757 & CSR 92 (symlinks in recursively managed dirs)
5b750c2 Fix #2769 - default schedule are not defined
eca338c Fix for #2772 (webrick test failures)
b1c57e9 Al Hoang's patch for #2781, removing obsolete when/: syntax
50e9c98 Follow-on for #2724 - Adding an external node classifier
2f0b1e5 Updated CHANGELOG
20e5222 Fixing #2689 - file owner warnings are reduced
09fb3f7 Fixing #2752 - "require" loads "include"
6846c32 Fixing some recently broken Scope tests
0043392 Fixed typo in lib/puppet/indirector/ldap.rb
6b254eb Fix #2753 - Do not "global allow" plugins/modules mount if some rules have been parsed
ff3a7bc Re-fixed #2750 - Stop disabling the CRL or checking for a disabled CRL
594c774 Revised partial fix for #2661 and related issues
73d04c6 Bug #2534 Raise error if property appears twice
7517572 Bug #1908 cron environment should allow empty vals
febe707 Bug #1742 Invalid params to --color outputs 'nil'
d383ab8 Use notice() in the versioncmp() docs
9dff716 conf/redhat/*.init: Use -p option to killproc
f47a70f Ticket #2665: Regexp exception on ++ in package names
b6e4ef3 Fixed #2750 - Set :cacrl to nil instead of 'false' in puppetd
2b57e06 Fix #2691 - Collection AR request should not include params if querying with tags
e8bce7a Workaround #2668 - Compress facts so that the request size limit triggers less often
e2ce790 Fixed #2737 - The zone provider needs to get acquainted with OpenSolaris
aea1e5f Update Red Hat spec file for 0.25.1
fbdded7 Ticket #2685 (Type error in ssh_authorized_keys)
4d9f76a Fix for #2745 fakedata tests not working
b4bcfe9 Fix for #2736, target doesn't work for ssh_authorized_keys
ae528f6 Ticket #2734 PSON/JSON not serializing classes of a catalog
f59f805 Bug #1900 Parsing of quoted $ in stdin
6ba122f Fixing #2735 - node classes are immed. added to classlist
bca3b70 Bundling of pure ruby json lib as "pson"
ce46be5 Proposed alternative solution for #2664 (REGEX / DIV lexing)
b0518c3 Fix for #2681 (duplicate resource)
8a73082 Fix #2707 config_version fails more helpfully
54ded1b Fixes #1719, this avoids calling the external binary *which* everytime we are looking for a binary
4c3c279 Updated required Facter version in README
fcce46a Fixed #2702 - Set :outputdir to "doc" if not specified
3940dfb Fixed #2674 - problem finding install.rb
3b548f4 Fix #2699 - Use --masterport for PUPPET_PORT variable
a75bf50 This updates the portage provider in three ways:
ad86e9e Fixes #2688. Macauthorization provider now handles booleans internally correctly.
d891f7a Ticket #2676 (a typo)
bfba2cd Fix #2672 - Make sure nodenames keep their underscores when used as classname
db67e5f Added rcov exclusion to Rakefile
6912a7e Incremented version to 0.25.1
fd322da Fixes #1538 - Fixes the yumrepo backtrace in noop mode.
6551e86 Fix #2664 - Mathematic expressions mis-lexed as Regex
a595033 Fix for #2654 (error generating error message)
a951163 Fix #2642 - Runit provider rework
96b5087 Fix for ticket #2639 (Puppet[:user]/Puppet[:group] vs. 'service')
af57483 Fixing #2632 - 'require' works for 0.25 clients
d42bda1 Fixing relationship metaparam backward compatibility
d53bc16 Adding version information to the catalog for compat
5f25589 Ticket #2626 (unhelpfull error messages)
a1d3b04 Fixing #2617 - use the cert name as specified
8987509 Refactored Puppet packaging and gem creation
5c2ba47 FIXES 2616: Remove sync.syncronize and
a53a77c Renamed test branch to testing in rake task
d054fd9 Fixing #2656 - puppet parseonly tests don't hang
cde70cf Fixes #2648. Spurious macauthorization parameter changes
dcf0d0d Fix #2652 - Fix SELinux syntax error
ba269f2 Fixed #2651 - Corrected install permissions on man page directories.
361c502 Fix #2638 - Allow creating several nodes with matching names
2283605 Added automatically constructed test branch task and file
fd2a190 Fix for #2621 (JSON serialization of exec)
577a45b Fix #2622 - Puppetdoc in single manifest to console is broken
d2d7070 Fix #2640 - Daemontools and Runit were not creating the enable symlink
d21b266 Fix #2627 - regex node name could lead to invalid tag
cb90528 Merged fix for #2601
b1554a1 Updated changelog task and CHANGELOG to version aware
f5a106d Fix for #2637 (Webrick accpting connections on dead sockets)
19e98f9 Fixed #2608 - install.rb will not run on ruby 1.9.1 due to ftools being deprecated
40cd6d4 Fix for #2605 by falling back to alternative solution to #1963
630407d Make regsubst() function operate on arrays (feature #2491).
a45c435 Fix for #2600 (wrong number of arguments under older mongrel)
f2bc8aa Fixed #2634 - Added servicegroup_name parameter to serviceescalation type
7404e31 Fixs #2620 authconf interpolation, #2570 0-9 in domain names
4344339 Fix for ticket #2618 (stubbing so redhat tests run under debian)
c2e26b9 vim: match regexp language features
1494bd7 Require active_record/version to support ActiveRecord < 2.3
a5c56fc Fixed #2607 - Added Facter dependency for Puppet Gem
b1eddbb Updated and created new CHANGELOG format
994d6e0 Adding tests for the #2599 fix
42ab73f Ticket #2525 don't fail find_manifest on invalid module names
a0f0dcc Updated permissions on test files
d45812b Refactoring tests to reduce code size, increase coverage, and make Luke happy.
aba2f66 This further normalizes the handling of init-style services (including the redhat "service" wrapper script). Removes special case handling of non-zero exit code in redhat (base already did this) and centralizes scattered @resource[:has_____] checks. Tests that proper versions of each are called and one level of fallbacks.
fb236a0 Combined fix for #2525, #2552 -- RedHat service issues
d40b942 Fixed #2589 - Renamed zfs delete to destroy and added tests
4aa7fce Monkey patch to improve yaml compatibility between ruby versions
1f6c74d Fixed typo in parser test
2e9b706 Updated Red Hat spec file and RH patches for 0.25.0.
19815dd Fixing #2592 - you can escape slashes in regexes
ea58478 Fixing #2590 - modulepath is not cached inappropriately
1a3d0c8 Fixed #2593: puppet init script status command not returning proper exit code
8dabc72 Update documentation string to reflect actual intent of Puppet::Node::Facts::Rest
b30a3c7 Fixes #2581. Use new 10.6 global launchd overrides file for service status/enabled
7f05469 Fixed Naginator link
e589cd3 Fixing #2582 - / no longer autorequires /
3342b73 Fixing #2577 - clarifying and demoting the deprecation notice
d397f8d Fixing #2574 - autoloading finds plugins in modules
800a78b The first regex node now matches first
6750aeb Fixing #2563 - multiple regex nodes now work together
b728b93 Fixes #724 - false is equivalent to 'ruby -W1'
a9d5863 Fix parser error output
ee4f6ba Fixing #2551 - fixing content changed logs
c8f859e Fix for test isolation portion of Ticket #2511
6fa9271 Fixing #2549 - autoloading of top-level classes works again
c752680 Fixing a heisenbug resulting from a race condition
ea417d6 Fixing #2460 - puppetmasterd can now read the cert and key
a49915a Not using the service user in settings when it's unavailable
14ec838 Explicitly loading all facts in the directory service provider
5ee6602 Adding an 'exists?' delegator from user type to provider
06fcece Switching the owner/group settings to use symbolic values
4eb325a Fixing the yamldir group to be a group instead of user
058514a Moving Setting classes into separate files
b0f219a Removing chuser on darwin restriction
7f749cb Fixing a ruby warning in the authstore test
c0da3bf Fixing #2558 - propagating recent fileserving changes
ff39bc7 Fixes #2550 Handles case where metadata is nil
47dee83 Ticket 2559 -- parseonly ignored specified file
a4f6896 Fixed #2562 - Recognize the usecacheonfailure option again Signed-off-by: John A. Barbuto <>
e408d6c Refactoring the Module/Environment co-interface
796ba5c Fixing #1544 - plugins in modules now works again
6bd3627 Adding a global cleanup to the spec_helper
0ef5f22 Removed misguided case sensitivity tests
c1967bb Fixes #2513. debian service provider now uses invoke-rc.d to determine enabled? status
7e09247 Fixing fact-missing problem when puppet.conf is reparsed
a35e9bf Fix for #2531; adds tests to confirm problem and related cases, notes fixes specific issue by eliminating the specal case for opaque strings which caused them to be strings when everything else was arrays; adds nots and pending tests where FQDN support could be added but stops short of a full refactor.
299eadb Fixed #2530 - Fixed status setting in the SMF provider
e6a7e82 Fixed spec typo
75c6e4a Fixes #2493
b62d966 conf/redhat/*.init: Fix condrestart/try-restart
e9fbd4c conf/redhat/client.init: Fix #2123, status options on older RHEL
0461a02 Updates to Solaris smf files to reflect new binary locations
55a9cdb Fix #2517 - Stack overflow when CA cert missing
601a2e5 Fix #2516 - Fix format detection when content-type contains charset
d86bc88 Fix #2507 - Add missing integration tests
aad3b76 Fix #2507 - Exported resources were not correctly collected.
63cb1ad Fixes #2503
c129f2a Fixes #2360 - Removed annoying log message
b1ffffa Fixed #2525 - Wrong method being overridden in Red Hat services
a88fc4d Fixing more tests broken from missing libraries
9a356ab Fixing ActiveRecord Indirector tests to skip w/out Rails
acc5a96 Fixing #2489 - queue integration tests are skipped w/out json
1a5c5b3 Fixing #2508 - removing mention of ActiveRecord 2.3
0cb9072 Fixing #2541 - file cache is more resilient to failure
23948d0 vim: Mark puppetFunction values as contained
79a4339 Add shellquote() function.
79d705f Fixes #2499. Allows execs to specify an array for the returns parameter
b611c34 Updated fix for #2481
f385072 Revert "Fxied #2481 - Added status and restart overrides for Red Hat service provider."
cc379b6 Fixed #2498 - logcheck update
85a3633 Removed extraneous debugging
bf94de9 Updated two more tests
5b87dba Logs now assume resource params have metadata
1410bed Adding metadata delegation from param to resource
3ab3a5c Removing unnecessary debug output
488e368 Adding integration tests for #2371 (backup refactor)
f1406bf Adding many tests for #2371, and slightly refactoring
8f60f0c Fixes for Redmine 2371.
cd224c6 Fixes #2464, #2457. Deprecate reportserver for report_server. Add report_port setting. Add tests.
401a9ec Fixing #2484 - "format missing" messages are better
f6cc598 Fixes #2483 - Log only copies metadata from RAL objects
7c4c00f Fixed #2486 - Missing require 'monitor' in parser_support.rb
ea34ee6 Added R.I.Pienaar's extlookup.rb to the ext directory
36d3f58 Added example conf/puppet-queue.conf
967eb9f Fxied #2481 - Added status and restart overrides for Red Hat service provider.
c702f76 rack: SSL Env vars can be in Request.env or ENV
ca17b3c rack: don't directly use the forbidden HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE env var (fixes rack specification conformance)
a002e58 Removing old filebucket test
d8de446 Cleaning up tests for #2469
266aafa default server in remote filebuckets
1f8ef60 Fixes #2444 - Various JSON test failures
11c0fb7 Fixed #2294 - Classes sometimes cannot be found
7e5b562 Adding #2477 - puppet can apply provided catalogs
97274ad Fixing problems my Feature refactor caused
6fb8bf6 Fixing ruby warning in definition test
b3545fc Fixed global deprecation error in useradd Unit tests
dc24472 Adding a test for the Exec type
58d9587 Speeding a test up through stubbing
d4d8372 Fixing a small test by stubbing instead of mocking
f7e1c36 Fixing a test broken by the regex features
54a225d Fixing tests broken by caching autoload results
1ce31b4 Migrating Handler base tests from test/ to spec/
cc3f56a Migrating Feature tests to spec
21d1d25 Fixing cron test to match new behaviour
849fa67 Migrating tests to spec and removing an obsolete test
6f458cc Logging the configuration version we're applying
ac58e27 Configuration version information is now in logs
6ed0103 Adding support for an external catalog version
39320b8 Cleaning up duplication in another test file
25fae5f Removing duplication in the test structure
36c0662 Simplified Rakefile and moved tasks to tasks/rake directorya
b45ccf8 Implement node matching with regexes
58a73b5 Make sure node are referenced by their names
3ebf148 Enhance selector and case statements to match with regexp
ef68967 Fix #2033 - Allow regexp in if expression
17e62b1 Add AST::Regex, an AST leaf node representing a regex
4f9545f Add regexes and regex match operators to the parser
0ccd259 Add regex, match and not match token to the lexer
201ae59 Allow variable $0 to $9 to be interpolated, if ephemeral
f357a91 Implement ephemeral scope variables
d40ef29 Signed-off-by: Eric Sorenson <>
6d22afb Modifying the REST client error to make server errors more clear
21f477a Fixes #2472. Load Facter facts when ralsh is invoked, plus test.
2e41edb Update CHANGELOG.git
ebb5a1f Fixed ci_spec task for RubyGems 1.3.5
b6b903e Fixes #2461. Provide new and old code paths for macosx_productversion_major with deprecation warning
26b0c70 Fixing typo in two tests which caused them to always pass
76fc2b1 Fixing #2440 - catalogs can now be compiled on demand
832b6ff Exiting from app failures instead of raising
4ea3f17 Minimal patch to fix #2290 (/tmp permissions)
08ff9e8 Fix #2467 - rack: suggest putting puppet/lib at beginning of RUBYLIB search path
fb60f90 Fix #2465 - Default auth information is confusing with no auth.conf
0ca9b53 Fix #2459 - puppetdoc added namespace classes as RDoc modules instead of classes
18b5d61 Fix #2429 - vim: class/define/node should only be followed by whitespace
da828a4 Fix #2448 - fix the broken runit provider and tests
3898436 Fixed #2405 - Mount parameter "dump" doesn't accept all valid values on FreeBSD
9825bec Fixes #2362. Do not validate users/groups when supplied with numeric uid/gids
450a19c Fix #2454 - Definition named after a module don't show in puppetdoc
8551ece Fix #2453 - puppetdoc mixes long class names that look alike
e3ee594 Fix #2422 & #2433 - make sure puppetdoc transform AST::Leaf boolean correctly
b3b76df Fixing #2296 - overlapping recursions work again
9120712 Fixing mocks to remove warnings
eeec8e9 Fixing #2423 - no more strange dependency cycles
7d40f9e Fixing #2443: Adding debugging guidance to dep cycle errors
b4facb0 Fixing a test broken by changing the default os x package type
b418921 Fixing selinux tests broken in the fix for #1963
719e76b Fixing #2445 - fixing the mount test mock
f13f08d Minor fix to URL for LDAP nodes documentation
7c859a7 Fixing #2399 - removing client-side rrd graphs
f6d6145 Fixing #2421 - file renaming errors now propagate
db82523 Fixes #2438, get major OS X version from Facter and replace Puppet::Error invocations with fail builtin
22145e7 Update install.rb to cope with all OS X versions, not just 10.5
935c463 Fixing #2403 - provider specificity is richer and better
d95b687 Fix #2439 - let puppetdoc use loaded_code
ef5c4ae Fixed #2436 - Changed ralsh to use and avoid deprecation notice
0c18013 Fixes #2430 - Stock apache2.conf for passenger incorrect
c383ceb Make pkgdmg default Darwin provider, make confines consistent on Darwin package providers.
98599c4 Convert to using sbindir for OS X packages, clean out previous executables in bindir
c659743 Fix #2425 - make sure client can contact CA server with REST
17205bb Fix #2424 - take 2, make sure default mounts allow every clients
f2c55cc Fix #2378 and #2391 tests
8bbd8b4 Fix #2424 - File server can't find module in environment
effaf80 Fix small typo in the fix for #2394
a06094e Feature #2378 - Implement "thin_storeconfigs"
b2a008e Fix #2391 - Exported resources never make to the storeconfigs db
8f82407 Fix #2261 - Make sure query string parameters are properly escaped
c86d44e Fixed #579 - puppet should try to clear solaris 10 services in maintenance state
910a5e2 Fix #1963 - Failing to read /proc/mounts for selinux kills file downloads
ba824e9 Fixing #2245 - provider lists are not lost on type reload
eb40966 Ruby no longer clobbers puppet autoloading
a42e878 deprecate NetInfo providers and examples, remove all NetInfo references and tests.
22f5632 Fixed #2410 - default acl logs as info instead of warn.
65b0137 Adding test for current auth config warning.
74f5ad4 Fixed #2394 - warn once on module mount deprecation.
f46a52a Add test for current module mount deprec warning.
858d333 Fixes #2258,#2257,#2256. Maintain correct type for integers/booleans, allow correct values, and fix rule array handling
44f127f Added Markdown mode to puppetdoc to output Markdown.
8a8ce9d Excluded directories from rcov coverage report
d152c5e Allow boolean value for boolean cli parameter
911b490 Fix #2364 - Associates the correct comment to the right statement
faefd92 Make sure the parser sees the correct line number
869ec27 Fix #2366 - puppetdoc was parsing classes in the wrong order
4c659b7 Added rcov coverage to Spec tests
1fd98b1 Fixes #2367 - Mongrel::HTTPRequest returns a StringIO object
8b09b83 Fix #2082 - puppetca shouldn't list revoked certificates
ea66cf6 Fix #2348 - Allow authstore (and REST auth) to match allow/deny against opaque strings
1e83aad Fix #2392 - use Content-Type for REST communication
aaca17a Fixed #2293 - Added cron syntax X-Y/Z and '7' for sunday
cddc365 Switching to LoadedCode from ASTSet
fc1f8cd Adding a special class to handle loaded classes/defines/nodes
325b8e4 Fix #2383, an incompatibility with early ruby 1.8 versions
46112da Fixing #2238 In some cases blank? is not available on String.
cdd1662 Fixing #2238 - Deal with nil hash keys from mongrel params
769c8aa Final fix to CI test rakes
a6816ff Set ENV['PATH'] to an empty string if non-existent
64a4720 Fix to CI rake tasks
5680cd5 Fixing #2197 - daemontools tests now pass
603b9cf Change the diff default output to "unified"
9bc9b5c Added missing colon to suntab
0f2d70d Fixed #2087 and refactored the code that gets the smf service state
3f070c1 Using the logging utilities to clean up module warnings
feb7f89 Fixing #1064 - Deprecating module 'plugins' directories
ccf4e69 Removing deprecated :pluginpath setting
4036de9 Fixing #2094 - filebucket failures are clearer now
ed876e0 Refactoring part of the file/filebucket integration
bd81c25 Adding tests for file/backup behaviour
c45ebfa Fixed pi binary so --meta option works and updated documentation
d2080a5 Fixing #2323 - Modules use environments correctly
b9e632f Fixed #2102 - Rails feature update fixed for Debian and Ubuntu
1c4ef61 Fixed #2052 - Added -e option to puppet --help output
d332333 Fix #2333 - Make sure lexer skip whitespace on non-token
5fbf63c Updated split function and add split function unit tests (courtesy of Thomas Bellman)
a585bdd * provider/augeas: strip whitespace and ignore blank lines
a94d2de Fixed pi tests
5f7455e Fixed #2222 - Cleanup pi binary options and --help output
134ae3e Fixing #2329 - puppetqd tests now pass
de55e19 Cleaning up scope tests a bit
e4ae870 Fixing #2336 - qualified variables only throw warnings
607b01e Fix #2246 - take2: make sure we run the rails tag query only when needed
06b919d Fix collector specs which were not working
2945f8d Make sure overriding a tag also produces a tag
e142ca6 Removed a unit test which tested munging which is no longer done in the type
d8ee6cf Clearn up a parsing error reported by the tests
446557f vim: several improvements + cleanup
9152678 Fixed #2229 - Red Hat init script error
b5a8c4d Fix #1907 (or sort) - 'require' puppet function
74730df #2332: Remove trailing slashes from path commands in the plugin
1a89455 Changing the preferred serialization format to json
0de70b7 Switching Queueing to using JSON instead of YAML
7b33b6d Adding JSON support to Catalogs
c0bd0aa Providing JSON support to the Resource class
c16fd1b Adding a JSON utility module for providing Ruby compat
f059c51 Adding JSON support to Puppet::Relationship
7f322b3 Adding a JSON format
7666597 Allowing formats to specify the individual method names to use
d40068f Allowing formats to specify the methods they require
024ccf5 Adding a "json" feature
c8b382d Fix some tests who were missing some actions
f9516d4 Make sure virtual and rails query use tags when tag are searched
b5855ec Make sure resources are tagged with the user tag on the server
d69fffb Fix #2246 - Array tagged resources can't be collected or exported
6ce0d1e Partial fix for #2329
4f2c066 Removed extra whitespace from end of lines
97e6975 Changed indentation to be more consistent with style guide (4 spaces per level)
41ce18c Changed tabs to spaces without interfering with indentation or alignment
f3b4092 Fix #2308 - Mongrel should use X-Forwarded-For
7b0413e Fixes Bug #2324 - Puppetd fails to start without rails
48d5e8c Enhance versioncmp documentation
ef56ba5 * provider/augeas: minor spec test cleanup
d322329 * provider/augeas: allow escaped whitespace and brackets in paths
9735c50 * provider/augeas: match comparison uses '==' and '!=' again
dbfa61b * provider/augeas (process_match): no match results in empty array
386923e * provider/augeas: remove useless checks for nil
171669a * provider/augeas: simplify evaluation in process_get/match
51cc752 * provider/augeas (open_augeas): use Augeas flag names, not ints
4951cdf * provider/augeas: ensure Augeas connection is always closed
0d5a24d * provider/augeas: minor code cleanup
cea7bb5 * provider/augeas (parse_commands): use split to split string into lines
95bd826 * provider/augeas: remove trailing whitespace (no functional change)
7c5125b Brought in lutters parse_commands patch and integrated it into the type. This includes reworking the get and match commands as well. This change introduces a few small changes. These are:
6ce8154 Removed --no-chain-reply-to in rake mail_patches task
4ef7bba Removing --no-thread from the mail_patches rake target
508934b Fixing a bunch of warnings
fb0ed7a Fixing tests broken by a recent fix to Cacher
650029e Always providing a value for 'exported' on Rails resources
f1dba91 Fixing #2230 - exported resources work again
5522eb8 Disabling the catalog cache, so puppetqd is compatible with storeconfigs
abbb282 Fixing the rails feature to be compatible with 2.1+
907b39b Using Message acknowledgement in queueing
42247f0 Fixing #2315 - ca --generate works again
d7be033 Fix #2220 - Make sure stat is refreshed while managing Files
e4d5966 Added puppet branding to format patch command
00d5139 vim: Remove another mention of 'site' from syntax
9067abd vim: Highlight parameters with 'plusignment' operator
736b0e4 vim: Highlight strings in single quotes
ce01c95 vim: Clean up syntax spacing
3af2dbf JRuby OpenSSL implementation is more strict than real ruby one and requires certificate serial number to be strictly positive.
62534a1 Logging when a cached catalog is used.
ff5c44f Changing Puppet::Cacher::Expirer#expired? method name
e3d4c8e Fixing #2240 - external node failures now log output
bc1445b Fixing #2237 - client_yaml dir is always created by puppetd
e0c19f9 Fixing #2228 - --logdest works again in puppetd and puppetmasterd
ab34cf6 Fixing puppetmasterd tests when missing rack
9d5d0a0 Fixing the Agent so puppetrun actually works server-side
b0ef08b Fixing #2248 - --no-client correctly leaves off client
b83b159 Fixing #2243 - puppetrun works again
3d2189f Fixed #2304 - Added naggen script to directly generate nagios configuration files from a StoreConfigs Rails database
700ad5b Sync conf/redhat/puppet.spec with Fedora/EPEL
3ec3f91 Fixed #2280 - Detailed exit codes fix
f98d49f Fixing #2253 - pluginsync failures propagate correctly
d860a2f Fixing a transaction test that had some broken plumbing
a728757 Refactoring resource generation slightly
6e824d8 Adding a Spec lib directory and moving tmpfile to it
1d69dbf Extracting a method from eval_resource in Transaction
7650fb2 Not trying to load files that get removed in pluginsyncing
3995e70 Fix #2300 - Update ssh_authorized_key documentation
cb4a4d3 Changed version to allow Rake to work. Minor edit to Rakefile
99f666f enable maillist on centos, redhat, fedora
e13befa Fixing #2288 - fixing the tests broken by my attr_ttl code
a406d58 Fix for #2234: test fails with old Rack version
c189b46 Fixing #2273 - file purging works more intuitively
138f19f Caching whether named autoloaded files are missing
415553e Adding caching of file metadata to the autoloader
d489a2b Adding modulepath caching to the Autoloader
5f1c228 Adding caching to the Environment class
047ab78 Adding TTL support to attribute caching
6a413d2 Fixed #2666 - Broken docstring formatting
469604f Deprecating factsync - pluginsync should be used instead
d39c485 Added spec and unit tests to the Rakefile files list and fixed CI rake tasks
e1a7f84 Added install.rb to Rakefile package task
e180a91 Fixed #2271 - Fix to puppetd documentation
4bf2980 Protecting Stomp client against internal failures
f4cb8f3 Adding some usability bits to puppetqd
a18298a Refactoring the stomp client and tests a bit
2771918 Relying on threads rather than sleeping for puppetqd
07ff4be Fixing #2250 - Missing templates throw a helpful error
7ce42da Fixing #2273 - CA location is set correctly in puppetca
e1779c7 RackXMLRPC: buffer request contents in memory, as a real string.
fb957cc Modules now can find their own paths
c608409 Moving file-searching code out of Puppet::Module
83ba0e5 Fixing #2234 - fixing all of the tests broken by my bindaddress fix
4f3a67f Fixing #2221 - pluginsignore should work again
2d580c2 Fix snippets tests failing because of activated storeconfigs
8c718c9 Fix failing test: file.close! and file.path ordering fix
17f2c7d Confine stomp tests to Stomp enabled systems
6a80b76 Fix some master failing tests
172422f Fix bug #2124 - ssh_authorized_key always changes target if target is not defined
f945b66 Fixing #2265 - rack is loaded with features rather than manually
5aef915 Added .git to pluginsignore default list of ignores
6db5e8d Cleanup of the Puppet Rakefile and removal of the requirement for the Reductive Build Library
5cc4910 Fix #1409 once again, including test
a6af5bf Added split function
2dd55fc Fixing #2200 - puppetqd expects Daemon to be a class
c016062 Removing unneeded test stubs
1a2e1bc Fixing #2195 - the Server class handles bindaddress
df3a8f6 Minor fixes to function RST documentation
305fa80 Remove the old 0.24.x rack support, which is now useless cruft
d85d73c puppetmasterd can now run as a standard Rack application (
d6be4e1 Add XMLRPC compatibility for Rack
6e01e7a Puppet as a Rack application
cc09c1a Use FileCollection to store the pathname part of files
d51d87e Add an unmunge capability to type parameters and properties
a1c0ae0 Fix #2218 - Ruby YAML bug prevents reloading catalog in puppetd
bf054e1 Fixes #2209 - Spec is failing due to a missing require
1c46205 Fix #2207 - type was doing its own tag management leading to subtile bugs
929130b Moved puppetqd binary
36d0418 Fixed #2188 - Added set require to simple_graph.rb
51af239 Fixed puppetqd require and tweaked stomp library error message
dc0a997 Fixes #2196 - Add sharedscripts directive to logrotate
4d3b54e Added puppetqd binary to Rakefile
1fee506 Updated version to 0.25.0beta1
0fbff61 Updates to CI tasks
aa6dcef Fixing #2183 - checksum buffer size is now 4096b
c0b119a Fixing #2187 - Puppet::Resource is expected by Rails support
5ec4f66 Adding an 'Exported' attribute to Puppet::Resource
adff2c5 Removing a non-functional and horrible test
606a689 Making sure the cert name is searched first
f489c30 Removing an "inspect" method that often failed in testing
93c3892 Removing deprecated concurrency setting usage in rails
6f8900d Always making sure graph edges appear first
3f7cd18 Reverting part of the switch to sets in SimpleGraph
bf46db7 Fixing rails feature test
5f6b5c0 Failing to enable storeconfigs if ActiveRecord isn't available
8ed7ae3 Fixing the Rails feature test to require 2.3.x
a0c1ede Modifying the Settings#handlearg prototype
284cbeb Fixes #2172 - service provider for gentoo fails with ambiguous suffixes
68ba1f1 SMF import support working and documentation update
f1f0a57 Fixes #2145 and #2146
ec478da Fix configurer to retrieve catalog with client certname
e623f8a Unify auth/unauthenticated request authorization system
037a4ac Allow REST auth system to restrict an ACL to authenticated or unauthenticated request
3ad7960 Fill REST request node with reverse lookup of IP address
c0c8245 Refactor rest authorization to raise exceptions deeper
aac996e Add environment support in the REST authorization layer
72e28ae Fix some indirector failing tests
dc1cd6f Fix #1875 - Add a REST authorization system
8523376 Enhance authconfig format to support uri paths and regex
22b82ab Add dynamic authorization to authstore
15abe17 Add RSpec unit tests for network rights
86c7977 Add RSpec unit tests for authconfig
f04a938 Adding support for specifying a preferred serialization format
6a51f6f Fixing the FormatHandler test to use symbols for format names
b249f87 Fixing #2149 - Facts are passed as part of the catalog request
1cde0ae Adding better logging when cached indirection resources are used
828b1ea Fixing #2182 - SimpleGraph#walk is now iterative
9f32172 Fixing #2181 - Using Sets instead of Arrays in SimpleGraph
7a98459 Removing code that was backported and is now not needed
d06bd3e Finishing class renames
b694b3c Fixing tests that apparently only worked sometimes
93246c0 Removing the old rails tests.
5cb0f76 Fixing some rails tests that sometimes failed
bdbf9db Added class_name tags to has_many relationships
2e62507 Adding time debugging for catalog storage to active_record
a705809 Adding defaults necessary for queueing
8a67a5c Adding daemonization to puppetqd
fcd1390 Adding Queueing README
9b90f34 Using a setting for configuring queueing
444ae9f Adding puppetqd executable.
22ae661 Adding "rubygems" and "stomp" features
efe6816 Removing unnecessary parser variables when yaml-dumping
a3b1e8c Add queue indirection as an option for catalog storage.
bccfcc9 Introduce abstract queue terminus within the indirection system.
7947f10 Introduce queue client "plugin" namespace and interface, with a Stomp client implementation.
80dc837 renaming a method
f7ccaaa Adjusted parameter name and puppet tag classes to use new cache accumulator behavior for storeconfigs.
75f1923 Initial implementation of a "cache accumulator" behavior.
bab45c4 Saving rails resources as I create them, which saves about 10%
7a91e1f Changing rails value serialization to deal with booleans
c30ede5 Adding equality to ResourceReference
589f40f Adding some more fine-grained benchmarks to Rails support
042689e Adding a Rails-specific benchmarking module
89d9139 Adding simplistic param_name/puppet_tag caching
ea4e3b2 Adding more time debugging to Rails code, and refactoring a bit
6314745 Refactoring the Rails integration
be30a61 Adding a common Settings method for setting values
863c50b Switching to Indirected ActiveRecord
a137146 Adding ActiveRecord terminus classes for Catalog
b9c95eb Adding ActiveRecord terminus classes for Node and Facts.
8d0e997 Fixing #2180 - Catalogs yaml dump the resource table first
4e0de38 Partially fixing #1765 - node searching supports strict hostname checking
c1f562d Removing unused Node code
e6b4200 Fixing #1885 - Relationships metaparams do not cascade
50e0f3d Fix #2142 - Convert pkgdmg provider to use plists instead of string scanning for future proofing
c1be887 Fixing #2171 - All certificate files are written with default perms
e2201d6 Fix #2173 - fix running RSpec test by hand
424c87b Fix #2174 - Fix RSpec rake targets
7ab7d9f Fixing #2112 - Transactions handle conflicting generated resources
84e6c1b Adding another stacktrace for debugging
4793334 Fixing puppet -e; it got broken in the move to Application
7398fa1 Partially fixing #2029 - failed caches doesn't throw an exception
88ff9c6 Fixing #2111 - SimpleGraph only creates valid adjacencies
36594fe Switching to new() in the Puppet::Type.instances() class method
edcbab5 Removing duplicate method definition from SimpleGraph
d8eaca8 mini daemon to trigger puppetrun on clients without puppet listen mode
d2c417e Fix #2113 - Make temp directory
173b5f0 Adding #2122 - you can specify the node to test with puppet-test
a677e26 Fixing all tests that were apparently broken in the 0.24.x merge.
e016307 Fixing Rakefile; apparently there was a rake or gem incompatibility
62dad7a Fix #2107 - flatten resource references arrays properly
cbee426 Fix #2101 - Return to recurse=0 == no recursion behavior
3b4816b Fix #2101 - fix failing test
f089e11 Fix #2101 - fix recurselimit == 0 bad behaviour
1b4eae7 Added rake ci:all task
3f61df8 Fixed #2110 - versioncmp broken
830e1b1 CHANGELOG updates
3e0a9cd Moved of puppetd, puppetca, puppetmasterd, puppetrun binary from bin to sbin
6ddebf4 Fixed #2086 - Fixes to make building tarballs easier
33d3624 Fix #1469 - Add an option to recurse only on remote side
77ade43 Forbidding REST clients to set the node or IP
0179e94 Fixing #1557 - Environments are now in REST URIs
a497263 Adding explicit optional attribute to indirection requests
3e95499 Removing an unused source file
97975e1 Adding a model accessor to the Request class
b6116fe Requests now use default environment when none is specified
15740fe Moving the REST API functions into a module
ef4fa68 Using the Handler for the REST api on both sides of the connection
8b13390 Adding REST::Handler methods for converting between indirection and uris
edf00db Adding environment support to the REST URI
a064ed1 Moving the query_string method to Request
ff9c3ca Adding tests for the REST query string usage
87ec08e Fixing #2108 - pi should work again
af4455e Fix #1088 - part2 - Add rspec tests
b15028f Fix #1088 - Collections overrides
b24b9f5 Fixed #2071 - Updated LDAP schema
88aa1bc Fixing tests broken in previous commits
f8dea98 Fixing #1949 - relationships now use attributes instead of a label
d0fc2f5 Correctly handling numerical REST arguments
90afd48 Not passing file sources on to child files
858480b Correctly handling non-string checksums
27aa210 Removing unnecessary calls to expire()
5329b8a Passing checksums around instead of file contents
71e4919 Moving default fileserving mount creation to the Configuration class
09bee91 Fixing #2028 - Better failures when a cert is found with no key
cf1cb14 Moving the clientyamldir setting into the puppetd section
5f73eb5 Fixed #1849 - Ruby 1.9 portability: `when' doesn't like colons, replace with semicolons
e40aea3 Fixed metaparameter reference to return str
5df9bad Fixed #2016 - Split metaparameters from types in reference documentation
7e207a1 Fixed #2017 - incorrect require
417b5a5 Fixing #1904 - aliases are no longer inherited by child files
c0d5037 Removing or fixing old tests
262937f Correctly handling URI escaping throughout the REST process
b800bde Refactoring how the Settings file is parsed
d7864be Relying on 'should_parse_config' in the 'puppet' application
bd8d097 Providing better indirection authorization errors
d3bc1e8 Adding pluginsyncing support to the Indirector
00726ba Moving Request and Fileset integration into Fileset.
058266f Switching the ModuleFiles Indirection terminus to the new Module/Env api
19b8534 Migrating the old FileServer to the new Module/Environment code
1be7c76 Using the Environments to handle a lot of Module searching
2b4469d Environments now use their own modulepath method.
94de526 The 'Environment' class can now calculate its modulepath.
2573ef1 Added support for finding modules from an environment
9c18d5a Adding support for finding all modules in a given path.
4b5ec82 reformatting the environment tests
458642b Supporting multiple paths for searching for files.
eec1cad Adding support for merging multiple filesets.
bdf3a80 Adding new methods to Puppet::Module.
a7be174 Refactoring Puppet::Module a bit.
7ceb437 Only using the checksum cache when we're using a host_config catalog
5fd182d Fixing fileserving to support strings or symbols
7bc41ce Adding clarity to query string handling in REST calls
992231a Some small fixes to provide better debugging and load a library
0304a78 Providing better information when an exception is encountered during network communication
4a7cba3 Stubbing tests that were affecting other tests
3105b5b Fixing a warning in a test
c854c59 Fixing a syntactically invalid application test
0f43fd6 Move --version handling to Puppet::Application
156fb81 Move puppetd to the Application Controller paradigm
0c71c5c Move puppetdoc to the Application Controller paradigm
e317fa9 Move ralsh to the Application Controller paradigm
81f5438 Move puppetrun to Application Controller paradigm
3390d8d Move pi to the Application Controller paradigm
8265d6e Move puppetmasterd to Puppet::Application
af219bf Move puppet to the Application Controller paradigm
d51398c Move filebucket to the Application Controller paradigm
9b9e5e8 Move puppetca to the Application Controller paradigm
97e716a Introducing the Application Controller
495ad66 Fixing broken filetype tests resulting from the loss of Type[]
21a714a Fixing some tests that somehow broke in the merge to master
327ee17 Removing a test that was too dependant on order.
487b9b1 Failure to find node facts is now a failure.
610c838 Fixing #1527 - Failing Facter does not hurt Puppet
a2eca6c Removing some unused code
cb0a083 Using instead of create
84bd528 Actualling syncing facts and plugins
d5abdfb Fix #1933 - Inconsistent resource evaluation order in subsequent evaluation runs
9bac833 Adding README.rst file
916abc2 Changing how the Configurer interacts with the cache
5335788 Fixing tests broken during the #1405 fix.
08a5d49 Adding an Agent::Runner class.
c7d178d The Agent now uses its lockfile to determine running state
c0fcb21 Creating and using a new Puppet::Daemon class
700e823 Not using 'master' client for testing
4b7023e Fixing (and testing) the return of Indirection#save
8dc0005 Adding a 'close_all' method to the Log class.
37d1a7c Removing restart-handling from Configurer
bf3c72e Adding temporary class EventManager
fc14b81 Splitting the Agent class into Agent and Configurer
e8be6dc Removing the Hash default proc from SimpleGraph.
6bb804f Removing the Catalog's @aliases hash default value
502e062 Removing an erroneous configuration call in puppetmasterd
337057a Removing obsolete code and tests for the agent.
d53ad31 Converting the catalog as needed
f38277f Adding REST support for facts and catalogs.
c48525b Adding better error-handling to format rendering
b93a642 Resetting SSL cache terminii to nil when only using the ca
212b3e3 Allowing the Indirection cache to be reset to nil
5a83531 Moving the Agent locking code to a module.
b672790 Cleaning up SSL instances that can't be saved
f78a565 Only caching saved resources when the main save works
5434459 Moving classfile-writing to the Catalog
e65d7f1 Refactoring how the Facter integration works
6b4e5f4 Reformatting tests for facts
54faf78 Moving fact and plugin handling into modules
9d76b70 Removing the Agent code that added client-side facts
a5c2d7a Adding Puppet client facts to Facter facts.
b99c6b5 Clarifying how node names are used during catalog compilation
8b44d6f Reformatting Indirector catalog compiler tests
e770e7a Removing ConfigStore code that was never actually used.
37692e5 Renmaing Puppet::Network::Client::Master to Puppet::Agent
15d8768 Revert "Adding the first bits of an Agent class."
63fb514 Revert "This is work that I've decided not to keep"
8f5cbc3 This is work that I've decided not to keep so I'm just applying it here so it continues to show up in the history in case I ever want to look at it again.
25b28c5 Adding a new Agent::Downloader class for downloading files.
1afb821 Adding the first bits of an Agent class.
2afff60 Adding support for skipping cached indirection instances.
361db45 Change the way the tags and params are handled in rails
62cdeaa Add methods to return hash instead of objects to params and tags
3acea41 Rails serialization module to help serialize/unserialize some Puppet Objects
10bf151 Fixing #1913 - 'undef' resource values do not get copied to the db
500ea20 Fixing #1914 - 'undef' relationship metaparameters do not stack
1407865 Revert "Fixed #1916 - Added environment option to puppetd"
8d0086b Fixed #1916 - Added environment option to puppetd
a065aeb Fixed #1910 - Updated logcheck regex
fa9dc73 Typo fix
7c8094c Fixed #1879 - Added to tidy documentation
f40a6b1 Fixed #1881 - Added md5lite explanation
6af3179 Fixed #1877 - Tidy type reference update for use of 0
a5b0a75 Fix autotest on win32
234a035 Fix #1560
fb8f8cd In order for ReST formatting to work properly, newlines and indentation of doc strings must be retained.
69432d6 Fix Bug #1629
1f6dce5 Fix #1835 : Add whitespace/quote parsing to
8142981 Fix #1847 - Force re-examination of all files to generate correct indices
d2d3de5 Fix #1829 - Add puppet function versioncmp to compare versions
bdee116 Fix #1828 - Scope.number? wasn't strict enough and could produce wrong results
d69abfe Fix #1807 - make Puppet::Util::Package.versioncmp a module function
34335b7 Fixed #1840 - Bug fixes and improvements for Emacs puppet-mode.el
3b8a77d Fix #1834 part2 - Fix tests when no rails
b6e34b7 Fix #1834 part1 - Fix tempfile failing tests
566bf78 Fixing #1729 - puppetmasterd can now read certs at startup
0cf9dec Canonicalizing Setting section names to symbols.
0fc0674 Fixing all of the test/ tests I broke in previous dev.
e4ba3db Deprecating the Puppet::Type.create.
b6db545 Deprecating 'Puppet.type'; replacing all instances with Puppet::Type.type
89c25ad Finishing the work to use Puppet::Resource instead of TransObject
1c7f8f6 Adding name/namevar abstraction to Puppet::Resource.
e601bab Supporting a nil expirer on cacher objects.
f69ac9f Setting resource defaults immediately.
352d7be Refactoring the Settings class to use Puppet::Resource
91ff7c1 TransObject is nearly deprecated now.
fae3075 Simplifying the initialization interface for References
14c3c54 Replacing TransObject usage with Puppet::Resource
60062e4 Renaming the "Catalog#to_type" method to "Catalog#to_ral"
6b14000 Using Puppet::Resource to convert parser resources to RAL resources
e3b1590 Adding resource convertion to the parser resources
c306a17 Adding equality testing to Puppet::Resource::Reference
48a9949 Correcting whitespace and nested describes in Puppet::Resource::Catalog
d48fff6 Renaming Puppet::Node::Catalog to Puppet::Resource::Catalog
c927ce0 Renaming Puppet::ResourceReference to Puppet::Resource::Reference
e88746b Adding Trans{Object,Bucket} backward compatibility to Puppet::Resource
832198f Starting on #1808 - Added a base resource class.
820ff2e Removing the "clear" from the macauthorization tests
89e9ef7 Fix #1483 - protect report terminus_class when testing for REST
435f1e9 Fix #1483 - use REST to transmit reports over the wire
6b30171 Fixing all broken tests. Most of them were broken by fileserving changes.
f73e13e Adding more file tests and fixing conflicting tests
cc12970 Completely refactoring the tidy type.
720dcbe Cleaning up the tidy type a bit
053d7bf These changes are all about making sure file data is expired when appropriate.
a8d9976 Catalogs always consider resource data to be expired if not mid-transaction.
8b08439 Properly cleaning up ssl ca configuration during testing
73fa397 Adding caching support to parameters, and using cached attributes for file source and metadata.
0ecbf79 Adding cached attribute support to resources.
29b9794 Allowing a nil expirer for caching classes.
cd09d6b Refactoring the Cacher interface to always require attribute declaration.
14af971 Changing the Cacher.invalidate method to Cacher.expire.
99a0770 Fixing a critical bug in the Cacher module.
fe0b818 Fixing tests broken by fileserving and other refactoring.
eed37f7 Fixing a test broken by previous refactoring
45c6382 Finishing the refactoring of the resource generation interface.
0840719 Refactoring and clarifying the resource generation methods.
cc04646 Refactoring Catalog#add_resource to correctly handle implicit resources.
a73cad9 Adding SimpleGraph#leaves, which I apparently did not migrate from PGraph
2a685f9 Removing mention of obsolete edgelist_class from GRATR.
7e20f06 Changing the catalog's relationship graph into a normal graph.
2ba0336 Removing the PGraph class and subsuming it into SimpleGraph.
e92c1cc Moving Catalog#write_graph to SimpleGraph, where it belongs.
0149e2e Converting the file 'source' property to a parameter.
35c623e Removing mid-transaction resources from the catalog.
f4800e8 Adding a method to Checksums to extract the sum type
44fadd1 Aliasing "must_not" just like we alias "must"
a9dbb5d Deduplicating slashes in the fileserving code
bb6619a Fixing the augeas type tests to work when augeas is missing
e728873 Reducing the number of calls to terminus() to reduce interference with caching
aa8d091 Switched all value management in props/params to internal classes.
e5b5033 Fixing #1677 - fixing the selinux tests in master.
77d73e0 Changing the meaning of the unused Puppet::Type#parameter method to return an instance rather than a value.
05e1325 Moving a file purging test to rspec
6f7ccff Fixing #1641 - file recursion now only passes original parameters to child resources.
a4d4444 Removing obsolete methods and tests: Removing obsolete handleignore method Removing obsolete FileSource class Removing a now-obsolete test/unit test Removing a now-obsolete recursive filebucket test
b4f4866 Making it so (once again) files with sources set can still be deleted (which I think is kinda stupid, but apparently people want it).
caf15c2 Fixing and migrating more file tests.
cccd838 Adding a starting point for spec tests for tidy.
255c9fb Setting puppetmasterd up to serve all indirected classes.
7fdf2bb Retrieving the CA certificate before the client certificate.
a00c1f2 Handling the case where a symbol (e.g., :ca) is used for a certificate name.
cf3a11c Fixing :bindaddress setting to work with the new server subsystem.
a78c971 Fixing CertificateRequest#save to accept arguments.
e70c1a0 Fixing forward-compatibility issues resulting from no global resources
4596d2d Fixing a test I broke when fixing a reporting bug
9742c26 Fixing resource aliasing to not use global resource aliasing. I'm not really sure why the 0.24.x-style code got merged in, since master's changes should be more recent.
1b517d2 Adding comments to Puppet::Util::Cacher
7a6d9b1 Removing obselete code from the file type.
1b512a9 Merged fsweetser's selinux patch against HEAD
e31df2f Removing files that git wasn't smart enough to remote during a merge.
ac5db5e Removing the old, obsolete recursion methods.
a9b7f08 As far as I can tell, recursion is working entirely.
b69c50c Removing insanely stupid default property behaviour.
45f465b Source recursion is nearly working.
93fc113 Files now use the Indirector to recurse locally.
bd1163a Fixing filesets to allow nil ignore values.
5da2606 Recursion using REST seems to almost work.
ee1a85d Mostly finishing refactoring file recursion to use REST.
7c68fdb Fixing FileServing::Base so that it can recurse on a single file.
ac41987 Fixing the terminus helper so it correctly catches options passed from clients via REST.
be4c0e7 The file source is now refactored and uses REST.
44c6a52 Removing mention of an obselete class.
8271424 One third done refactoring file[:source] -- retrieve() is done.
98ac24a Adding a "source" attribute to fileserving instances.
6e43c2d Aliasing RSpec's :should method to :must.
8b45d13 Adding automatic attribute collection to the new fileserving code.
6ed8dfa Adding the content writer to the content class.
92e144b Fixing a test in the module_files terminus
151a54f Causing format selection to fail intelligently if no suitable format can be picked.
deda646 Removing the last vestiges of the 'puppetmounts' protocol marker.
30dea68 Adding a 'plural?' method to the Indirection::Request class.
40e76fb Fixing the rest backends for webrick and mongrel so the get the whole request key.
8ea25ef Refactoring how files in FileServing are named.
550e3d6 Finishing the rename of FileBase => Base.
90e7022 Adding weights to network formats, and sorting them based on the weight.
5a195e0 Renaming FileServing::FileBase to FileServing::Base.
3101ea2 Adding a hackish raw format.
89a3738 Adding suitability as a requirement for a format being supported.
a0bda85 Removing the yaml conversion code from FileContent.
6335b14 Causing the Indirection to fail if a terminus selection hook does not return a value.
1104edb Correcting whitespace in a test
2f224c9 Spell-correcting a comment
bcd40fb Cleaning up an exception.
0a05720 FileServing Configurations now expect unqualified files.
237b7b2 Fixing whitespace in docs of some tests.
91b8252 Fixing the fileserving terminus selection hook.
f5ba99f Special-casing 'file' URIs in the indirection requests.
a215aba Dividing server/port configuration responsibility between the REST terminus and the indirection request.
d174605 Fixing a test that relied on hash ordering.
7034882 Adding parameter and URL support to the REST terminus.
c819042 Fixing the String format (fixes #1522).
78bc32d Removing dead-end file work as promised.
a5ab52c Adding files temporarily, since I've decided this work is a dead-end.
4f275b6 Fixing #1514 - format tests now work again.
025edc5 puppetd now uses the Indirected SSL.
62202bf Adding 'require' statements as necessary for Puppet::SSL to work.
86a7188 Fixing the SSL::Host#waitforcert method.
a31c578 Adding logging when files are removed.
09ee814 Removing now-obsolete the wait-for-cert module.
cd314fa Documenting a bit of a test
113d74a Certificates now work over REST.
2cad30a Caching the SSL store for the SSL Host.
93fd55f Enhancing formatting errors with class and format.
6c80e0f Making all certificates only support the plaintext format.
c464bf2 Adding wait_for_cert functionality to the ssl host class.
c854dbe Adding a plaintext network format.
818599d lazy load latest package definitions with yumhelper 2.2
8457856 Fixing a group test that failed after merging 0.24.x
c2c8941 Correctly handling when REST searches return nothing.
186f3cd Removing an obsolete method from the rest indirector
29d704c The REST formats are now fully functional, with yaml and marshal support.
c55acee Adding some support for case insensivity in format names.
8033bd4 Moving validation from FormatHandler to Format.
3405841 Moving functionality out of the FormatHandler into the Format class.
43a6911 Searching again works over REST, including full content-type translation.
1064b5b Fixing the format_handler tests so that they clean up after themselves.
167831e Fixing a test I broke while rebasing
e78b1a6 Fixing a test to be order-independent.
352e2d0 Adding rudimentary support for directly managing formats.
55e2944 Adding support for rendering and converting multiple instances.
4632cfd All error and format handling works over REST except searching.
e3350ca Drastically simplifying the REST implementation tests.
b3914c3 Removing an apparently-obsolete hook from the handler
739a871 Adding explicit tests for the HTTP::Handler module.
0ce92f1 The REST terminus now uses the content-type and http result codes.
a4170ba Removing a now-obsolete pending test.
bf5b086 The REST terminus now provides an Accept header with supported formats.
1f15725 Using the FormatHandler in indirected classes automatically.
0e7e16d Adding a FormatHandler module for managing format conversions.
93eeff5 Fixing the user ldap provider tests
00b7da3 Fixing the new-form version of #1382.
c542dc0 Fixing #1168 for REST -- all ssl classes downcase their names. This is a much cleaner fix than the xmlrpc version, thankfully. :)
eaa6eab Fixing #1258 -- Removing a Rails idiom.
eb5e422 Fixing #1256 -- CA tests now work with no ~/.puppet.
66c36f0 Fixing another failing test -- the new CA tests correctly clear the cache.
447507c Fixing #1245 -- ssh_authorized_keys tests work in master.
6f533d1 Fixing #1247 -- no more clear_cache failures.
3cb0d60 Fixing how the mongrel server sets up xmlrpc handlers.
6efe400 Using the new Cacher class for handling cached data.
68d8d0a Adding a module for handling caching information.
e936ef2 Fixing some broken tests.
1cfb021 The CRL is now automatically used or ignored.
0365184 Removing obsolete tests
3303590 The master and client now successfully speak xmlrpc using the new system.
8fd68e3 Adding pidfile management and daemonization to the Server class.
dd4d868 Fixing the HttpPool module to get rid of an infinite loop.
57c7534 Adding REST terminuses for the SSL-related indirections.
d78b4ba Adding autosigning to the new CA.
a822ef9 Moving the CA Interface class to a separate file.
38e2dcf The master is now functionally serving REST and xmlrpc.
6e0d6dd The REST infrastructure now correctly the SSL certificates.
51ce674 Fixing the webrick integration tests to use the newly-functional SSL code.
62f1f5e The Certificate Authority now automatically creates a CRL when appropriate.
e57436f The Settings class now clears the 'used' sections when a value is changed.
137e29f Moving some http configuration values to the main defaults section, rather than the puppetd section.
a3b8804 The http pool manager now uses new-style certificate management.
e596bc5 Fixing some tests that were insufficiently mocking their configurations.
160f9d9 Fixing a critical problem in how CRLs were saved and moving SSL Store responsibilities to the SSL::Host class.
ce6d578 The SSL::Host class now uses the CA to generate its certificate when appropriate.
67dc268 The CA now initializes itself.
6356c04 Switched puppetmasterd to use the new-style server plumbing.
4c590df Adding xmlrpc backward compatibility to the new Mongrel code.
31b79fa Adding xmlrpc support to webrick.
7a876ed Fixing some whitespace
7267341 Adding configuration support for XMLRPC handlers.
8c9b04d I think I've now got the Webrick SSL support working. Now I just need to get xmlrpc working alongside REST in both mongrel and webrick.
83519f4 Interim commit, since I want to work but have no network available.
58fb416 Changing the File certificate terminus so that it saves to the :localcacert instead of :cacert.
79ca444 Renaming the 'ca_file' ssl terminus type to 'ca'.
a116d10 Temporarily disabling the revoke/verify test in the CA.
d87e018 Fixing how the CRL is used for certificate verification.
6c539c0 Fixing puppetca so it uses the :local ca setting.
ebdbe48 Added an Interface class to the CA to model puppetca's usage.
934fbba Making the SSL::Host's destroy method a class method, rather than an instance method.
d4813f1 Adding the last functionality needed for puppetca to use the Indirector.
809fc77 Finishing the interface between the CA and the CRL.
16056a2 Adding inventory support to the new certificate authority.
d498c4a Adding support within the inventory for real certs or Puppet cert wrappers.
67f9d69 Changing the Inventory class to rebuild when the first cert is added, so it's easier to test.
7cca669 Adding a comment to the inventory class.
98db985 Adding an SSl::Inventory class for managing the ssl inventory.
92a7d76 All SSL terminus classes now force the CA information into the right place.
fb56dea Switching the SSL::Host class to return Puppet instances.
f7e0990 Setting the expiration date of certificate objects to the expiry of the actual cert.
71db9b5 Adding integration tests for a lot of the SSL code.
e5c4687 Moving the password file handling into the SSL::Key class.
d8bb81e Moving all of the ca-specific settings to the ca_file terminus classes, rather than the normal :file classes.
cbe5221 Adding SSL::Host-level support for managing the terminus and cache classes. Also, defaulting to the :file terminus for all of the SSL classes.
c5f0eff Fixing the CA so it actually automatically generates its certificate.
3d24b12 The certificate authority now uses a Host instance named 'ca'.
daa8cd5 Changing all of the SSL terminus classes to treat CA files specially.
7d2c05e The 'destroy' method for the ssl_file terminus base class now returns false on missing files, rather than failing.
7555af6 Marking a test as pending, because it's not ready yet.
c19c9d4 Removing all the cases where the ssl host specifies a terminus. Also, getting rid of some metaprogramming that wasn't really helping.
054e4e4 Making the first pass at using requests instead of specifying the terminus class. The individual ssl classes now work, but the ssl host class doesn't yet.
6900f97 Adding a :to_text method that will convert the contained thing to readable human text.
174b9c9 Actually signing the certificates in the CA.
546ac97 Adding the first attempt at managing the certificate revocation list.
c98ad25 Adding a :search method to the ssl_file terminus type and the SSL::Host class.
d184b35 Fixing a failing test that had not been updated from previous coding
b9d6479 We have a basically functional CA -- it can sign requests and return certificates. There's still plenty more work to do, but I'm probably not much more than a day away from redoing puppetca to use this code.
1efed03 Adding tests for the easy bits of the CertificateFactory. I probably am going to skip the tests for the rest, since the code is unlikely to ever change, and it's going to be a royal pain to test.
ee07d0b Adding tests for the certificate serial numbers
dc5c73b The certificate authority is now functional and tested.
a776a12 refactoring the cert request test a bit
7641bd4 This is a first pass at the certificate authority. The tests are basically entirely absent still, but the structure is all there.
0f46815 It looks like all of the new ssl classes for managing keys, certificates, and requests now work, including talking to the certificate authority. Now we just need the authority itself, along with the necessary REST terminii.
00e35bc Adding he last of the indirection classes for the ssl classes, finally including the certificate requests.
8347b06 The certificate and key are now correctly interacting with the existing cert/key store. Certificate requests are not yet handled, nor are the ca-specific collections.
50f3c18 Removing obsolete indirection classes
ec5bdf3 The basics for the certificate and certificate request indirection terminii are done. I need to move most of the test code to a shared behaviour now.
bb87464 Fixing a couple of broken tests.
b0811ad The new SSL classes basically work, but they're not functionally connected to any kind of indirection.
3970818 Finished the certificate request wrapper class.
4ca6fd3 First stage of cert refactoring: Private keys kind of work.
ef7d914 Oops; final fix on the integration test failures resulting from my partial support for ssl in webrick.
0ca0ef6 Fixing whitespace problems.
4640a3d Fixing an integration test of the rest terminus; it was broken by my incomplete cert support in webrick. I just stubbed out the cert usage for now; once all the cert stuff is done we'll need to go back and unstub it.
d738f31 Adding the necessary tests for webrick to have logging and ssl. The tests can't be completed until the certificate work is all done.
b49fb68 Fixing the tests in test/ that were broken as a result of the move to no global resources.
5e78151 Fixing tests that were failing as a result of the merge, including removing some now-obsolete code and tests from the Settings class.
bee9aba Environments are now available as variables in manifests, and specs can be directly executed again.
b225e86 Fixing #1017 -- environment-specific modulepath is no longer ignored.
4ede432 Tidied the man page creation function and created "master" branch man pages
f335dc3 Updated defaults.rb to fix foru error stopping man page creation - links are not as neat as before but file will create neatly now.
c751058 Removed remaining elements of old_parse - closing Ticket #990
31e0850 Removed old configuration file behaviour and deprecation warning - closes ticket #990
4165eda More fixes to the testing.
cfda651 Another round of test-fixes toward eliminating global resource references. This should have gotten rid of all of them, and now it's just a question of fixing a few hopefully unrelated failing tests.
488c437 Fixing automatic relationships. I was previously looking them up in the relationship graph, which only stores the vertices, not the resource table.
d8991ab Updated install.rb to product page - updating ticket #198
5a0388f Disabled new man page creation support
e5888af Added support for man page creation - requires and writer - closed ticket #198
5bef4a5 Another round of fixes toward making global resources work.
3cc3e0f Lots o' bug-fixes toward getting rid of global resources. We still have about 60 failing tests, but some of them are the failing directory service tests (probably 20 or so), and most are simple fixes to the tests themselves.
b7b11bd Fixing a couple of failing tests
aed51b4 Fixed puppet logcheck issues
7aa79e2 Revert "Fixed documentation for code option in defaults.rb"
f2991a2 Revert "Fixed indentation error in pkgdmg.rb documentation"
754129e Revert "Fixed issue where permissions are incorrectly set on Debian for /var/puppet/run directory"
20628ea Added patch to ext/logcheck/puppet to fix ticket #978
badf977 Fixed indentation error in pkgdmg.rb documentation
e6547f0 Fixed documentation for code option in defaults.rb
594a5a3 Fixed issue where permissions are incorrectly set on Debian for /var/puppet/run directory
9736b3c Updated for 0.24.0
99f9047 tweaking spec language; require Puppet::Network::HTTP class since it is referenced by Puppet::Network::Server
b38f538 Moving $PUPPET/spec/lib/autotest up to $PUPPET/autotest as something has changed and it can't be found otherwise.
e1abfac moving autotest directory to make it possible to run autotest again
0dee418 Fixed typo in util.rb
df33cb0 Updated CHANGELOG
a22a088 Updated version to 0.24.9
0aae57f Backport of tmpfile patch from 0.25.2
9a26421 Brought in lutters parse_commands patch and integrated it into the type. This includes reworking the get and match commands as well. This change introduces a few small changes. These are:
916dd60 Fixed rspec gem at version 1.2.2
57b37e5 Add @options to test run call, for compatibility with more recent rspec versions.
0863a79 Adding #2122 - you can specify the node to test with puppet-test
a43137c More RST fixes
843cc6e Fixed RST for functions
6160aaf In order for ReST formatting to work properly, newlines and indentation of doc strings must be retained.
d125937 Added rake ci:all task
c62c193 Updated to version 0.24.8
aa00bde Fixing #1631 - adding /sbin and /usr/sbin to PATH
39deaf3 Fixed #2004 - ssh_authorized_key fails if no target is defined
dcf2bf2 Changelog entries for #1629 and #2004
bbcda1d Fix Bug #1629
69a0f7d Fix #1807 - make Puppet::Util::Package.versioncmp a module function
081021a Fix #1829 - Add puppet function versioncmp to compare versions
2b33f80 Fixed install.rb typo
5ab63cd Updated lib install permissions to 0644
02a503f Updated to version 0.24.8
cbc46de Fixing #1631 - adding /sbin and /usr/sbin to PATH
9eb377a Fixed #2004 - ssh_authorized_key fails if no target is defined
1b3fe82 Changelog entries for #1629 and #2004
8a671e5 Fix Bug #1629
ff5b13a Fix #1807 - make Puppet::Util::Package.versioncmp a module function
991f82c Fix #1829 - Add puppet function versioncmp to compare versions
d0bf26e Fixed install.rb typo
4cf7a89 Updated lib install permissions to 0644
2c7e189 Fixes incorrect detail variable in OS X version check, re-patches ralsh to work with Facter values and adds error check for missing password hash files.
73a0757 Fix #1828 - Scope.number? wasn't strict enough and could produce wrong results
84d6637 Fixed #2000 - No default specified for checksum
a3bb201 Fixing change printing when list properties are absent
67fc394 Fixed #2026 - Red Hat ignoring stop method
cf64827 Bring in the documentation changes from the master branch
01bc88c Added a force option to ensure the change is always applied, and call augeas twice to reduce the chance that data is lost
cedeb79 Backport the fix for #1835
cf48ec0 First cut at the not running if augeas does not change any of the underlieing files
9d36b58 Bug 1948: Added patch by jab to support the correct ins syntax. Updated the test cases as well
61661b1 Fixing #1991 - ldap booleans get converted to booleans
d5850dc Refactored a method: extracted about five other methods
1c7c8fe dbfix - fix typo and close another possible inconsistency
c55ac3f Fix #2010 - add protection code for some storeconfig corruption
a790ee3 Further fix to #1910
9577d3a Fixing #2013 - prefetching had a mismatch between type and title
719a8df Fixed to rake tests for reductivelabs build
ac87600 Fixed report reference page
0c16426 Fixing broken 0.24.x tests in test/.
23066c1 Fixing every failing test I can find on the build server.
ec56ddf This script fixes the most common issues with inconsistent storeconfigs database (including duplicate resources record, duplicate param_values records, dangling records...).
c052ff8 Make puppetd --waitforcert option behave as documented:
e2b4062 Adding a performance optimization to the FileCollection.
fa6494b Using the FileCollection where appropriate.
373d505 Adding a FileCollection and a lookup module for it.
0e46786 Fixed #1963 - Failing to read /proc/mounts for selinux kills file downloads
4170238 Fixed #2025 - gentoo service provider handle only default init level
8c010e0 Fixed #1910 - updated logcheck
7504b04 Updated useradd.rb managehome confine to include other RH-like distributions
f07d928 Use Puppet.debug instead of own debug flag
25a3f59 Fixing #558 - File checksums no longer refer to 'nosum'
d758f45 Fixing #1871 once and for all - contents are never printed
c0f4943 Minor fix to launchd tests
24d48e6 Fix #1972 - ActiveRecord fixes resulted in broken tests
446989b Fix spec test for launchd service provider to work with new service status method and add two new status tests.
3ef5849 Fixing a test I broke in commit:"897539e857b0da9145f15648b6aa2ef124ec1a19".
72bd378 Removing a no-longer-valid test.
682dd8b Fixing password validation to support symbols.
44f97aa Only backing up within parsedfile when managing files
04af7b4 Fixing a syntax error in the up2date provider
1070b3c Fixing a test broken by a log demotion
ab84756 Cleaned up variable names to be more sane, clarified error messages and fixed incorrect use of 'value' variable rather than 'member'.
7f41857 Provide dscl -url output support for OS X 10.4 clients using the directoryservice provider.
0bc3c07 Fix launchd service provider so it is backwards compatible with OS X 10.4 as well
2561c8e Updated Augeas type code
7d72186 Removed site from Puppet VIM syntax
1bc7404 Fixed #1831 - Added sprintf function
336b645 Fixed #1830 - Added regsubst function
2a85551 Bug 1948: Add logic and testing for the command parsing logic
2218611 Updated up2date and service confines to add support for Oracle EL and VM
39a8b28 Fixing #1964 - Facts get loaded from plugins
7cf085c Adding tests for Puppet::Indirector::Facts::Facter.loadfacts
70ea39a Adding a post-processor for Nagios names.
4dfa034 Revert "Refixing #1420 - _naginator_name is only used for services"
d5a193a Fixing #1541 - ParsedFile only backs up files once per transaction
53f15b9 Removing the apparently obsolete netinfo filetype.
4e89156 Migrated FileType tests to spec, and fleshed them out a bit.
cc4d658 Bug #1948: Added patch by jab to support the correct ins syntax. Updated the test cases as well
5e35166 Fixing #961 - closing the http connection after every xmlrpc call
af3f3ae Refactoring the XMLRPC::Client error-handling
f0ac3ae Fixed #1959 - Added column protection for environment schema migration
319822a Fixing #1869 - autoloaded files should never leak exceptions
6b0c1b9 Fixing #1543 - Nagios parse errors no longer kill Puppet
7fd5c7e Moving the transaction specs to the right path
efb5cc5 Refixing #1420 - _naginator_name is only used for services
32c2be9 Fixed #1884 - exported defines are collected by the exporting host
0e49159 Cleaning up the AST::Resource code a bit
b22d148 Fix #1691 - Realize fails with array of Resource References
6331bfc Fix #1682 - Resource titles are not flattened as they should
7e036eb Fix #1922 - Functions squash all arguments into a single hash
535fa89 Fixed #1538 - Yumrepo sets permissions wrongly on files in /etc/yum.repos.d
f7b04df Fixed #1936 - Added /* */ support to the vim file
671d73c Prefetching, and thus purging, Nagios resources now works *only* if you use the default configuration file locations.
063871f Adding some basic tests for the Naginator provider base class
897539e Removing a redundant instance prefect call.
012efe3 Fixing #1912 - gid still works with no 'should' value.
a9f34af Fixing the Rakefile to use 'git format-patch'.
db05c00 Fixing #1920 - user passwords no longer allow ':'
aa219e7 Adding README.rst file
1d3f117 Added Reductive Labs build library
f01882d Change the way the tags and params are handled in rails
b7ab54c Add methods to return hash instead of objects to params and tags
5c64435 Rails serialization module to help serialize/unserialize some Puppet Objects
b27fccd Fixed #1852 - Correct behaviour when no SELinux bindings
7403330 Updated Red Hat spec file 0.24.7
84d6637 Fixed #2000 - No default specified for checksum
a3bb201 Fixing change printing when list properties are absent
67fc394 Fixed #2026 - Red Hat ignoring stop method
cf64827 Bring in the documentation changes from the master branch
01bc88c Added a force option to ensure the change is always applied, and call augeas twice to reduce the chance that data is lost
cedeb79 Backport the fix for #1835
cf48ec0 First cut at the not running if augeas does not change any of the underlieing files
9d36b58 Bug 1948: Added patch by jab to support the correct ins syntax. Updated the test cases as well
61661b1 Fixing #1991 - ldap booleans get converted to booleans
d5850dc Refactored a method: extracted about five other methods
1c7c8fe dbfix - fix typo and close another possible inconsistency
c55ac3f Fix #2010 - add protection code for some storeconfig corruption
a790ee3 Further fix to #1910
9577d3a Fixing #2013 - prefetching had a mismatch between type and title
719a8df Fixed to rake tests for reductivelabs build
ac87600 Fixed report reference page
0c16426 Fixing broken 0.24.x tests in test/.
23066c1 Fixing every failing test I can find on the build server.
ec56ddf This script fixes the most common issues with inconsistent storeconfigs database (including duplicate resources record, duplicate param_values records, dangling records...).
c052ff8 Make puppetd --waitforcert option behave as documented:
e2b4062 Adding a performance optimization to the FileCollection.
fa6494b Using the FileCollection where appropriate.
373d505 Adding a FileCollection and a lookup module for it.
0e46786 Fixed #1963 - Failing to read /proc/mounts for selinux kills file downloads
4170238 Fixed #2025 - gentoo service provider handle only default init level
8c010e0 Fixed #1910 - updated logcheck
7504b04 Updated useradd.rb managehome confine to include other RH-like distributions
f07d928 Use Puppet.debug instead of own debug flag
25a3f59 Fixing #558 - File checksums no longer refer to 'nosum'
d758f45 Fixing #1871 once and for all - contents are never printed
c0f4943 Minor fix to launchd tests
24d48e6 Fix #1972 - ActiveRecord fixes resulted in broken tests
446989b Fix spec test for launchd service provider to work with new service status method and add two new status tests.
3ef5849 Fixing a test I broke in commit:"897539e857b0da9145f15648b6aa2ef124ec1a19".
72bd378 Removing a no-longer-valid test.
682dd8b Fixing password validation to support symbols.
44f97aa Only backing up within parsedfile when managing files
04af7b4 Fixing a syntax error in the up2date provider
1070b3c Fixing a test broken by a log demotion
ab84756 Cleaned up variable names to be more sane, clarified error messages and fixed incorrect use of 'value' variable rather than 'member'.
7f41857 Provide dscl -url output support for OS X 10.4 clients using the directoryservice provider.
0bc3c07 Fix launchd service provider so it is backwards compatible with OS X 10.4 as well
2561c8e Updated Augeas type code
7d72186 Removed site from Puppet VIM syntax
1bc7404 Fixed #1831 - Added sprintf function
336b645 Fixed #1830 - Added regsubst function
2a85551 Bug 1948: Add logic and testing for the command parsing logic
2218611 Updated up2date and service confines to add support for Oracle EL and VM
39a8b28 Fixing #1964 - Facts get loaded from plugins
7cf085c Adding tests for Puppet::Indirector::Facts::Facter.loadfacts
70ea39a Adding a post-processor for Nagios names.
4dfa034 Revert "Refixing #1420 - _naginator_name is only used for services"
d5a193a Fixing #1541 - ParsedFile only backs up files once per transaction
53f15b9 Removing the apparently obsolete netinfo filetype.
4e89156 Migrated FileType tests to spec, and fleshed them out a bit.
cc4d658 Bug #1948: Added patch by jab to support the correct ins syntax. Updated the test cases as well
5e35166 Fixing #961 - closing the http connection after every xmlrpc call
af3f3ae Refactoring the XMLRPC::Client error-handling
f0ac3ae Fixed #1959 - Added column protection for environment schema migration
319822a Fixing #1869 - autoloaded files should never leak exceptions
6b0c1b9 Fixing #1543 - Nagios parse errors no longer kill Puppet
7fd5c7e Moving the transaction specs to the right path
efb5cc5 Refixing #1420 - _naginator_name is only used for services
32c2be9 Fixed #1884 - exported defines are collected by the exporting host
0e49159 Cleaning up the AST::Resource code a bit
b22d148 Fix #1691 - Realize fails with array of Resource References
6331bfc Fix #1682 - Resource titles are not flattened as they should
7e036eb Fix #1922 - Functions squash all arguments into a single hash
535fa89 Fixed #1538 - Yumrepo sets permissions wrongly on files in /etc/yum.repos.d
f7b04df Fixed #1936 - Added /* */ support to the vim file
671d73c Prefetching, and thus purging, Nagios resources now works *only* if you use the default configuration file locations.
063871f Adding some basic tests for the Naginator provider base class
897539e Removing a redundant instance prefect call.
012efe3 Fixing #1912 - gid still works with no 'should' value.
a9f34af Fixing the Rakefile to use 'git format-patch'.
db05c00 Fixing #1920 - user passwords no longer allow ':'
aa219e7 Adding README.rst file
1d3f117 Added Reductive Labs build library
f01882d Change the way the tags and params are handled in rails
b7ab54c Add methods to return hash instead of objects to params and tags
5c64435 Rails serialization module to help serialize/unserialize some Puppet Objects
b27fccd Fixed #1852 - Correct behaviour when no SELinux bindings
7403330 Updated Red Hat spec file 0.24.7
8befc18 Updated to version 0.24.7
cf19bd8 Not using a temporary file when locking files for writing.
b966ea0 Modifying the corruption-checking test.
1f34bca Issue 1804 VDev with the same devices should be in sync
6d5a129 Documentation fixes
45144a1 Fixing #1812 (hopefully) - adding read and write locks to yaml.
2385a78 Preparing to fix #1812 - Moving locking code to a module
2961b83 Fix #1815 - puppetdoc --all crash on resource override
e5c36fd Fix ZFS autorequire test
da71ad5 Add a unique name to objects so we can determine uniqueness when read back in
4418b34 Fix launchd service test on non-OSX platforms
4b2bdf9 Fix the spec tests to work on other platforms, do the confine around OS X versions more sanely
544a3e1 remove unnecessary mk_resource_methods call
50ac03a CHANGELOG updates
a0a6d2c Add a unique name to objects so we can determine uniqueness when read back in
68ffd46 Bug #1803 Zfs should auto require the ancestor file systems
7e2da7e Refactor #1802 Use 'zfs get -H -o value' instead of parsing output for value
8616d74 Fixing #1800 - tidy now correctly ignores missing files and directories
6075d10 Fixing #1794 - returning sync when it is already initialized
18fe5c3 Fixing #1750 again - All of the properties and now :ensure check replace?
b22303e Fix rake abort when there is a matching confine
0caa9c5 spec tests for type and provider and some code cleanup to adhere to DRY
0f2fc88 Finished work on rules creation and deletion
ed49153 new better way of doing stdin
05e05bb finished rights flush, working on rules
1e37230 macauthorization type
4ed73ef reset macauthorization tree. Initial checkin of new type/provider
5d32cd9 add NetInfo deprecation notice to user and group providers, make the directoryservice user provider the default, remove default for darwin from NetInfo providers
99ab940 Warn that the NetInfo nameservice provider is deprecated. Use directoryservice instead
c4412ec add some more sanity checks around stdin
7de82c3 add support for stdin to Puppet::Util.execute
edef064 Make ralsh behave more sanely for non-existent objects and property values
9384a4a Added git changelog task
c398db1 Bug #1780 Fixing meaningless test
278bfe8 Fixing mcx test failures (only happened sometimes).
c4812b8 Need to stub out the defaultprovider call for non Mac platforms
b444e43 remove extraneous comments
49d4d01 Trim down the after block clears to try to make the tests work for the build servers
65d6b49 Updated mcx type and provider with comprehensive spec tests.
fd128d6 Fixing a package test to be *much* faster
cdcbc5b Fixing splaytime tests
6a4c0d5 Removing debugging from the "resources" type
0c6a151 Fixing a test that fails depending on test execution order
968f5cc Relicense under GPLv2+
9ab3afb Hopefully fixing #1703 - using a mutex around the sending of the tagmails
3fe9cc7 Fix #1741 - fix some failing tests on some ruby versions.
3570c71 Fix #1788 - allow rspec rake to run only some tests
1b3a7d8 Fixing the AST constant warnings, using a variable instead of a constant
091b8bf Fixing #1785 - selinux tests no longer break other tests
c005dcf Ticket 1780 - Solaris RBAC roles should be autorequired
3eff225 Feature 1696 Add support for branded zones
fa9820b Bug #1778 - Solaris RBAC profiles should maintain order
f6fa4f7 Bug # 1680 Now you can set the hashed passwords on solaris
0a40668 Feature #1783 - Add ZFS support
047e5d0 Handle password when user is created
88edf66 == is not =
a219c88 Solaris doesn't have a native tool to set hashed passwords
9329c95 type/mcx.rb Feature #1026 - MCX Type
83b3a1e Simplify launchd service provider and add tests
65a6074 Fixed #1695 - Solaris 10 zone provider doesn't properly handle unknown zone attributes in newer releases
0171e25 Fixing #1749 - Splay now hopefully behaves "better" for small values.
607958c Fix #1741 - Add inline_template function
cc45c43 Fix #1741 - refactor TemplateWrapper, test for template function
d8c741f Fix #1741 - Puppet::Parser::Functions rmfunctions and unit test
3c4efa7 Fixes #1773 - no longer check for absolute paths
3a39509 make sure only types that have passwords search for the password
a45c6b1 fix bug with numeric uid/gid in directoryservice provider. doc string cleanups
1f52795 Documentation fix for runit provider
81a91a7 Documentation fix for daemontools provider
4f67a7c Fixed #1776 - Trivial fix for gentoo service provider
2764ab4 Rename migration so it's still applied
965c08d Slight denormalisation to store a host's environment as a first class object in the database Fixes: #1392
5742966 Fixing #1743 - defined types get catalogs too.
31ec3e6 Adjusted CI tasks exit codes
3421954 Fixing #1755 - handling fully qualified classes correctly.
a1ac9a5 Added Rake :ci namespace and CI tasks
d978668 Lots of DirectoryService work. New Computer Type. Users now use password hashes. Groups now support setting members as attributes of the group for OS X.
86ce934 launchd service provider
97a8177 Refactoring the thread-safety in Puppet::Util a bit.
78bced1 Fixing #1683 - accessing and changing settings is now thread-safe.
83cebb5 Partially fixing #1772 - fixing selinux tests broken by removal of extraneous 'stat' in :file.
a839fe2 Partially fixing #1772 - fixing tidy code I broke.
5bd27c8 Partially fixing #1772 - broken 'resources' tests.
a3140b2 Manually setting an env var to mark autotest enabled so we see color
bbad983 Removing the included testing gems; you must now install them yourself.
b415848 Fixing #1708 - user groups specified as names are now detected correctly.
9ed382d Fixed #1767 - Minor fix to emacs mode
27a750d Revert "Fixing #1755 - File modes (and other strange properties) will now display correctly"
eb0d32a Fixing #1764 - a property's 'sync' method is never considered a no-op.
e9f858a Refactoring the file/owner property to be simpler and cleaner.
ed4c405 Fixing #1755 - File modes (and other strange properties) will now display correctly in ralsh and generated manifests.
c65f2b5 Fixed #1668 - puppetca can't clean unsigned certs
1ad33cc Fix #1759 - Comparison operator was using string comparison for numbers
c96d250 Fixed #1711 - fileserver test fails due to incorrect mocking
8523a48 Fixed #1751 - Mac OS X DirectoryService nameservice provider support for plist output and password hash fil
d32d7f3 Fixed #1752 - Add an optional argument to Puppet::Util.execute to determine whether stderr and stdout are combined in the output
4396740 Fix the init service type to cope with an array for defpath and if defpath does not exist
3c870d8 Added versionable feature to the RPM provider
f62d04d Fixing broken tests resulting from the fix to #1747
030c791 Moved RRD feature from util/metric.rb to feature/base.rb
dc192b0 Manifest documentation generation
2c05a0a Move function existance test to parser evaluation
064fb00 Add a doc attribute to AST nodes and fill it with the last seen comments
724a6f6 RSpec tests for the doc system (covers AST.doc, lexer and parser)
b8ed667 Fixed #1735 and #1747 - Fixes to confine system
6be5ac8 CHANGELOG updates
0ca5025 Fixed #1718 - Added preseed to apt uninstall and purge
01976ca Include spec directory in packages
c98f7a5 Fixing the provider's confine subsystem so the logs are more useful.
6426a29 Removed extra 'end' from yum.rb
1e81739 Fix bug #1746: Sync SELinux file attributes after file contents created/modified
cebadd9 Fix bug #1681: Add filesystem type check to test for per-file SELinux context support
60455e7 Quiet debug when no default SELinux context found for one of the components
71a9e60 Fixes relating to transition to native SELinux bindings
3a5dcab Refactoring of SELinux functions to use native Ruby SELinux interface
d5e19f1 Fixed #1739 - Added uninstall functionality to yum provider
bf5be00 Fix #1737 - part2 - Fix display of "options"
e032034 Fix #1737 - ssh_authorized_keys should be able to parse options containing commas
e33d087 Fix #1740 - Daemontools and Runit is not ReST compliant
dfc0554 Fixed #1730 - Edited file/ensure.rb docs for clarity
6d7b5ef Fixes #1672 - unsafe crontab handling in Solaris Signed-off-by: Martin Englund <>
083077d Fixing the augeas type tests to work when augeas is missing
0a3d34d Fixes #1714 - yumhelper handling with yum 2.2.x is broken
7b70e85 Fixed #1721 - puppet.conf documentation incorrectly lists signals that affect the daemons
781a685 Fixing a test I broke when fixing a reporting bug
f063517 Added unit tests for the augeas type and provider
2d37f09 Fix #1402 - Allow multiline comments
9f30306 Fix #857 - Multiple class of the same name don't append code
649a9e0 Fixed augeas examples in type
56f3be6 Fixed #1710 - Spurious output in test run
4806c51 Fixing #1669 - The dump parameter can now be changed on mounts.
c7ccc4b Fix #1682 - ASTArray should flatten product of evaluation of its children
c906afd Fixing #1667 - regex automatic value documentation is now readable.
9fd1756 Split Augeas up into a provider and a type.
e542f8c Fixed #1692 - k5login fails to set mode when file is created
57e791b Fixing #1660 - Adding specifically supported values for tidy recursion.
42cac73 Fixing #1698 - all logs again show up in the report.
6ab4f1b Fixed #1661 - Type reference: tidy should specify manditory parameters
2459106 Removing all mention of EPM, RPM, or Sun packages.
9ecbd63 Fixed #1104 - Classes and nodes should set $name variables
bc8cdb1 Beginning provider split, need help on the voodoo
6539f55 Updated Red Hat spec file for 0.24.6 and removed conf/debian directory.
cacafeb Added augeas type and feature
b2c1149 Updated to version 0.24.6
5ba54d2 Updated to version 0.24.6
22024bc Improve the inline documentation for SELinux types and parameters
f216237 Fixes #1663 - added Symbol check and additional test
81c3b72 Fix SELinux test to succeed when Puppet debug mode is enabled
f7516a7 Fix regression caused by switch to Puppet's execute() functions
c09d0cc Solaris RBAC Attributes
6d05cbc Fix #936 - Allow trailing comma in array definition
ec2b461 Fix #1115 - part2 - fix tests and add all_tags
356d8ca Fixed #1662 - Configuration Reference still references 'section'
b53509b Fixed #1460 - enhance redhat puppetmaster init.d script to easy start puppetmaster as a mongrel cluster
8a4e2e9 Fixed #1663 - Regression relating to facter fact naming from 0.24.5
e6f99f9 Fix #636 - Allow extraneous comma in function argument list
a74ec60 Fixing tests I broke when trying to fix the Providers reference.
d4df361 Use fully qualified paths when calling binaries, adjust chcon call to use Puppet's execute() function.
dedf0cd Setting SELinux contexts with chcon should not dereference symbolic links
7f5ded1 Fixed #1646 - service puppet status does not work as non-root on redhat system
00d5fe4 Fix #1115 - Allow checking tags/classes from ERb templates
f5fb2d3 Fixed #1649 - OS X package creation script should be more selective about cleaning out prior versions
b0fd2e0 Fixing #1647 - puppetdoc's 'providers' report works again.
157c0dd Fix 1642 (always warning) and improve unit tests to cover when to warn and not
65eafb7 lazy load latest package definitions with yumhelper 2.2
eff6ce0 Revert "Added last part of #1633 patch - update to util/metrics.rb"
c5d1a4f Added last part of #1633 patch - update to util/metrics.rb
0fff7d7 Fixing some tests that were broken in 2fba85af
2afbd0d Fixing a test that was failing as a result of the fix to #1491
b0c01da Adding an additional option for the fix in ff36832e, skipping missing cert dirs
aea5582 Removing a gid test for users, since it is a bad test and has mostly been replaced in rspec
65d3040 Fixing a test that was broken in ee579641
b08002e Fixing some tests that were broken in the fix for #1633
2bf0ba5 Fixing a test that was failing because i-have-no-idea
952ebb8 Fixing a test that was failing because of the change to retrieve() in ee579641
a5fe87f Fixing a file source test that was failing because missing sources is now a failure
53b7d42 Fixing the broken tests resulting from the fix for #1551.
5ec6b07 Adding warnings when example groups are skipped.
54abe70 Moving some test/ package tests to rspec integration tests and disabling a gem test that hangs forever for me.
85d3ae0 Cleanup selboolean and selmodule unit tests to pass on non-SELinux systems
a562ce5 Add unit test coverage for Puppet::Util::SELinux and fix problems found by tests
2b4aa0c Fixed #1639 - uninitialized constant Puppet::Type::User::ProviderUseradd
4265825 Fix #1636 - part2 - correct some client errors.
9c31db9 Add failing test for plugin with file and recurse
2853447 Fix several small regressions in plugins mount
2153bae Fixing #1640 - file groups now no longer get set on every run (this was a regression caused by other work I did).
80e5c11 Incremented CHANGELOG to 0.24.6
996ac46 Fix scenario when SELinux support tools exist, but SELinux is disabled
d803096 Add new set of unit tests for selmodule type
a3f34f9 Removal of redundant lines from unit test
307260f Remove old selboolean unit tests and fix permissions on new tests
2ebd34e Rewrote seboolean unit tests to provide better coverage
4df51ea New and improved tests for file type SELinux contexts
253d4df Fix regression when templatedir doesn't exist.
c7a6ef2 Fix #1202 - Collection attribute matching doesn't parse arrays
3281f2b Fixed #1633 - Added support for --detailed-exits to bin/puppet which causes puppet to produce different exit codes depending on whether there were changes or failures in the transaction.
0b1e60f Adding an array indexer method to Puppet::Util::Metric as requested in #1633.
765db30 Adding partial spec tests for Puppet::Util::Metric.
fb14e91 Fixed #1473 - Rescue Timeout::Error in xmlrpc clients
7275d7c Fxied #1354 - yum provider problems with RHEL 3
0c297be Fix #1109 - allow empty if or else branches
5268487 Fixed documentation, typo and added CHANGELOG entry
990e8e3 Fix #1530: Correctly parse ssh type 1 keys
06edac4 Fixed additional environments tests
79bb1f2 Rspec Tests for #381. Moved part of the old resource reference tests to rspec.
750e9ab Fix #381 - Allow multiple resource overrides or references
782181e Minor test fix for #1614
614326a Fixing #1098 - Multiline strings now correctly increment the line count
1c6d57e Doing some simple refactorings on Puppet::Log
a774443 Fixing #1089 - Log messages are now tagged with the log level, making it easier to match messages in the 'tagmail' report.
db7f108 Adding rspec tests for the Puppet::Util::Log class.
d2c8998 Fixed #981 - Removed 'Adding aliases' info message
d098a90 Fix failing tests dependent on /etc/user_attr file existing
6bcfd9f Fixing #947 - pluginsync no longer fails poorly when no plugins exist
67136f1 Fixing the Node class to no longer validate environments since #1614 removed that validation.
a4110a3 Add SELinux context reset after file writes in Puppet::Util::FileType
250239e Add new support for :selrange SELinux file property
c831482 Add detected defaults for existing SELinux file properties
772e9b2 Refactor SELinux commands to utility module
8153181 Clean up of SELinux rspec tests so all pass
e77ddc1 Merged fsweetser's selinux patch against HEAD
7272d49 Fixed #1613 - The client environment will be substituted when looking up settings.
1a9b567 Fixing #1614 - Environments no longer have to be listed out.
397c841 Fixed #1628 - Changed node search to use certname rather than Facter hostname
9d174c4 Updated puppet binary documentation
6a0b334 Fixed error message typo
655f378 Adding a rake task for sending emails to the dev list
d39bab9 Fixing package provider tests to use the new Transaction::Change interface
e32256a Migrating the apt and dpkg tests to rspec.
ddda80a Update change log with RBAC roles
d1abb86 Add role support to user type and an implemention
2fba85a Some small clarifying refactors and change to objectadd to allow subclasses of with a uid not need to be a single class us use modify
4a863c3 Adding user_attr util to parse attributes on solaris
93f952a Fixed #1586 - Specifying "fully qualified" package names in Gentoo
8620775 Fixed #791 - You should now be able to create and find a user/group in one transaction.
63ad845 Refactoring and adding tests to the file group property.
7da4152 Modified the group and zone resource types to no longer call 'currentpropvalues' as a means of setting all values to absent. There should be no behaviour change from this change.
ee57964 Modified the behaviour of resource-level 'retrieve' -- it only calls 'retrieve' on each property if the resource exists.
0fb4693 Updating changelog for #1622
2afc4f5 Adding tests for the user retrieve method
679fede Removing commented code from the user type from about 2005
2480654 The Netinfo and DirectoryService providers can now create user and group simultaneously.
4c998fe Fixing #1622 - The user type only looks up groups when necessary.
6bc56ae Aliasing the rspec 'should' method to 'must' so it does not conflict with the RAL 'should' method.
b9c75cd Rewriting the user tests, in preparation for enhancing them
99de920 Fixed #1620 - Add 'sles' to Puppet confines when 'suse' is used
4cf9710 Add parser for arbitrary expressions
cfa230a Add arithmetic operators to AST
850e0ba Add not operator to AST
9cdecfe Add comparison operators (< > == != <= >=) to AST
8372dc4 Add boolean operators to AST
e6698c2 Add warning and forcibly set to :md5 fixing #1564
af8c706 Fix metadata class for cases when checksum_type set
860bdb1 Fixed #1603 - Added support for running Puppet inside a Rack application
b2f0d87 Fix ticket 1596 in new fileset code, use tmpdir in fileserver tests.
a30ecf2 Make fileserver use fileset for recursion and handle dangling links by ignoring them fixing #1544
3b80763 Add tests for FileServer::Mount list for #1544
3749267 Fixed #1610 - Raise "Filebucketed" messages to Notice priority
f792b64 Added a number of confines to package providers
074abd4 Fixed #1609 - Added confines for the Gentoo, FreeBSD and SMF (Solaris) service providers
2da6d19 Fixed #1608 - Added ubuntu to defaultfor for apt provider
aa629ec Fixed #1607 - Added ubuntu to defaultfor for Debian service provider
774c0f9 Fixed #1588 - Fixed puppetca --clean --all
98e79f8 Fixed #1472 -- defined, exported resources in the current compile now get expanded correctly.
0040bc8 Fixed #1045 - Multiple metaparams all get added to resources.
8d5ded0 Removing some code in Parameter that is unnecessary.
5fbdc49 Fixed #1595 - Internally, Property#retrieve is no longer called when no 'should' value is available for a resource.
c16a5ae Only apply splay the first run
27f0c7d fix failing hpux user specs
7a3a38f Add rspec unit test for the append operator
16793d2 Add an append (+=) variable operator:
7f8abbd Bug #1550 - Rework to avoid regressing rspec tests, add new rspec tests for templatedir as a path
0905734 Allow a templatedir to be colon separated.
11b0848 Fixed #1500 - puppetrun host regression
3b1d6e2 Fixed #1579 and #1580 - errors in the Puppet RPM spec file
77f4fb6 Fixed #1521 -- ldap user and group are now used with the default connection when available.
a1a670b Fixed #1572 -- file purging now fails if remote sources do not exist.
dd4f654 Fixing #1576 - moving all of the Puppet::Type code back into type.rb.
923fd89 Fixed issues with file descriptors leaking into subprocesses
cab5d85 Fixed #1571 - Puppet::Util::binary returns incorrect results
a7306e1 Fixed #1553 - Puppet and Facter cannot both install the plist module into two different locations
758505b Fixed #1568 -
7ce902d Adjusted hpuxuseradd user provider to confine to HP-UX and fixed HP-UX user provider path regression
8f1336f Fixed #1566 - changed password property of the user type
d4d3213 Fixed debug messages in package type - thanks to Todd Zullinger for this fix
b88df5a Sync with latest Fedora/EPEL specfile
0705dfb Fixes #1455 - Adds HP-UX support for user type
e15d316 Fixes #1551 puppetmaster.freshness xmlrpc call returns incorrect type
8fe0338 Fixes #1554 - Fix exception for undefined hostname
81cc9bf Fixed #1533 - changed permissions for man directory
41dc1fa Runit service provider
aae0793 Daemontools service provider
29ae879 Fixes tests broken by 95aa085
b50e718 Fixed #1488 - Moved individual functions out of functions.rb into the lib/puppet/parser/functions directory. New functions should be created in this directory.
5fb5091 Fixed #1457 - case insensitive match for error
ded94f7 Removed spec color option for buildbot
415663b Added simple rake task for running unit tests
557be9d Added spec Rake task
0d118a5 Fix leaking LoadedFile when adding templates to be watched
67387e2 Fixed #1506 - Removed storeconfig duplicate indexes
7accb89 id column is autogenerated by rails as a primary key, there is no need to create an additional index on this column. This changeset contains the new schema and a migration.
c5fb092 Removed reference to namespaces from --genconfig documentation
1729de1 Updates to ext/puppetlast to support multiple hosts
b6609ee Fixed #1508 - Add HP-UX package provider.
3e482a2 Updating the authors list for the gem spec
2ec4e29 Fix #1502 - abysmal storeconfig performance - part2
9272df4 Fix #1052 - abysmal storeconfig performance - part1
f48a0ae Fix #1510 - storeconfig fails with rails 2.1
b1ad596 Add the -P/--ping option to puppetrun, fixes #1501
6676b6b Fixes #1274 - allow class names to start with numbers
d02f95c Fixed #1394 - Added stored configuration clearing script to /ext
fb8cc53 Fixed #1442 - replaced use of Facter for report titling with certname
18dda20 Fixed $1456 - add proxy configuration to yum repo
ab4cb6a Fixing #1447 -- Replacing Puppet::PackageError with Puppet::Error.
8a0cb16 Added tests for TemplateWrapper's use of Scope#to_hash.
3ae7eca Fixing an ldap connectivity test
d3393b4 Added CHANEGLOG entry for removal of interface type
bfcdfe8 fix terrible error with overwriting permissions
0147570 Fixed #1457 - removed confine warning
fecdfbc A working script to create an OS X pkg out of the Puppet repository
6a2e71d Fixed #1441 - Updated console colours
404450a Add testing for the changes to resolve redmine #1427, where Kernel methods shadow variables that the puppet template should otherwise see. Specific changes:
03c76de Expose all puppet variables as instance member variables of the template wrapper. This helps resolve redmine #1427, by providing a safe mechanism to access variables.
13069ec Ensure that we consistently use either string #{} interpolation or String.% interpolation, not both, to avoid issues where a #{} interpolated value contains a % character.
469c5fe Feature #1476: Allow specification of --bindir --sbindir --sitelibdir --mandir --destdir in install.rb
2a3d195 Specs for yaml indirector .search - I'm still learning!
c97389d Made puppetlast work on 0.24.5 by using the YAML indirector
5c53617 Added a search method to the YAML indirector.
482489a Revert "Fixing puppetlast to make it work with 0.24.5 / 0.25."
0bbac8d Fixes #1417 - whitespace in ssh_auth_key provider
a772110 Sync with latest Fedora/EPEL specfile
97987a7 Feature #1241 : Improve performance of group lookups
fe99828 Bug #1448: Puppet CA incorrectly writes out all certs to inventory .txt on each certificate signing
971af69 Fixing puppetlast to make it work with 0.24.5 / 0.25.
d91d806 Updating the authors list for the gem spec
ce964ec Updated to version 0.24.5
a7df4eb Updated to version 0.24.5
4dffaf3 Reverting the version so my release process works
aac7dd1 Incremented versions
bfcd626 Fixes #1445 and #1426
8f5800f Fixes #1445 and #1426
ff36832 Fixing the renaming code to skip missing directories.
8c2478b Fixing puppet_module -- it needed the same node interface change.
d9aa5ab Fixing a cert test to pass on Darwin.
686ba4d Revert "Merging fsweetser's selinux patch against 0.24.4"
f16da42 Merging fsweetser's selinux patch against 0.24.4
a47fed4 'Fix' broken tests related to missing source raising Issue 1437 In two cases, I removed the assertion that caused the failure. In one case, I changed the assertion to expect an exception.
238b8d7 Fixing #1438 -- mongrel and module tests now pass.
ebb219e Fixed all of the fileserving termini so they use indirection requests.
d8937ac You can now select the encoding format when transferring the catalog, with 'yaml' still being the default but 'marshal' being an option. This is because testing has shown drastic performance differences between the two, with up to 70% of compile time being spent in YAML code. Use the 'catalog_format' setting to choose your format, and the setting must be set on the client.
a0fa09f Revert "Fixed #1201 - all external node attributes are converted to strings."
8f8ce60 Fixed #1431 - Provider confines must now specify similar tests in one call.
7fa7251 The mongrel-related tests now run without mongrel.
bdbd992 Updated /spec/unit/rails.rb test
de6aec6 Fix Ticket 1426 - services on redhat are restarted again
0a0fcaf Fixed #1414 - Return code from waitpid now right shifted 8 bits
61b9bcd Added Changelog entry for new auth_key type
65b9869 Further moves from the examples directory and ext directory
4ce7159 Fail instead of log when rescuing remote file connections
4c5293b Fix #1409, Move path expansion from the type into the provider
8043655 Fixing #1408 - --loadclasses works again.
605d760 Moved debian to conf and updated examples directory
d25c2b2 Fixed #1407 - allowdupe is now a boolean group parameter.
9eb9aff Fixed #1368 - updated Red Hat init scripts
c7dc73f Fixing the user ldap provider tests
edf99c5 Added message referencing ReductveLabs build library
6ff9246 Fixed #1396 - Added sha1 function from DavidS to core
19b76c7 Fixing #1401 - integration tests now work regardless of the yamldir.
667fac1 Fixed #1226 - Gems can now specify source repositories.
21d4957 Correct whitespace
4762b52 Moving the gem test to the non-ral directory
71f4b02 Importing Sam Quigley's work to enhance gem support for sources.
c751e4e Fixed #1272 - ldap group names will be converted to GIDs.
0922c3b Fixed #1399 - the ldap user provider knows it can manage passwords.
196494a Fixed #1231 - Exceptions during startup should now be clear.
9d69b3f Testing and simplifying the Transaction::Change#backward method.
61ec332 Removing the Transaction::Change#transaction accessor.
2863df2 Refactoring the Transaction::Event class.
a37a784 Adding tests for the Transaction::Event class
31ffeab Adding tests to the Transaction::Change class.
8865bdf file object creation should fail if source is not present
73c06c0 Renaming Puppet::Event to Puppet::Transaction::Event
84b5665 Updated test/ral/type/sshkey.rb test
5ef8979 Removed debugging from lib/puppet/util/ldap/connection.rb
6124c69 Renaming the Puppet::PropertyChange class to Puppet::Transaction::Change.
ba12d30 Fixed #1232 - the rundir no longer specifies a user/group, and there are now client- and server-specific yaml directories.
be169da Removing all of the code related to the interface type.
04ecb74 Doing what I can to fix #1128, but just in preparation for removing 'interface'.
2279acd Adding changes to config print that were missed in fix for 1183
a87885a Fixing the "describe" in the redhat interface specs
bd3f8e3 Fixed 1240 - puppet will function more like puppetd if graphing or reporting are enabled.
7a6ae29 Add a missing test for exercising the last untested line of lib/puppet/type/ssh_authorized_key.rb
731d0f2 Minor documentation updates for ssh_authorized_key type
c825c99 Fixing the ldap node terminus to merge facts with the right name.
4b6b22e Adding logging when a node's facts can't be found
daf0d9d Backporting a test that was failing in master, and fixing it
38540d5 Fixing the ldap node integration test so it cleans up
e03c1be Fixing #1382 - existing uppercase certs, keys, et al will be renamed.
5156230 Use generate instead of autorequire in the ssh_authorized_key type based on Luke's comments
d3a8125 Fixed #1006 - puppetrun --class works again. I added the class membership testing to the Ldap node terminus, and added tests,
c1e010f Fixing the method to use an indirection request.
4d22a95 Switching the ldap terminus to use Util::Ldap::Connection.
b47d4e1 Added a 'search' method to the ldap node terminus.
a1d1abd Adding an 'instance' class method to ldap connections.
ee9d002 Fixed #1114 - Facts in plugin directories should now be autoloaded, as long as you're using Facter 1.5.
f1d5903 Fixing #1388 - the package test no longer uses 'require'.
8c5c949 ssh_authorized_key: autorequire, default permissions and cleanup
5a283d6 Fixing #1374 - Using Puppet::Type.type() in tests
17afb8a Fixes #1195 - Updated Gentoo init scripts
00182ff Fixed #707 - special '@reboot'-style cron jobs work again.
c83b23d Updated CHANGELOG for two missed commits
2380fcd Fixed #1012 - templates in the templatedir are preferred to module templates.
4d95364 Fixed #1221 - aliases to titles now work for resources.
24ca81f Fixed #1360 -- allowdupe works with groups again.
955a8ff Removed test/util/loadedfile.rb tests which fixes #1370
9c1ab14 Fixed #1371 - Updated bin/puppet to use Node.find
aedfa2b Fixed #1369 - the init service provider now supports HP-UX.
422dea0 issue 1183
d3a4d9a Updated Rakefile fixes #1367
5f600dd Fixing #1168 (for 0.24.x) -- automatically downcasing the fqdn. Also requiring that passed in certnames be downcased; the setting system isn't currently flexible enough to automatically downcase it for the user.
ac7f596 Fixed #1201 - all external node attributes are converted to strings.
6658463 Updating the changelog for the changes to node lookups.
1f19453 Removing the Node.find_by_name method.
51e1ba8 The LDAP Node terminus now searches for the fqdn, short name, and default.
fb4e843 Refactoring the 'find' method a bit in the LDAP Node terminus.
317af36 Removing the now-obsolete Node.node_facts method.
b7bd427 Converting the Node.node_names class method into an instance method.
75c94e3 Removing an obsolete, unimplemented test
98e38a6 Adds support for keepconfig for the dpkg provider fixes #234
4d70449 Fix bug in test, add more specs and small refactor
86f8ff4 Removed the unless condition in query, because the issue is a stale cached value and added comments that query will now always do so.
4539b1c Issue 1215
7b2c310 Adding another note about the save_object stub.
d816614 Fixing #1362 -- I had previously removed a stub point needed for testing.
9b1301c Removing a duplicate call left over from debugging
087480b Replacing all two-space indents with four-space
3980323 Adding ruby interpreter lines to the tests missing them.
9fe2b03 Adding execute bits to every test currently missing them.
fb5f09b Fixing how the Indirector::Request sets its options.
4b29a5e Fixing how the indirection tests for whether the request has node info.
6764af3 Change description of spec to make baby jesus happy
946081b Try again
bdc578a Applying the fixes recommended by David Schmitt to the inline documentation of the ResourceTemplate class.
886c984 Updating the docs for ResourceTemplate.
29c840a Adding a class for using templates directly within resources (i.e., client-side templates). This would really only be used for composite resources that pass the results of the template on to generated resources.
1205881 The mongrel and webrick REST handlers now extract certificate information.
e8044f9 Adding to the indirection request support for authentication information.
dbd9b40 Updated fix for ticket #1271
cf3b98e Applied patch for ticket #1271
9943da6 Further Emacs puppet-mode fixes
3c2e69f Fixed Rakefile to install non-.rb files to fix #1266
ad3803f Fixes for install.rb running of tests that fixes #1267
65c1889 Fixing #1242 -- lack of storeconfigs only produces warning, not exception.
8a22b59 Fixing #1265 -- the ca/client tests now all pass again.
02411f5 Always using the cert name to store yaml files, which fixes #1178.
89100c4 Moving the majority of the pkgdmg docs to the wiki, fixing #1264.
9decf35 Put function in ticket #311 in correct location
6c3e7e1 Reverted function - "Added cron random function fixing ticket #311"
c173264 Refactoring warnings.rb for tests.
e6837a4 Fixing an inaccurate test so the tests will run correctly in all branches.
054a811 Removing extra debugging
bdcf5db Fixing tests that are broken when running as root under OSX 10.5
d55a755 Added warnings test and cleaning up trailing whitespace.
c0f78b4 Fixed a bug in my tests which caused them to fail when run against the master branch.
d54338f Added cron random function fixing ticket #311
6ea494f Pushed patch fixing #1235
c370104 Fixing the node/catalog so that it can convert from parser catalogs to RAL catalogs.
bd51a53 Fixing transaction support for prefetching generated resources.
4434072 The ldap user/group providers now work when no users/groups are in ldap yet.
419f244 Adding support for settings within the existing Facter provider confines.
3e13bd5 Intermediate commit so I can move on to other things.
ee4be4f Removing an unused file. Closes #1229.
b8ce6a1 Mocking Facter in an integration test, so it works with no networking
77ee4ec Refactoring how the provider confine tests work, again.
0820819 Minor cosmetic changes to cleanup some style elements and get rid of some cruft.
6a6a1d9 Another refactor based on feedback from Luke. This includes adding an accessor for @@state to make testing a bit cleaner.
ee04129 Refactored tests based on feedback from Luke.
d7f25ff Rewritten tests for Puppet::Util::Storage.
c5da401 Add unit tests for Puppet::Util::Storage
8008bbc Modified the 'factpath' setting to automatically configure Facter to load facts there if a new enough version of Facter is used.
a02c6bb Fixing a mock in the redhat interface test.
390db80 Updated puppetd documentation which fixes ticket #1227
2d6a914 Fix for latest method in rpm provider (fixes #1224)
38545d9 Crontab provider: fix a parse error when a line begins with a space character
a1409d7 Moving all confine code out of the Provider class, and fixing #1197.
995991d Switching the Provider class to use the new Confiner class.
c9757a6 Moving the 'confine' handling to separate classes.
ac79a79 Duh, fixing all of the paths being loaded for spec in the moved tests.
d02334f Moving all tests that are in 'ral' up a level.
e7bef08 Fixing the user test.
158d3df Added the ability to add arbitrary attributes to ldap.
83ef1b0 Fix for #1219
b500689 adding more autotest docs
c61fc02 Adding autotest info to the ext/ directory.
59b9958 Correcting whitespace in the templatewrapper code.
49dde11 Adding has_variable? support, fixing ticket #1177
d8cc1c5 adding execute bits to tests
5e2a4b5 updating the changelog for the ldap providers
17e8158 Adding ldap providers for the user and group type.
c56e9a6 Fixing another test that wrote to ~
954aad4 Fix Emacs mode indentation of multiple nested blocks
f52e343 Enhancements to syntax highlighting and indentation for Emacs
9bf21a6 Use our own count-matches for Emacs 21 compatibility
20e60b1 Applying patch by martin to fix #1207.
270c007 Clarifying the exception when there's a syntax error but a valid parser.
f3fa589 Fixing a test that wrote to ~.
ae842ea Fix for urpmi provider that fixes #1217
da4cdd2 Fix for ticket #1218 - changed to appropriate variable name
88ec3d8 Cosmetic fix
67dc261 Removed "none" as a valid type attribute value, it was useless anyway
db8a46c New native ssh_authorized_key type
2b185af Add values for dump parameter for the mount type closing #1212
69fc802 Update to man pages, fix to ralsh help text and fix for #1211
c57e194 Fixing an error message to be more clear
5a2bbad fix bindir/sbindir defaults on OS X 10.5
fff6ad9 Fix for ticket #1209
b2a3db9 Fixed #1196 - added /sbin/service support for the redhat service provider + some doco fixes
62ca726 Fixed some tests broken by #1176
82b9f61 Added puppetlast script to ext directory
a35450b Pushed patch for #1176 - configtimeout fix
57fd88b Pushed patch for ticket #1191 - adding globbing support to ports provider
b5640a1 Pushed patch for ticket #1187 - freebsd pkg_add support
0a5d8a6 Fixed #1195 - support for gentoo openrc
4599791 Pushed schema patch for #1193
eac14f6 Fixed #1189 and added support for --all to puppetca --clean
d9846fc Fixishing some pending tests, including filling in the connection information.
cb617f2 Making the changes necessary to get the REST support to work with the current state of the indirection work, including using a request object and an expiration date.
a6a397b The 'destroy' method in the indirection now returns the results of destroying, so they can return true or false.
04aba52 fill out specs for network_* methods; refactor lowest-level network hooks
a0804ae adding rest_connection_details helper to Indirector::REST -- will need to be overridden to lookup the real connection details
aed1375 make sure unit indirector specs are working with #save; fill out network_put pending specs
75bf05d removed a debugging helper from the Indirector::Rest#save method
9187a34 updating mongrel/webrick unit tests to match integration-tested version of REST save functionality
93bc1a9 adding REST save support, with integration tests. A handful of unit tests in that area now need to be updated.
99b295b disabling caching for Puppet::Indirector::Indirection as it was causing hella problems with testing save without caching; judging my luke's blog this is going to be rewritten somehow anyway
1befd1d work-in-progress; playing with refactoring network_* methods inside Indirector::REST
f28f20b Added support for destroy/DELETE over REST (including units & integrations on both webrick & mongrel).
0797440 updating search integration specs to include webrick
e8caf13 making search work over REST, w/ unit & integration specs
b750482 unit specs and implementation for Indirector::REST#search method
a7f2dd4 placeholders for integration specs on final REST methods
cebb677 ensure that we only run the mongrel specs when mongrel is available as a feature
dab9deb bringing Indirector::REST specs to mongrel-land as well.
1e0f19b Make mongrel happy like WEBrick.
d24c03c exceptions on remote end now properly passed to local end via REST and re-raised (integration-tested)
7a73434 Much larger commit than I would like to land at once. This is all REST-related code. Two specs are failing related to how Mongrel is initialized for REST; will fix those shortly.
a1c4579 a trivial integration test to test whether the RESTful indirection terminus has a remote shot at working; will need to be upgraded to actually be useful
7d51146 fixing Puppet::Node::REST class name to work with autoloader inflection (Puppet::Node::Rest), so we can do Puppet::Node.terminus_class = :rest
e86fde2 This is the first version where mongrel and webrick are reliably startable and stoppable via Puppet::Network::Server.
c2f8c69 the indirector will not serve xmlrpc (this is the responsibility of the legacy networking code; it was a mistake to include stubbed support for it in the new code); removing
13c40e9 removing obsolete TODO comment
2cdd0f8 puppet-compliant indentation
b49fd49 Resources now return the 'should' value for properties from the [] accessor method (they previously threw an exception when this method was used with properties). This shouldn't have any affect functionally; it just makes the method equivalent to 'should' for properties, but it works for all attribute types now.
4aaad26 Modified the 'master' handler to use the Catalog class to compile node configurations, rather than using the Configuration handler, which was never used directly. I removed the Configuration handler as a result.
2925ad1 Fixed #1184 -- definitions now autoload correctly all of the time.
376628d Removed the code from the client that tries to avoid recompiling the catalog. The client will now always recompile, assuming it can reach the server. It will still use the cached config if there's a failure.
3718b64 Fixing #1173 -- classes and definitions can now have the same name as a directory with no failures.
d91b6d8 Fixing #1173 -- classes and definitions can now have the same name as a directory with no failures.
738889b Fixing the expire method (it wasn't using a request internally), and fixing the Facts class so it auto-expires any associated cached nodes when facts are saved.
f285f1a Moved the request creation into the Indirection class instead of the Indirector module. Also, added an 'expire' method to the indirector, so there's an easy way to expire cached instances.
d420701 Making the log messages around caching better.
d82ac98 Fixing the executables to use the new indirection api.
7774d9c Ported the rest of the indirection terminuses over to expecting requests instead of having a random interface.
bf728d2 Intermediate commit.
644d6ba Fixing some tests that were failing because new base types were added to Naginator, but no new related resource types were added.
768315b Adding the ability for indirection requests to be created with instances instead of just keys.
38f0f48 Fixing an errant comment
69a321f Fixing the tests that were failing because of the use of the indirection request object.
f9881ed Adding a Request class to the Indirection layer. This class is currently only used internally by the Indirection instances, but I expect that I will soon be pushing it to all of the terminus types.
4032a27 Fixing the integration tests related to the destroy fix. Yay.
0bd5799 Fixing one other test that was failing because of the change to Indirection#destroy.
941177a Changing how destroy works, just a bit -- it now accepts the name of the instance to be destroyed, rather than the instance itself.
c6729d1 Reworking the caching layer to use TTLs instead of versions based on timestamps. This just modifies the indirection class itself, there is still some work to do to remove version code from other classes.
8e1e06f Removing unused code from the file_serving/metadata class.
1458123 Adding an envelope module to handle indirected instance expiration.
bd858df Changing the default environment to production.
80f8b80 Adding validation to the user type to confirm that the group list does not contain any commas. This seems to be a common problem.
92765ea Making a test executable
7295626 Used stubs to decouple our code behavior from the behavior of the underlying filesystem, as well as removing the need to sleep (which caused the tests to take a long time).
911c7fb Additional fix for emacs syntax for ticket #1160
c13486e Revert "Additional fix to emacs for ticket #1160"
bb65226 Additional fix to emacs for ticket #1160
6f1c469 Extend workaround from 56aad69f8cdf8b0b08fdb7985014986223fa4455 to not only fix UIDs but also GIDs
e621985 Changed some non-standard Ruby locations to env ruby shebangs
2036d22 Fixes debian service enabled/disable issue as detailed in #1161.
1c02749 Committed patch from #1160
335972e Pushed patch to fix #1174
6f32e95 Adding the report reference back; I don't really know why I removed it, since the information in it isn't anywhere else.
f927b97 Updates to rrdgraph documentation
e51d05c Better fix for #1020
4a39d64 Revert "Added updated fix for #1020"
2cac600 Fixed duplicate oid for parentnode and environment in schema - addresses #1170
eae5cee Fixing a duplicate word in the mount docs
4f8df98 Added updated fix for #1020
aa830b9 Adding 0.24.4 header to the changelog
4c63b69 Add a bunch of directives, allows a full parse of stanford's huge nagios config Also reformatted a bit
9d30b26 Fixes #1148 - replaces #!/usr/bin/ruby with #!/usr/bin/env ruby.
874a02f Added check_puppet.rb Nagios check plugin (See #1162)
491a696 I think this will include the man pages in the build but overall the Rakefile needs a rewrite
9cf7150 Added some more tests for loadedfile, based off the old unit tests.
077312a Added rspec tests for loadedfile
3a8053a Updated to version 0.24.4
d3e4ed7 Updated to version 0.24.4
55a9009 Pass source to pkg_add via the PKG_PATH environment variable if
6a53519 Fixing #571 -- provider suitability is now checked at resource evaluation time, rather than resource instantiation time. This means that you don't catch your "errors" as early, but it also means you should be able to realistically configure a whole host in one run.
528bbf1 Fixing a couple of tests.
017f673 Moved the configuration of the Node cache to the puppetmasterd executable, since it otherwise causes caches to be used in all cases, which we don't want (e.g., bin/puppet was using them).
bd3f6ec Disabled man page creation by default and updated CHANGELOG
4bfc4ef Modifying the way ensure is handled so that it supports having it be a parameter. This is only useful if you want a composite resource that just generates other resources and passes the value on.
d93e1b4 Fixing #1138 -- the yamldir is automatically created by the server now that it's in the :puppetmasterd section rather than a separate :yaml section.
273c7ec Disabling http keep-alive as a means of preventing #1010. There is now a constant in Puppet::Network::HttpPool that will disable or enable this feature, but note that we determined that it can cause corruption, especially in file serving (but it's client-side corruption).
6aa6fdb Applying patch by Ryan McBride to fix OpenBSD package matching. The actual problem was caused by the fix to #1001.
5a31959 Added man pages and man page creation logic to install.rb
e5b16b2 Ported #198 man page creation functionality to 0.24.x branch
18320b8 Found all instances of methods where split() is used without any local variables and added a local variable -- see My own testing showed that this caused memory growth to level off at a reasonable level. Note that the link above says the problem is only with class methods, but my own testing showed that it's any method that meets these criteria. This is not a functional change, but should hopefully be the last nail in the coffin of #1131.
f6325dc Found an array that leaked pretty quickly between reparsing files, thanks to work by Adam Jacob and Arjuna Christenson (the finding, not the leak). I'm going to act like this fixes #1131, at least for now, but I doubt it does, since that shows general memory growth over time, whereas the leak here should go away as soon as files are reparsed (because the parser is holding the reference to the leaking array).
25b81b3 Fixing a test I broke with my fix to #1147
4f400d4 Fixed #1147: Cached nodes are correctly considered out of date if the node facts have been updated (thus causing node facts to again be available in manifests, for those cases where they were not).
54bedb2 tweak the (already applied) patch in 388cf7c3df7ce26e953949ed6fe63d76cbbb3691 to resolve #1137; also, add tests which detect the problem.
a240969 Applying patch by wyvern to fix #1142.
e00065a * puppet/ext/emacs/puppet-mode.el (puppet-indent-line): Clean up the code somewhat after commit 738d275f41f3eaf015800021dd2dfe6c42a1ae79, as promised.
5f3ed8d * puppet/ext/emacs/puppet-mode.el (puppet-indent-line): Be more sophisticated about what we do at the beginning of the buffer, so that the first expression after an block-opening statement that happens to begin at the beginning of the buffer gets indented correctly. This may need some cleanup, but I wanted to get the correct behavior committed first.
d1d408c Fix bug mentioned in commit f814e23eab140ad01df4a4a3b187fcbf20da02be:
7514057 * ext/emacs/puppet-mode.el (puppet-comment-line-p, puppet-in-array): New helper functions. (puppet-indent-line): Rewrite to handle three more situations: indent elements in an array, indent single-line blocks, and ignore previous comment content when indenting non-comment lines.
40a389a * ext/emacs/puppet-mode.el: Untabify, in preparation for substantive changes.
0c45a5a Adding another commit for #1136 -- Consolidated the setting of the loglevel and destination to just one call, rather than the multiple calls that remained.
4ce1d37 Fixed ports documentation error
c75cc42 Added more detail about the requirement for ruby-libshadow for useradd password management
1dc6dc2 Final fix to #1136 - further changes to --test setting
e714156 Second fix to #1136 - fixed --test problem
2155fe1 Fix for ticket #1136 --verbose cancels out --debug
4cc18ed Applied patch in #1134
2795ba4 fixing another failing test
a40e9b7 Fixing some tests that only failed under certain circumstances (mostly, when loaded with other files, or when loaded from rake or autotest rather than separately).
7d35ae8 Refactoring how the catalog creation handles errors. Previously, if there were an error creating a resource, the error would propagate leaving any previously created resources still in memory.
1b3c85b Removing extra debugging
2d90468 Fixing a unit test for node integration
e81fc58 Settings now (again?) do not use a section more than once, which should make the system a bit more efficient.
fca467d Removing explicit requires of types and providers, because they were conflicting with Puppet's autoloading. This is clearly a sign that our autoloading is silly, if Ruby's own loading easily makes it unhappy.
34129d9 Removing obsolete code from the fileserving handler. This was obsoleted in 0.24.2.
f62eec8 updating resource references in the docs
d0554db Hopefully *finally* fixed the "already being managed" problem (#1036). The problem only cropped up if there was a failure when trying to manage the system -- this would cause the setting-based resources not to get cleaned up.
13c6de3 Adding a rake taks for updating the trac docs
0e26a07 Updated to version 0.24.3
990638c Updated to version 0.24.3
18ed28b Updating changelog for 0.24.3
ab72048 Removing a Settings.use that is unnecessary
bba0b43 Downgrading the "Using cache" message from the indirection to debug
1dc0e24 Modified the ldap node terminus to also use the facts version as the version for a node, which should similarly encourage the use of the yaml cache. (Related to #1130)
4a45a1d Caching node information in yaml (I figured caching in memory will cause ever-larger memory growth), and changing the external node terminus to use the version of the facts as their version. This will usually result in the cached node information being used, instead of always hitting the external node app during file serving. Note that if the facts aren't changed by the client, then this will result in the cached node being used, but at this point, the client always updates its facts. (#1130)
f3a304c Modifying the yaml terminus base class to use the timestamp of the yaml file as the version of the object.
8b29368 Adding a filebucket test to puppet-test
da77cb6 Adding a test for local compiling
405802e Using the indirected facts rather than master.getfacts, so no factsync is used
388cf7c Regression in :node_name functionality
872ced7 Flat file now does writing to a tempfile.
4956323 Fixing #1132 -- host names can now have dashes anywhere. (Patch by freiheit.)
ecb873d Fixing #1118 -- downloading plugins and facts now ignores noop. Note that this changes the behaviour a bit -- the resource's noop setting always beats the global setting (previously, whichever was true would win).
e2370b3 Fixing the service-stop on debian, using the patch provided by DavidS
e8029cc Fixing the "tidy" type to use an option hash for specifying its parent class
c955f61 updating changelog for already-closed tickets
eecc22c Cache the same type we check for, hopefully fixes #1116
f1216f8 Revert "Cache the same type we check for, hopefully fixes #1116"
ca0b62a Cache the same type we check for, hopefully fixes #1116
35214eb Fixing the rest of #1113: External node commands can specify an environment and Puppet will now use it.
2261032 Partially fixing #1113: LDAP nodes now support environments, and the schema has been updated accordingly.
4c0f6c8 Fix for 1094
647f5b4 Always duplicating resource defaults in the parser, so that stacked metaparameter values do not result in all resources that receive a given default also getting those stacked values.
ee8fac6 Changed name of method for clarity per code review
8192475 Ticket #1041 The CA serial file was getting owned by root because it was using a different method to write to file
4c47656 Applies patches from #1111 and #1112
443db20 Fix tests depending on the Puppet[:localcert] file existing using stubs
8627139 Updating version number
3b5daf7 Revert "Fixes #1099 - use of -m option with -d option for home directories"
0ae58a9 Fixes #1099 - use of -m option with -d option for home directories
f019cac Updated to version 0.24.2
bfdac69 Updated to version 0.24.2
6faed12 updating changelog for 0.24.2
ee88c58 Applying patch by DavidS to fix #1083.
a7339ec Fixing a few tests
e008b02 Fixing #1110 -- transactions now always make sure their tags are arrays.
65b7267 Fixing the fact that resources that model defined resources were getting finished multiple times, which meant they got multiple copies of metaparams.
4c3fa78 Fixing a few more loading order issues.
857814a Fixing tests that did not work with Rails 2.
7ca0ad6 Fixing a test that changed the environment for all later tests, thus breaking some of them.
9b07758 * Tweaks for puppetshow UI cleanup
0139889 * Add migration for "created_at" (hobo expects it) * Tweaks for puppetshow interface cleanup * Delete unused tagging lib and puppet_class model
43aea83 renaming ral/types to ral/type in the tests
879ee22 Fixing #1062 by moving the yamldir setting to its own yaml section. This should keep the yamldir from being created on clients.
fd1573f Fixed #1047 -- Puppet's parser no longer changes the order in which statements are evaluated, which means that case statements can now set variables that are used by other variables.
9d6e926 Fixed #1063 -- the master correctly logs syntax errors when reparsing during a single run.
abd688e Fixing #1092 by no longer using the resource reference to look resources up, which means there's no concern about not finding the resource, which is where the nil was coming from. We now just iterate over the vertices.
29aafb4 Fixing an integration test so it cleans up after itself
82b02b9 Fixing #1101 -- puppetrun works again.
dd17d4c Fixing #1093 -- 0.23.2 clients are again compatible with 0.24.x servers. :ignore links is now equivalent to :manage links.
c0b5352 testing automatic commit emails
614ab9f Adding a 'control' parameter to services, for those service types that need a control variable to enable/disable.
bb8051b Removed the loglevels from the valid values for 'logoutput' in the Exec resource type -- the log levels are specified using the 'loglevel' parameter, not 'logoutput'. This never worked, or at least hasn't for ages, and now the docs are just correct.
ff4f65a replacing tabs with spaces in the redhat interface provider
f3db79e Fixing a typo in the mailalias resource type
4e55999 Removing the validation on package sources, since some platforms (e.g., hpux) do not have a well-formed requirement for the source.
42bfdf2 Fixing #1085, I think -- I was not returning a resource if the class had already been evaluated, but this was only being run into in corner cases -- mostly where one class included another class, I assume.
1258512 Fixing #1084 -- the node catalog asks the individual resources whether they're isomorphic, and they in turn ask the resource types (or default to true for defined resource types).
9a33487 adding a comment to the namespaceauth.conf file
04892ee Adding an example namespaceauth.conf
f0975df Trac #1038: not a fix, just an attempt at improving the situation.
c8b320e Corrected #1040 fix - this should now be right - trace was after raise
07cd482 Making a couple of other small fixes, requiring classes that were not being required in the right order.
ff97059 Somewhat refactored fileserving so that it no longer caches any objects, nor does it use Puppet's RAL resources. In the process, I fixed #894 (you can now copy links) and refactored other classes as necessary. Mostly it was fixing tests.
939c952 Fixes ticket #1080
f184228 Fixes ticket #1079 - added . support for tags
9b6e501 Fixing a test that was failing when a user-specific fileserver.conf actually exists.
5d35bc5 Fixes #1078 and includes new test
7976015 Removing a test I never migrated from test/unit.
279a0c5 Fixing a test that was actually reading in keys from the filesystem and failed when those keys were unreadable.
098a69c updating checksum for #1010 fix
b06767e Quashed commit of my fixes for #1010.
5e18b8d Hasstatus in the init service provider; it was just doing a boolean check, rather than comparing to :true.
60f18c2 Fixed minor documentation error
39a6756 Fixed #1073 - moved show_diff and other logic post config parse
f006e17 Fixed test for #1040
1f0ea5a Second attempt fix address ticket #1040
39f9818 Removing some extraneous debugging from a test.
d82bfd8 Attempt to fix #1040 - catching errors in compilation
e830f28 Fixed #1018 -- resources now have their namevars added as aliases in the resource catalog, just like they were added in the resource classes.
60dd569 Fixed #1037 -- remote unreadable files no longer have the permission denied exceptions caught, thus forbidding them from being replaced with 'nil'.
2de4654 converting parser ast node specs from setup/teardown to before/after
9927efb converting parser ast host class specs from setup/teardown to before/after
c86c1da converting node catalog specs from setup/teardown to before/after
61cdc2b converting indirector yaml specs from setup/teardown to before/after
f702096 converting facter indirector specs from setup/teardown to before/after
516e5b6 converting indirector checksum file specs from setup/teardown to before/after
d260b7e converting parser compilerspecs from setup/teardown to before/after
1913134 converting mount provider specs from setup/teardown to before/after
6781e10 converting indirector terminus specs from setup/teardown to before/after
dba64dd converting file serving configuration specs from setup/teardown to before/after
b4c8f99 converting indirector ldap node specs from setup/teardown to before/after
3cb1118 converting indirector direct file server specs from setup/teardown to before/after
9e632bc converting parsed mount provider specs from setup/teardown to before/after
becafab converting mount type specs from setup/teardown to before/after
034336b converting indirector file specs from setup/teardown to before/after
12f139c converting package type specs from setup/teardown to before/after
b8d5ce0 converting fileserving/configuration/parser specs from setup/teardown to before/after
eb0bdcb converting indirector/module_files specs from setup/teardown to before/after
22d6f9f converting ral/types/schedule specs away from setup/teardown
d04567a converting indirection specs away from setup/teardown to rspec compatible before/after usage
aa14ce7 moving setup() methods to before :each, so that the tests will run with rspec, as opposed to just rake (which calls them directly with ruby, as opposed to any spec binary)
f9f32c4 reordering spec binaries to prefer the local vendor/gems/rspec/bin/spec option
d11cd39 Fixing a failing test that resulted from a change in how checksums are created.
62d7616 Fixing the directory service provider's behaviour when there's no value for a given attribute.
f087df0 Fixed ticket #1072 - Debian directory updates
0eede76 Fixed Ticket 1009 - problem with plist xml parser. We do not need the plist parser for pkgdmg.
458cb23 Fixed ticket #1070 - puppetrun configuration parse problem
2e41803 Fixed ticket #1069 - removed remaining references to multiple configuration files
10d4d0e Fixed ticket #1065 - Solaris SMF manifests
8fa4120 Fixed ticket #1068 - Minor documentation fix
30128bd Really minor change to user creation in Leopard.
6013b25 Refactoring the incremental checksum generation slightly based on the code in type/file/checksum.rb.
aebd303 Enhancing the stand-alone checksums utility module with the rest of the checksums we're likely to use, and adding tests, which I somehow missed when I wrote this file.
df3fbc7 Fixed #1060 - Debian service removal and addition
5ef8a3e Changing portage to use Puppet::Error instead of Puppet::PackageError, fixing #1059.
c4f7c51 Fixing comment -- ticket #1027 instead of #1064
8920557 Fixing #1064 -- providers et al are now autoloaded from modules even when Autoload#loadall is used.
4829711 removing "lib" deprecation notice from autoloader
f8afe13 Fixed #1043 -- autoloading now searches the plugins directory in each module, in addition to the lib directory. The 'lib' directory is also deprecated, but supported for now to give people a chance to convert.
fe02591 Fixed #1003 -- Applying DavidS's patch to fix searching for tags in sql.
9b1bfc1 Fixed #992 -- Puppet is now compatible with gems 1.0.1.
0cfa1d2 Fixed #968 again, this time with tests -- parseonly works, including not compiling the configurations, and also storeconfigs is no longer required during parse-testing.
8367fdf Renaming the 'pfile' and 'pfilebucket' files to plain 'file' and 'filebucket'. This should have been done years ago.
a42c3ae Fixed #1021 -- the problem was that my method of determining the in-degree sometimes resulted in a lower number than the number of in-edges.
d406353 Removing the last vestiges of GRATR from the PGraph class
068b61e Removing obsolete references (they're in the indirection reference), and adding error handling to puppetdoc.
98dbfa2 Loading the mocha gem from the puppettest.rb file.
12fa0fa Fixing the Rakefile so all tests run in one task instead of multiple.
cb5def4 'rake' within the spec dir works now, anyway, which is a good start. Autotest still doesn't work, though.
eb74033 Fixing the puppet_rspec autotest plugin to use the modern interface
1b90f7f Trying to upgrade rspec, but not having much luck.
bcb9b56 Copying over Rick's work from the master branch supporting autotest and cleaning up the rspec support.
3af6827 Adding an inflection util class.
7e45553 Fixed #997 -- virtual defined types are no longer evaluated. NOTE: This introduces a behaviour change, in that you previously could realize a resource within a virtual defined resource, and now you must realize the entire defined resource, rather than just the contained resource.
c8da318 Moving the ast node tests to rspec (which I could have *sworn* I did this weekend). In the process, I fixed a couple of bugs related to differentiating between nodes and classes, and then cleaned up quite a few error messages.
8b2fae0 Removing the last remaining vestiges of GRATR -- removing the bangs from 'add_vertex!' and 'add_edge!'.
cf21ade Switching the Node catalog to use the Tagging module instead of its own tag methods.
744cd45 Added a 'tagged?' method to the Tagging module.
d21416b Switching the Node Catalog to using a separate method for validating that a given resource is unique within the catalog. This no longer allows any duplication, even with Execs.
fd0c5cb Changing the name of the Compile class to Compiler, since it's stupid to have a class named after a verb.
5ebaa89 Refactoring the interface between the Compile class and the AST::Node class to match that to the definitions and AST classes.
e247b56 Changing some methods in the Compile class to be more internally consistent (switched store_resource to add_resource, and store_override to add_override).
6a4cf6c Fixed #1030 - class and definition evaluation has been significantly refactored, fixing this problem and making the whole interplay between the classes, definitions, and nodes, and the Compile class much cleaner.
3b740ff Converting the Compile class to use a Node::Catalog instance as its resource container, instead of having its own behaviour around resource uniqueness.
194e730 Moving all of the tests for Puppet::Parser::Compile to rspec, so I can refactor the class to more heavily rely on a Node::Catalog instead of doing its own resource container management.
fb4bdc0 More AST refactoring -- each of the code wrapping classes just returns a resource from its evaluate() method, and all of the work is done in the evaluate_code method. This makes the code cleaner, because it means 1) evaluate() has the same prototype as all of the other AST classes, 2) evaluate() is no longer called indirectly through the Parser Resource class, and 3) the classes themselves are responsible for creating the resources, rather than it being done in the Compile class.
5a0e34b Refactoring the AST classes just a bit. I realized that all of the evaluate() methods only ever accepted a scope, and sometimes one other option, so I switched them all to use named arguments instead of a hash.
82720d5 Removing some obsolete code from the AST base class
dbaffae Ceasing autoloading ast files; loading them manually instead
7c500da Stubbing Facter during the snippet tests, so they are faster and work with no network
084d0fb Adding more information to dependencies that do not resolve
b293763 Applying patch by Jay to fix #989 -- missing crl files are correctly ignored, and you now use 'false' instead of 'none' to explicitly ignore them.
2931723 Fixing the Settings class so that it correctly handles file values that are false.
f7b0ca9 Fixed #1052 - fixed gentoo service management
b3f67ec Fix ticket 974. My original "fix" wasn't. This actually fixes the problem by using a regular expression that matches only up to the first square bracket.
8f0d87d Added :env parameter for backwards-compatibility, with warning about deprecation. :env parameter sets new :environment parameter. Changed instances of :env to :environment for consistency with other types. Added tests for new parameters. This cimmit fixes ticket 1007.
139ff33 Fujin's patch for ticket #1007 - consistent use of 'environment' instead of 'env'
aedd59c fix bug 974 - filenames with opening bracket characters generate exceptions
b8036a9 Updating the docs for the cron type
28a8577 Added hostname test for hosts type
16df87c Updated fix for ticket #151 and added a test
ed0c745 Fixing #1017 -- environment-specific modulepath is no longer ignored. (Cherry-picked from master.)
ade9f3c Store a resource before adding relations to it otherwise activerecord will complain. This fixes #933
047ec54 Fixed tickt #1034 - doco typo
6ff9423 Significantly refactoring the lexer, including adding Token and TokenList classes for managing how the tokens work.
11799b3 Fixed #1001
348aa3e Fixed #1028 - examples incorrect for 0.24.x
974fcdb Removed womble-specific Debian build section
321b8fd Fixed #1006 - changed ldapnodes to node_terminus
ee6ddc9 Removing tons of unnecessary calls to "nil?" from the lexer.
7a4935f Fixing a couple of tests, one related to recent tagging changes and one that somehow slipped through when I removed the GRATR code.
9a290bb Second attempt to fix ticket #151 - host type now validates IP addresses and hostnames/FQDNs
4a7fcfc Revert "Fixes ticket #151 - host type now validates IP addresses and hostnames/FQDNs - the regex for the latter is quite complex but I have found it bullet-proof in the past"
b561ae6 Fix bug #997, only evaluate non-virtual definitions
1ccc9c3 Fixes ticket #151 - host type now validates IP addresses and hostnames/FQDNs - the regex for the latter is quite complex but I have found it bullet-proof in the past
d7a89b4 Fixed #1019 - made libshadow available for non-Linux users
8a649ff I think I've finally fixed #959, by having the Settings class skip any resources that are already in memory.
52eba77 Fixing #794 -- consolidating the gentoo configuration files.
f43be56 Removing the line that marked fink as the default package manager on darwin.
f98be4a Fixing #976 -- both the full name of qualified classes and the class parts are now added as tags. I've also created a Tagging module that we should push throughout the rest of the system that uses tags.
2cbab2c Fixing #1008 -- Puppet no longer throws an exception when you've pointed a file at a source that doesn't exist and you specify 'ensure'.
f5674cd Fixing #995 -- puppetd no longer dies at startup if the server is not running.
7a9aae8 Wrapping the Resolv call in the mongrel server so if it fails it doesn't kill the server.
9161ae8 Applying a fix for #998 -- I used a patch equivalent to bartv's, although I could not use his commit because it was against the 'master' branch instead of 0.24.x.
046a326 Fixing #977 -- rundir is again set to 1777.
4618140 Updating docs for ssh.
7ee4746 Adding a parse test to puppet-test.
35145f3 Fixed ticket #1005 - added additional logcheck lines
b24ac77 Fixes ticket #1004 - documentation fixes for ralsh and puppetrun
1ff9d65 Updated documentation for builtin cron type; added information about range and step syntaxes.
f15696c Updated tagmail documentation fixing ticket #996
e3d4ea8 Fixes ticket #993 - tagmail with smtpserver specified does not add To/From/Subject header
40addcd Fixing #982 -- I have completely removed the GRATR graph library from the system, and implemented my own topsort method.
927dff4 Fixing #971 -- classes can once again be included multiple times.
117926c Fixing the unit tests for nagios_maker; I could swear I'd already done this but I must not have committed it.
a7bca7e Removing the requirement in the parsed mount provider that the fstab file exist.
1bdf3f8 Fixed #984 - Added Debian to reponsefile doco
b1f13af Fixed #980 - minor wiki formatting error in nagios_maker.rb
2f9c13b Fixed ticket #979 - code configuration option doco
039dc8d Fixed ticket #979 - pkgdmg.rb documentation
1154c42 Fixed ticket #978 - logcheck/puppet
33e319a Added builtin support for all Nagios resource types. I use Naginator to parse and generate the files, with ParsedFile to handle record management and the like.
68cde4f Removing the one-off naginator provider for nagios_command.
348f257 Adding the metaprogramming to create the Nagios types and Naginator providers. This is basically all of the code that's necessary to create all of the needed Nagios types.
4e8bc40 Fixing the inability to manage '/' directly. It was a result of stripping extra and trailing slashes.
9b1d036 Adding the first round of Nagios code. There are no tests here, but at least a single Nagios type is functional. Now I need to do some metaprogramming so this works for all nagios types, and add tests for the whole thing.
20367c6 Updated for 0.24.1
20d430d Adding 0.24.1 tag to the changelog.
4fa6546 Updated to version 0.24.1
d17fb7a Updated to version 0.24.1
40439da Updating an exception message a bit.
e2fc425 Attempting to fix #952 -- catching any exceptions thrown during a run.
c59ff62 Further fixes toward #965. Turned out that the previous fix caused other problems.
4d28b10 Updating the failure when the CRL is missing, so it's clear how to solve the problem.
e4446b6 Fixing parseonly with a modified version of jay's patch from #968.
bc0616e Updating filetype detection for vim, and changing the filestructure for vim files. (#900 and #963)
927cb24 Fixing #967 -- default resources no longer conflict with managed resources.
c998a25 Adding a --print option to puppetca that just prints the full-text version of a certificate, and --verify, which uses the external openssl command to verify the cert against the CA cert (I could not find an option to the builtin Ruby libraries to do this).
9c32c9c Removing the ability to disable http-keep alive, since it didn't work and is now unnecessary.
553b2ad Entirely refactoring http keep-alive. There's now a central module responsible for managing the http pool (Puppet::Network::HttpPool), and it also handles setting certificate information. This gets rid of what were otherwise long chains of method calls, and it makes the code paths much clearer.
92b0ebc Fixing #967 -- relationships now work when running 0.23.x clients against 0.24.0 servers.
1ada24d Fixing some tests that were failing with the recent ruby that has ssl issues.
c22a584 Uninstalling packages through 'ensure => absent' works again for the rpm and yum providers.
8f5989a Updated for 0.24.0-2
cc2d532 Updated for 0.24.0
933b1df Fixing #961 -- closing existing, open connections when a new connection is requested, and closing all connections at the end of each run.
e0dab9a Updating changelog to reflect the fact that we no longer warn about explicit plugin mounts.
4d3a368 Remove the warning about an explicit plugins mount.
178093f Fixing the Rakefile to include the file in the file list.
6b02bd5 Updated to version 0.24.0
e92f1cc Updated to version 0.24.0
22daebe Adding changelog update for misspiggy/0.24.0
e0f5444 Fixing the webrick test to provide a correct host name so the stupid ssl checks pass during the test.
106f319 Changing the statefile to only being managed by clients, not by puppetmasterd.
4ebb8d0 Hopefully finally fixing #959. Loading the stored cache resulted in the resource duplication, based on how the settings are used, so I added a test to only use those settings if the directories do not exist.
690e287 This should be the last fix for exported resources. Hosts were keeping the export bit on all resources, even when they'd collected another host's resources, which caused a duplicate copy that was still exported.
f1169ee Not using the main section when running the store report, since it is unneeded and can cause conflicts within puppetmasterd
ce5cab1 Removing extraneous debugging from the schedule resource type.
cb0c4ee Renaming 'configuration' to 'catalog', fixing #954.
7ac3bd7 Renaming the 'null' terminus type to 'plain', as requested in #960.
a21ee00 Copying the fact-loading code from the network client to the Facter terminus until I have a better solution. This problem was discovered becomes of #958.
1bbaf18 Applying patch by whaymond to fix #955.
d9200a0 Adding what is hopefully the last commit for #896. Here's the changelog:
74db777 Removing the 'addpath' commands from the freebsd service provider, since it's no longer needed or even valid.
b19a0c9 Removing the recently-commited paludis provider, because it breaks autoloading as indicated in #956.
02b64ab Applying patch by josb in #884 to provide pattern matching in the tidy type.
584127c Applying patch by raj in #881.
4ee5ab8 Applying patch for portage package support from thansen in #895.
ed642ac Replacing freebsd service provider with the one provided by raj in #880.
117f005 Adding paludis package support as provided by KillerFox in #741.
3248c93 Fixing #937 -- I had not ported the dot methods at all, and I had to make a few small changes to make them work.
a8bf74b Fixing #946.
b70f00a Fixing some further failing tests resulting from the fix for
862d1f7 Adding an Indirection reference, along with the work necessary to support it.
da77e4a Updating the changelog with external node info.
f127d04 Fixing #951 -- external nodes work again, but you have to set the 'node_terminus' setting to 'exec'.
7a4ae08 Fixing the rest of #948. My previous work was sufficient, except that I was not passing the interpolated value in to the hook, which meant the libdir was set to something like $vardir/lib.
3790ce1 Fixing part of #948 -- per-setting hooks are now called when the configuration file is parsed. The bug is still there, but I'm getting closer.
b852c2f Fixing #941 -- calling pkg_info instead of info in the openbsd package provider.
ae33e57 Fixing #923 (again). The host storage method was not correctly searching for the host, so it was creating a new host on each run, which is what was causing the conflict.
9ad7d1a Adding basic unit tests for type/user by DavidS from #948.
038b9c8 Fixing #923. Resources that are collected on the local host are no longer marked as not exported.
5886d37 Applying patch by whaymond_home to further fix part of #896.
072b03e simplify PluginsMount
a012849 Updated tests for http_enable_post_connection_check configuration setting.
4d4abd3 Better test to match the behavior of the code.
24cacdb Fixed test case for http_enable_post_connection_check
f94d6d3 As per lutter; augmented fix for #896 to be configurable and defaulting to validate the server certificate, honoring CVE-2007-5162.
8eecbe5 Fixing another failing test I somehow missed in my last big commit
88304cc Renaming @model to @resource in a provider
75647ee Fixing a couple of tests that were failing on a different platform or with a different version of ruby
811fefa Fixing #892 -- filesystem mounts are no longer remounted.
dedc56a Fixing #527 (rewrote service tests), #766 (services only restart when they are running), and #918 (service tests fail when hddtemp is not installed).
421b3fc Another backward compatibility patch, this time helping with a new server and old client
bbf8a8b Making a few changes to the transportable class to enhance backward compatibility
11ae473 Theoretically, this patch is to fix #917 (which it does), but there were enough problems fixing it that I decided something more drastic needed to be done.
8127397 Fixing puppetca so it passes its tests, duh. Apparently wyvern's patch broke things a bit and I was stupid enough not to run the tess right before accepting.
2282046 Adding a top-level ResourceReference class that everything else can use to canonize how we refer to resources. Finally.
c6d1746 Fixing the first half of #917 -- the ResourcReference AST code now correctly finds the resource. It's getting lost in the configuration translation, though, so I need to fix that, too.
6c1d8d3 Applying fix to xmlrpc client tests by Matt Palmer
6b2c0d8 Fixing the error message as requested in #893.
1b2142b Applying patches from #823 by wyvern
c7cd7ec Fixing the markup on the pkgdmg provider so it is a bit better
1e6ba6f Fixing #781, from what I can tell. I'm leaving it with no tests for now, since it's a very small chunk of code and it's *insanely* difficult to test this kind problem.
5d30ea9 Fixing #810 -- I catch the error and prefix it with something a bit more useful.
4e52ffc Fixing #796 -- the fileserver can now start with no configuration file (it creates both default mount points if it does) and puppetmasterd no longer requires the configuration file to exist.
168fa5f Fixing the asuser method in Puppet::Util::SUIDManager so that it correctly just yields if you're not root. It also no longer tries to set :uid or :gid; just :euid and :egid, and it once again sets :egid before it sets :euid, which is important because you usually can't change your group after you've changed your user id.
0ef6b95 Fixing #931 by keeping track in configurations of what transportable resources get converted to, so different names don't throw it off.
a38b415 Fixing #927 -- rewriting the test to actually test what it's supposed to be doing and to skip the whole network connect thing.
7ff8ea5 Fixing the persistent and periodic schedule test failures by rewriting the schedule tests entirely.
18b4c3a Fixing #924 -- clearing the configuration cache before and after the test.
2cb1199 Fixing the breakage that I caused when I added the 'declared_feature?' method to provider features.
2d19ee2 Fixing #920 -- I have replaced the existing mount test with an rspec version. It's not perfect, in that it only tests the :ensure state, but that's where 90% of the behaviour is.
c3dde68 Fixing #919 -- installed packages used for testing are just ignored, rather than throwing a failure.
47890f9 Fixing a test that was erroneously testing for the wrong feature
12ebbe2 Rewriting the tests for the package resource type, fixing #930.
fc7f1b4 Fixing #921, mostly by just deleting the existing test. I had already migrated all of the tests into rspec but forgot about these tests -- they were only in the rails/ subdir because people kept not running the parser/ tests after modifying the Rails code.
9311bdd Applying patch by trombik from #756.
b575d15 Integrating Matt Palmer's patch to provide a 'plugins' mount, fixing #891. The patch was ported to the current code by David Schmitt, I applied the rest of Matt's patches, and I then fixed all of the code so that the tests passed.
36c947e Fix #896 - Always disable DNS checking of certificate when making https connections.
3fb8e2e Applying the rest of Matt Palmer's patches related to providing a plugin mount.
7eb09ab Implementing the test for setting the Rails log level.
676efa7 Incorporating patch 20071030034736-6856b-6004090b3968cdbf7d366a03ee1c44e2160a3fe0.patch from womble, and rewriting and significantly enhancing the unit tests for the Puppet::Parser::Collector class; it should have full coverage now. There are no integration tests for it, so there's still no guarantee that it works at all, but hey, we're a lot better off than we were.
7f1b2d6 change up rails specs again with Luke's help
8de1412 Integrating most of Matt Palmer's from
a88891a Fixed #906 - Augmented Cert DN regexp check to work with Pound and Apache.
c19d08a mock all use of Puppet[] in Puppet::Rails.database_arguments
e69e0c3 fix spacing
b435f04 fix socket argument to AR and add rails spec
e53693e Hopefully fixing #698 -- fixing the markup for the pkgdmg package provider
7c36ae9 Adding patch 20071030035457-6856b-bd1c45ed5ecd753b2cb4f05347061f7245cc175a.patch from womble -- Force removal of directories during pluginsync
880a8e2 Adding patch 20071020020745-6856b-dbc63ff3f137a4039fb997b9978202d52f621e8c.patch from womble -- Fix some residual instances of /var/run fever
696f1fb Adding patch 20071020015958-6856b-69efa7868cf3df3f2a2da6fcfc3b794bbb532c7f.patch from womble -- Remove rundir from puppet.conf, and add a NEWS entry to document these changes
7a95017 Adding part of patch 20071020011907-6856b-05b59120fdb90ab4a5842f91613247b07206a4ba.patch from womble -- Fix for Debian#447314, by fiddling with /var/run/puppet. This does not accept the whole patch, because the change needs to be tested around other platforms.
38b970a Adding patch 20070927050018-6856b-7fa134180aceb9cee2e667630345f5f8467a9d0c.patch from womble -- Catch more retryable errors in the XMLRPC call wrapper
276034f Adding patch 20070927042000-6856b-38a0c82fd0a0d950937e7fe5a38b9901743402b3.patch from womble -- Recycle the connection more aggressively, to stop problems with clients that are newly requesting certificates
3bf7031 Adding patch 20070926235454-6856b-079fc12a9b63d59afd59aa205bc8bfeb350b097a.patch from womble -- Recycle the connection if we're presented with an EPIPE
0ebd99e Adding patch 20070926214630-6856b-edd313b08555033710c90a94d9d8beaf889d6cf4.patch from womble -- Fix spelling mistake in debian control files
7ed1c17 Adding patch 20070913032650-6856b-b1cca1c249415c6076ffcecb9df1525a728457c7.patch from womble -- Fix annoying database deletion error for ParamValue objects.
28430c4 Adding patch 20070913032546-6856b-0de200e8450920e7f712c54bf287ae43c7fda8af.patch from womble -- Only set dbuser if explicitly asked for
d7b381b Adding patch 20070913011122-6856b-98bf03f09c8e19679390d73fdddc2e4d1273f698.patch from womble -- Add changelog entries for the pulled pgsql patches
a7d75d3 Adding patch 20070913010926-6856b-eb64be3b5169b7af674388124b406a1db7470880.patch from womble -- More restrictive permissions on some puppet-related directories
407734f Adding patch 20070913005414-6856b-db5ea77e10ec6869ad01a4bd6483912c337f3a70.patch from womble -- NEWS for the ssldir transition
1486d39 Applying patch 20070913004017-6856b-cdbbba99de0b33b64874205a27833b5114fcc6b9.patch by womble -- Allow empty config settings
03c8ffd Adding patch 20070913003810-6856b-cdc8b2e8c6c46eb8d6d073f86291a0fc5a59f429.patch from womble -- Only set the hostname and password if we want them; this allows pgsql ident auth to work it's magic
035fa38 Adding patch 20070905004837-6856b-2e7b8d8595ee0883537620c46424a4bf6174dc6a.patch from womble -- Add an attr_accessor for @http#ca_file, since older versions of libopenssl-ruby only provides ca_file=, not ca_file
63b205a Adding patch 20070831053637-6856b-dd0fddab681485ce7cea0b57336d0c48fa33f7f8.patch from womble; updates changelog
72c0e7b Adding the debian directory via patch 20070831052721-6856b-b90bb56a4ed37ea420f10352a0a366068cddc7e4.patch from womble
7efe24f Fixing #882 -- I just added a quick hook to the Master handler again; we need a better long-term solution, though.
56aad69 Patching a bit for #804 by making the maximum much higher UID and making it tunable, but it has not gone away yet.
a525ab5 Fixing a couple of tests that were failing because of the environment changes.
6d74ddd Accepting a modified form of the patch from #885 by immerda.
b745f04 Fixing #886 -- the problem was the I had changed the base class for Parameter, which apparently lost the 'nodoc' method for that class.
dbe70a1 Added calls to endgrent/endpwent in util/posix.rb to fix #791.
7f504b0 Applying patch from #896 by whaymond_home, adding more certname aliases.
1cb40ec Obviating targets in interfaces; they now just generate a warning.
eee9f5e Adding more tests to the redhat interface provider. It no longer uses the :target parameter (which I'll be removing in the next commit).
1a4e4fb Rewriting the sunos interface provider to manually parse and generate, rather than using ParsedFile. This should fix #777, and has from what I can tell.
8cbe8bd Adding unit tests for the sunos interface provider.
3d2e1a5 Adding some unit tests for the interface type before i go messing around with it
cca613d Fixing the first part of #787. Not all collections were being evaluated on the first pass because they were being deleted from the collections list during evaluation, which caused some to get skipped. This commit fixes that problem, which helps in the trivial cases where the collections are in the same scope. I expect it's still broken for more complicated usages.
96b3cde Applying patch from #834, apparently fixing a problem with bringing up alias interfaces.
9472eef Removing the bootproto and broadcast attributes from the redhat interface provider, since they are not needed
a7a46af fixing the path to the spec helper in the exec test
3d31dc8 Fixing #762. The main problem was that I accepted the patch in #744 which broke the templates. In the process, I also added test code for the redhat interface provider and rewrote how parsing worked to make it more testable.
8ecdfc2 Moving the exec test into the types/ directory
94e63ad Fixing the last failing test relating to the environment changes
7fe5bfc Fixing the exec spec so it works when non-root and is a bit cleaner
8cc07ad Using the Environment class to determine the default environment, rather than plenty of different places having the logic of how to determine the default environment.
53008e5 The Puppet settings instance now validates environments when you set an environment.
9e5fc76 Fixing #911 and #912 -- there's a default environment (development) and you have to specify the valid environments for your site.
cc88441 Removing the manual ssldir setting by David in 59626cb3907d36e4fd762277daa76f523faf0908
1bf3999 Fixing a failing test from my fix for #446 -- I had changed the behaviour of Resource#override_parameter unintentionally. I've corrected the comments so it's clear why the original behaviour was there.
3f0b250 Fixing a few test suites that passed when run as part of the suite, but failed when run individually. The problem was that I changed lib/puppettest/support/utils to have a separate module and I didn't test the individual files.
4bd7b6f Fixing #896 by applying DerekW's patches, with slight modifications to fit coding style.
8ad2732 Fixing #446. I ended up largely not using porridge's patch, but only because the code (and my coding style, to some extent) has changed so much in the last few months. Also, added specs.
1b78f57 Add Exec{ logoutput=> on_failure }
2b14f62 Reverting the changes I'd made toward removing the global resources. These are commits:
9cf477b Applying fix by Jeff McCune from #905
edc4b1d Fixing a SimpleGraph unit test so it doesn't depend on hashing.
c19835c Fixed most failing tests, but there are still over thirty failing.
4afbaa6 fix #903: add patch from hrvojehr
32d9afc tests for #903: fail when no logoutput is generated on failure
9290cc8 Modifying how default resources are created; they are now added to the configuration by the master client, rather than by the creating types.
ffb4c2d This commit is the first run at removing all global references to resources. It deprecates the class-level [] and []= methods, used for so long to provide closure behaviour but now unnecessary with the node configuration's ability to function as a resource container.
b65fb83 Fixing a parser test -- really, just removing tests that belong with the AST classes rather than in the parser.
72510bf Fixing #800 by refactoring how configurations are retrieved from the server. The real problem was getting all of the validation done before any caching, which required a good bit more refactoring than I expected.
dd7caa7 Moving some compile tests to the spec/ directory, and switching the node scope to no longer be lazy evaluation, just like I switched 'main'. When I made all of these classes and nodes lazy evaluated, I should have decoupled my real goal (using resources to evaluate them) from the idea of lazy-evaluating them, and this basically does that.
47a2605 Changing the 'main' class to no longer be lazy-evaluated. It was getting evaluated after node classes, which caused even stranger ordering issues.
a4e8f1c Adding a memory terminus for facts, which is really only used for testing
3851415 fix dependency on $HOME, which causes massive failures when running without environment
59626cb fix failing CA test, when testing with incomplete setup (no ssldir, no DNS)
a6ad326 fix the underlying dependency on the environment in the cron type
d48ee3e fix crontests depending on ENV[USER] by using Etc.getpwuid(Process.uid) instead
8fe892d fix a testfailure when running spec tests as root
445c29c fix #872: improve property(:content).insync?
5726412 tests for #872: check interaction between "replace" and "content"
61ef289 fix #815: add :main to all use() for :reporting and :metrics
418bc21 remove obsolete runners variable
a535cbb Commenting out the time debugging I was using
3f583dc Adding unit tests for the module that handles the logic around mounting and unmounting. This includes a fix for bug #761, which required a different regex for Solaris.
8f04446 Fixing the 'mount' tests so that they no longer modify the local system and they run fine as non-root users.
ba19989 Switching the class resource evaluation to only happen when using :include, not (for example) when evaluating node classes.
cf75168 Classes once again get evaluated immediately when the 'include' function is used, instead of being lazy-evaluated.
4441052 fix #891: create a plugins mount which collects all modules' plugins/ subdirs
dfe774f Switching the base class for the Relationship class. It was previously using the GRATR::Edge class, which had wonky overrides that dramatically slowed down sorting (its hash mechanism hashed the source and target so that edges with the same source/target got the same hash, which we actually don't want any more).
4194526 fix #760: property_fix has to be called after creating a symlink
b250416 fix #731: add exported=true to collect_exported
1ffcce0 Splitting the puppetd tests into two tests. It is still not a very good test, but I do not know of a good way to test this, really.
065a1d0 Switching the graph base class from GRATR::Digraph to Puppet::SimpleGraph, which should dramatically enhance performance. It should be largely functionally equivalent, with the only difference being that edges are no longer deduplicated.
3f21e93 Adding a new graphing base class, because the GRATR stuff is just too slow. This class has just about no iteration, and vertex deletation is dramatically (as in, 1000x) faster). Here are the results of some very simplistic graph operations:
ef99495 Caching the 'parent' value, which resulted in a drastic performance increase.
826efe8 The configurations should now be functional again -- file recursion was previously not working, because the relationship graph was setting itself as a resource's primary configuration, which caused it to try creating its own relationship graph.
db293cf Fixing a bit of indentation and commenting in the xmlrpc/client file
956daa5 This won't be perfect by any stretch, but put in a moderately reasonable autotest config file.
c7b36b7 One significant step closer to getting autotest running properly on the Puppet specs. Created a spec/lib/monkey_patches/ directory for holding patches to RSpec functionality. Extraced 'confine' and 'runnable?' support from the local copy of RSpec (spec/lib/spec/) and now load them from the monkey_patches/ directory. Fixed a bad include in one of the specs. Made it possible for the gem-installed spec binary (which autotest calls) to be used with Puppet. Imported the Autotest::Rspec class, created a PuppetRspec autotest class, added a discovery.rb file for autotest to pick these up.
6585835 Adding patch from #879 by tim
d03f68e Changing the test/ classes so that they work from the main test/ dir or from their own working dir, like the specs do. This was just a question of changing how their libraries are loaded.
c0a07ac File serving should work now, both recursive and single files, across modules, local file system, and the traditional file server.
54fc80d Exceptions on requests are now captured, exceptions are serialized, and exception text is passed back via REST.
e7bfe0b Finish serializing successful results (via calls to to_yaml, etc.) for REST handlers. Refactor request building in REST handler specs.
d28a904 REST handlers now properly returning 200 status on success.
1746751 Adding post- hooks for :find and :search in the indirection class.
09f9c3c Adding the calls to the authorization hooks in the Indirection.
b874751 Renaming the FileServing TerminusSelector module to IndirectionHooks, because I'm going to add some hooks for transforming returned objects.
de5d91e Renaming the :local termini for metadata and content to :file.
7fa99b0 Link handling is now in the file serving classes. This was done by putting all of the functionality in the Content and Metadata class (actually, in a new base class for them).
688fcdf Adding searchability to the fileserving termini, using the new Fileset class.
393a3e8 Adding a Fileset class for managing sets of files. This is the new server-side for file recursion, and I'll next be hooking it to the fileserving 'search' methods. This is basically a mechanism for abstracting that search functionality into a single class.
b2b8f75 Adding authorization hooks to the file_server and module_files indirection terminus types. Both hooks use the fileserver configuration, but the module_files hook only uses the 'modules' mount.
8f827ff Renaming the 'mounts' terminus to 'file_server', and renaming tests accordingly.
08099b7 File serving now works. I've tested a couple of ways to use it, and added integration tests at the most important hook points.
264331b Partial work done for ssl certificates.
ec39672 Adding this test stub that's been sitting around in my repository for a while.
fc60751 I've now split the file-serving termini into two separate types (in addition to Rest): A local terminus that just uses direct file paths, and a mounts terminus that uses the file server to figure out what the path should be.
64c6700 Fixing all of the classes that I just renamed, and adding the TerminusSelector module to the File Metadata indirection.
56b83fe Renaming the file serving indirection termini to match the standards I set in the TerminusSelector.
33d7dc0 I'm working on making file serving work in the indirector now, so I added two abilities to the indirections: Models can specify a module to extend the indirection instance with, and indirections will use a :select_terminus method, if it's available, to select the terminus to use for finding. (It's currently only used for finding, not destroying or saving.)
8156185 Renaming the file_serving/{content,metadata} indirections so that they make more sense in the REST API, and creating stub tests for the indirection termini. Now it's on to create the rest of the tests for them.
2718b63 This is the first mostly functional commit of the new file serving structure. The next step is to hook it up to the indirection so we can start writing integration tests to see if we can actually serve up files.
e1dd5dd Adding spec stubs for authorization in the indirection
e69a50a Fix test which is conditional on mongrel installation.
8bf5196 Oops, forgot this file in my last commit.
d0bd48c Adding the first pass at modifying file serving to work with indirection. I've split the fileserver handler into four pieces: Mount (which so far I've just copied wholesale), Configuration (responsible for reading the configuration file and determining what's allowed), Metadata (retrieves information about the files), and Content (retrieves the actual file content).
d2b891f More specs, fleshing out the returns from REST
e5921c5 getting more fine-grained with the response specs -- the target is always moving.
705f76f Argument passing now supported on {webrick,mongrel}+REST.
ce34968 Make the actual runtime be more robust when mongrel is not installed.
6cd0f37 Make it possible to run all tests even if mongrel isn't installed. Shouldn't "confine" produce some output when running spec? Who knows.
216dd8c Refactoring, argument processing for model methods.
abbc824 Tweak to move model lookup functionality into the Handler base class where it belongs. Robustifying the request sanitization a bit more.
2a497ff Refactored to use a Handler base class for server+protocol handlers. Finally eliminated dependency on Puppet.start, etc., from WEBrick HTTP server class. {webrick,mongrel}+REST now support request handling uniformly; need encode/decode next.
6ab78f6 Inlined the controller, eliminating a class. Mongrel+REST has the right bits for request handling prior to the encode/decode/exception-handling bits. Refactored to make the common logic extractable to a base class.
b8c877c Registration now built for {webrick,mongrel} REST handlers.
3c370b3 Going back to each server+protocol object being responsible for only one indirection, as the REST vs. XMLRPC models are different enough that the object must register itself on initialization and handle the request when it comes in.
c06edda First pass through initializers of {mongrel, webrick} REST handlers; hooks into Indirection to look up models from indirected names.
ab4c7fa Minor tweaks to make the ::Server initialization a bit more robust. Fail on unknown HTTP Server types; fail fast.
099c546 Finish front end of delegation to server+protocol helper classes ("handlers").
b1d6223 Bringing in initial handlers for server+protocol pairs.
a815f78 Reorganizing the file structure for indirection terminus types.
ba95202 Partial support for building Handlers for all handler-protocol pairs.
ef8ebe0 Implementing address & port support for new webrick server.
c34efbc Hooking up address/port support for the various servers w/ specs. Still need to start up a webrick server w/ address + port (this is far too incestuous with Puppet lib & Puppet.start at the moment).
9a179ec trivial: WEBRick -> WEBrick, to be more consistent with how the WEBrick ruby classes are named.
e56406f Implementing listening state tracking for webrick and mongrel.
ec71e05 More unit specs for mongrel and webrick; more code to make them work, yo.
31384fe Pushing functionality down to webrick/mongrel classes now; cleanup in the base server / http server classes + specs.
694f98b Fixing failing tests, including making the debian service provider test work on non-Debian platforms.
29feac0 Translating the report handler to an indirected model. I've provided backward compatibility with the old handler.
74d77f7 Adding version handling through most of the indirection work. This counts as the first commit where configuration compiling actually uses the caching correctly according to the application model.
e90191a more stuff for the interim commit
10039b9 interim checkin of network stuffs
512096a Fixing some small spec failures resulting from test fixes. The problem was in how TransObjects were converted to RAL resources. (Committed while flying over Arkansas.)
d24c1cc All tests should now pass again.
ec58355 Fixed #819. Applied patch provided by matsuu.
7ac7872 Fixed #822. Applied patch provided by DavidS.
fc9c850 Adding support for versions and freshness-checking to the indirection layers. This should hopefully enable the different application models we need in our different executables.
1befcc4 Homing in on a clean separation of concerns for a low-coupling, high-cohesion "server" model that will handle REST and/or XMLRPC on webrick and/or mongrel.
5c32c8e Somewhat better documentation of the :absent field feature in fileparsing.
d055cbc Make it apparent that absent fields in a record have a value of :absent, which is different from what appears in a line.
b6dc1ae Trivial tweak on HTTPServer module file
a7d220b Moving the webrick/mongrel "servers" over to HTTPServer module instead of Server. Using Server as the master class for client connections. Server (former RESTServer) will instantiate the appropriate subclass based upon Puppet configurator setting. There are now tests broken in the network section which I can't seem to figure out yet. Not a happy place to be.
cdaad28 Fixing error thrown when the end of the file is encountered unexpectedly
7d7e428 Removing obsolete comment
f084d83 Another round of test-fixing around the changes I made to the configuration system. 'puppet' itself still works, even with -e, but I expect that puppetd and puppetmasterd are broken, and there are still quite a few broken tests because the default fact store can't write but that's the default behaviour for a networked configuration master.
9c58c47 Adding a :code setting for specifying code to run instead of a manifest, and removing all of the ambiguity around whether an interpreter gets its own file specified or uses the central setting.
d35cd94 Making "null" the default node source, so nodes are at least created easily
0e336bf This commit is focused on getting the 'puppet' executable to work. As a result, it involves a lot of integration-level testing, and a lot of small design changes to make the code actually work.
1fa5912 Adding the integration tests to the Rakefile for spec, fixing the integration tests, and extending the Classmethods for the indirector so that indirected classes can set the terminus class and cache class.
a93db87 Adding another test to the ldap node source -- we make sure we throw an appropriate exception if a parent is specified but we cannot find it.
9984a35 Fixing some terminology so some ldap tests are easier to read.
6acde71 Switching the indirection from using settings for configuration to requiring explicit configuration. This means that if you as an application developer want to use a different indirection terminus then you have to specify it; something like:
8ba3a70 Fixed #838. Applied patch provided by DavidS to add more robust update functionality to the dpkg provider.
f41c843 Fixed #837. Added freebsd service provider by trombik.
533ce4b Fixed #855, but I didn't add any tests.
19ad238 Fixed #827. Applied a form of the patch provided by porridge and wrote a test.
29accba Minor tweaks.
2412199 Allow for multiple REST servers to be active; some terminology changes in spec; fleshing out more behavior, implementing.
102ad23 Added .listening to REST server, handle listen states and transitions.
187d910 Spec'd a reset() method for clearing out known routes. Uses the unregister method so that any hooks there will be run. Probably a violation of YAGNI, but I'm willing to suffer it :-)
fd841b3 Updating first portion of the Network RESTServer spec with example code, getting the added examples to pass.
9236179 Attempting to reproduce and fix #829 by applying patch by Paul. I could not get a test to show the exception, nor could I figure out how the coding bug could have actually had an impact, but it's an innocent-enough fix, so I'm fine applying it.
e5c623e Fixing tests for the Configuration object, since I added the any_failed? test to Transactions.
938f051 Fixing #817, mostly using the patch by DavidS. I could not directly use the patch because I have refactored too much.
fd11603 Removing the Id tags from all of the files
bb3b3ce I finally tracked down the problem that was causing providers to sometimes suddenly disappear and thus tests to fail -- Kernel.require was not loading the normal ruby path (e.g., 'puppet/type/cron'), so if someone else loaded that then it would replace the in-memory type with a new one, but that new one couldn't load its own providers, because the Kernel would ignore the providers, thinking they were already loaded.
782bc4d Fixing the yaml path so that it is correctly created for puppetmasterd.
7c8fc8b Fixed #854.
d4afe39 Fixing #813 -- empty configurations again work.
5d50ca7 Fixing #814 -- when files are missing, the exceptions should now be more reasonable.
1be1db9 Updated CHANGELOG.
0b8893b Fixed #832. Added the '--no-daemonize' option to puppetd and puppetmasterd. The default behavior of 'verbose' and 'debug' no longer cause puppetd and puppetmasterd to not daemonize.
b45a7ca Adding more behaviours to the Puppet::Module spec, and fixing some bugs in the process.
3f90ddb Interpreting "hidden" class from spec drafts as a REST Controller. This name, functionality, and/or location in the tree is subject to change, but it's down now somewhere so we can move forward on it.
861c21d Added partial spec for the serving of REST information, as well as some client-side REST terminus behavior.
8722e43 Use external helper script to talk to yum; should avoid any more trouble with "yum list". Fixes trac #836
1174d99 Fixed a failing test where we presumed that non-string Fact values would have type preserved across a P::N::Client.master.facts call, which is not true.
7fe18e3 Fixed a test which was secretly sneaking off and pulling certs from ~ if they were there: Added set_mygroup method, removed duplicate setme method. Included PuppetTest in the XMLRPC servlect test.
fa643e6 Adding more indirection termini, mostly focused on caching information in yaml.
938b918 Adding cache support to indirection. If you have a '<indirection>_cache' setting, then the indirection will use the value there as the name of the cache.
06ad6a3 Updated the configuration doc to more clearly explain where puppet.conf is expected to be by default.
c8d02bd Fixing ralsh to use a configuration instead of a component
ffaa8ce Demoting the "file does not exist" log to debug from notice
c3c3e51 Fixing a small problem with the mailman type
f8ab62b Renamed princs to principals in the k5login type.
6079348 Added k5login type written by Digant Kasundra. This is for ticket #759.
2e33061 I changed the Terminus class to switch camelcase to underscore-separated words, e.g., FactStore becomes fact_store.
d6fd60c Removing obsolete fact stores and node sources. The functionality has been moved into the indirector.
cdc8ea6 Taking a first stab at moving configuration compiling into the indirection system. There are still quite a few unanswered questions, the two most notable being embodied in unimplemented tests in the Configuration Code terminus.
c40da33 Adding a "memory" node terminus, which will be used by 'puppet' and the Cfengine 'module_puppet', since they need to set up the node specially with classes and other weird things.
1e7c648 Fixing the spec for the checksum terminus to match the changed design in the previous commit.
048464f Adding my first integration test, verifying that checksum interaction behaves as I expect when interacting with the file terminus.
84146d0 Adding the first version of checksum support, which will acquire the behaviour of FileBuckets.
3a18348 Renaming the 'Puppet::Util::Config' class to 'Puppet::Util::Settings'. This is to clear up confusion caused by the fact that we now have a 'Configuration' class to model host configurations, or any set of resources as a "configuration".
e552c83 Adding the base file terminus. This will, at the least, be used as the back end for filebuckets and the certificate authority.
86dde63 All tests now pass in this configuration branch, which means it's time to merge it back into the indirection branch.
60cd6a7 The structure for handling resource generation is now in place, which means I'm over the hump in developing this branch.
a666995 Adding the last tests for the ldap node terminus. I managed to forget the tests around the main find() method.
ebe7290 All indirections are working, and they have all been migrated over to the new organization. Where we would have previously had an 'ldap' node terminus at puppet/indirector/node/ldap.rb, we would not have it at puppet/indirector/ldap/node.rb, and it would be a subclass of puppet/indirector/ldap.rb.
b9dc6cb It looks like the new indirection setup is complete.
02275f0 Adding automatic association between terminus subclasses and the indirection they're working with. It looks like I'll be moving terminus registration to the indirection rather than the top-level Indirector.
da0555d Adding the first top-level terminus (yaml). It works and is tested, so now it is time to migrate the Facts YAML Terminus to use the <terminus>/<indirection> file structure instead of <indirection>/<terminus>.
0a48e5f Moving the Puppet::Indirector::Terminus class into its own file and adding a spec for it.
7e2ff4b Adding a couple more tests to the indirector, talking about terminus registration. I am about to change how loading is handled, so that individual termini are declared as normal Ruby classes.
7740cd4 The indirector specs now all pass. I think I need to add a few more specs, though.
4e8b671 The unit tests for the newly-resurrected indirection class now work; all we need do is fix the indirector module tests.
8212f88 Fixing all existing spec tests so that they now pass given the redesign that Rick implemented. This was mostly a question of fixing the method names and the mocks.
944cd0e Whitespace and comment commit.
46d6906 An intermediate commit so I can start working on a different branch. The file recursion code actually works for the first time in a painful while, but there are still some quirks and design issues to resolve, particularly around creating implicit resources that then fail (i.e., the behaviour of the create_implicit_resource method in Configuration).
e90a51f More spec and indirector updates.
129cce8 Finally, some progress. Closing the loops and delegating registered class calls out to the actual Terminus.
a6c4041 Reworking the Indirector code. Continuing to fight the classgen and instance_loader "utilities".
9fa2628 This is basically another intermediate commit. I feel like I've gone too far down the rabbit hole to turn back now, but the code is clearly getting more centralized around the Configuration class, which is the goal.
19e0493 Updates to indirection stuffs. Making a better spec and migrating to it.
b3c8cdb Configurations now set a "configuration" instance variable in resources that are inside a configuration, so the resources can interact with the configuration to get things like relationships.
f17f19d The whole system now uses Configuration objects instead of ever converting the Transportable objects into a tree of components and then converting that into a graph. This is a significant step, and drastically simplifies the model of how to use a configuration. The old code might have looked something like this:
f014d73 Partial fix for #772. The SIGHUP now produces a EOPNOTSUPP instead of NameError.
3ccf483 Removing the completely obsolete passwd2puppet and the obsolete component.rb
3632926 Moving the resource container behaviour to the Configuration object, rather than the base PGraph class. I expect I will just do away with PGraph, but for now, I am at least going to keep configuration-related code in that class.
43f22a2 Adding a to_graph method to TransBuckets, so that the buckets can directly generate a graph, rather than having to first convert to RAL types and then have them convert to a graph. This allows us to make it so components do not need a @children array at all. This was all done because I am having the "already a parent of" problem again, and I have gotten far enough that it is relatively easy to just make this problem go away once and for all.
a6fe700 Another intermediate commit. The node and fact classes are now functional and are used instead of the network handlers, which have been removed. There are some failing tests as a result, but I want to get this code committed before I massage the rest of the system to make it work again.
1459c50 Adding setup/teardown hooks to rspec, so we can use test/unit methods
3b3065b Refactoring the feature support so it loads libraries when a feature is asked about, rather than when it is defined.
65c1501 The Node handler is now obsolete. Node searching is handled through the indirector. I have not yet added the tests for the node handlers themselves, which is next.
1638089 Fixed #797. Removed the warning message about specifying 'enable' or 'ensure' when initializing a service.
6f9a444 Fixed #784 by applying patch by vvidic.
5aa4440 Doing an intermediate commit so rick can look at the work I have done so far.
bb69a1f Renaming the instance loader method to "instance_load". It was previously autoload, which could class with Kernel.autoload.
6a105c4 Fixed hdiutil syntax for ticket 812
19a748b Removed TYPE token, replacing it with CLASSREF token, in the grammar and lexer. Updated CLASSREF token regex in the lexer.
ca9c48d Removing extraneous logging from the node handler
041393d Fixed #774, which fixed fully qualified collection statements
6700adc *Finally* fixing the tests that were failing around users and groups. The problem was that the autoload tests were somehow clearing all loaded classes, including the providers. This is fixed now.
9af79f1 Fixing some failed tests. Mostly cleanup. Next is to make all of the user tests pass again, dammit.
50874b2 Fixing a path test. I have now made the path stuff a lot cleaner, but it apparently broke this test.
ca57c79 Fixing #801 -- resources that have changes when running in noop mode do not record that they were checked, so that they will be scheduled on the next run. This is a somewhat murky solution, but considering that no one had submitted this bug before, I expect it will not hit many people.
caad11a Fixing some broken tests in the master client, and adding a test for #800 but it is unfortunately disabled because we cannot realistically fix it using the current design. It will be easy after the REST refactor, though.
7abc78a Fixing #795 -- configuration elements now make sure all file paths are fully qualified by prepending the wd to unqualified path names.
4212f9c Fixing #802 -- tags are now applied before parent classes are evaluated, so parent classes can use tagged() to test if a node is a member of a subclass.
4104bd3 Fixing #807. The exception handling should more closely resemble how it used to be done.
b7f4244 Renaming some ast resource classes and files so they make a lot more sense.
653c151 Fixing #806. Resources correctly look up their fully qualified definition type, just like resource references do, which causes the resource and reference to again agree on the full name of a given defined type.
40e3b37 A small change to the indirector, moving it to a module instead of a class. I still do not really know how i will use it, though.
a5539cd Adding my indirector class before i rewrite it. I am probably not going to keep any of this, but i wanted to store a copy before i got much further.
b0a9475 Flipped the switch so that compiles now return a Configuration instance instead of pre-extracting the configuration.
11b127b Successfully modified all tests and code so that all language tests pass again. This is the majority of the work necessary to make the separate "configuration" object work.
3b2efd2 We now have a real configuration object, as a subclass of GRATR::Digraph, that has a resource graph including resources for the container objects like classes and nodes. It is apparently functional, but I have not gone through all of the other tests to fix them yet. That is next.
0faf76e More refactoring. I have removed a few more extraneous methods from Scope, mostly just pointing directly to the compile, and I have begun (but commented out) the move to having resources to model each of the classes and nodes, in addition to the definitions. This will, again, enable a real Configuration object, and it will enable class versioning and similar features.
9d70b97 Removing the Scope#setresource method, since it was essentially redundant. The work is done in either AST::ResourceDef#evaluate or Compile#store_resource.
b021587 Doing a small amount of refactoring, toward being able to use Parser resources to evaluate classes and nodes, not just definitions. This will hopefully simplify some of the parsing work, and it will enable the use of a Configuration object that more completely models a configuration.
25f6d7c Deleting old documentation that somehow made it back into the tree in the switch to git, and refactoring the evaluate_classes method on the compile object so I can use resources as intermediaries, thus making classes do late-binding evaluation.
62806bb Renaming the file containing all of the configuration defaults to "defaults.rb", since I am going to create a separate "configuration" top-level directory to contain all of the classes related to managing the configuration for a given node.
6832a4b Fixing some failing unit tests.
2625eb1 Making a couple of small bugfixes in the configuration subsystem
1de5ae0 Adding support for providing a diff when files are being changed. Currently uses a local diff binary, but could easily be changed to use the ruby diff/lcs library. Modified puppet and puppetd to automatically show file diffs when in noop mode, but can otherwise be enabled using --show_diff. This only works when running interactively, because the diffs are printed on stdout.
11081ce Multiple environment support now works, and I have even tested it in real life. This commit is mostly a bug-fix commit, resulting from the difference between real-life testing and unit testing.
9ea8e6c The fileserver now uses an environment-specific module path. I also made various bug fixes around the network tree.
51ff72c Adding a bit of testing for node names.
4e9c631 Moving the node tests to rspec, and cleaning up the spec of the node, especially WRT the environment.
a8f2a33 Moving the node tests to rspec, and cleaning up the spec of the node, especially WRT the environment.
9df4fd1 And we have multiple environment support in the parser. The only remaining piece to make this complete is to add multiple environment support to the fileserver. I also renamed Configuration.rb to Compile.rb (that is, I fixed all the classes that used to know it as a configuration).
ba3a861 Removing this test for now; I do not have time to port it from test/unit to rspec
37f0eed Renaming the "configuration" object to "compile", because it is only a transitional object and I want the real "configuration" object to be the thing that I pass from the server to the client; it will be a subclass of GRATR::Digraph.
deb0107 Oops, created a test directory in the main spec dir, rather than in the unit/ subdir
3030d3e Modules are now tested with spec, and they now can handle environment-specific module paths.
ab54183 The config class now has support for add an environment to its search path. Now I just need to go through the whole system and use the search path in addition to the parameter name itself.
c6e201c I have added basic support for a search path, altho not yet with any ability to manipulate it. All config tests pass in both the old tests and the new ones, so it is time to add the hooks for manipulating the search path.
520aaaf Adding some rspec tests for Config.rb, because I am planning on significantly changing its internals and the current tests, I think, will be harder to migrate than just writing rspec tests from scratch.
724fef1 Everything up to the parser (and the Modules) is ready to support multiple environments, including the parser having an environment setting. I have also created my first spec-based tests, for the interpreter (and deleted the old test/unit tests).
3d68ed6 Oops, left out the spec rake file from the main spec commit
58494cc Building a stand-alone spec directory for creating the new spec-based tests.
d59315a Adding the second half of the rspec upgrade -- apparently the "git add" thing I used did not remove the old files, only add the new ones.
5601ecf Upgrading rspec to version 1.0.8. This only includes the contents of the lib directory, and even then only the spec-related stuff, not the autotest stuff.
7c4d39e Adding environment information to the client fact list. The environment is retrieved from the normal Puppet configuration, so it is set via puppet.conf or the cli, rather than being a normal fact.
b599862 Fixing the integration test between interpreter and configuration -- the interpreter was not passing on that the config should use ast nodes
a54fa7e Sync to latest specfile in Fedora
8b3361a The last commits before I actually start on the multi-environment support. There are still failing tests, but apparently only those that are also failing in trunk.
f1727f1 Adding the topscope metadata to the configuration being returned to the client, just like it expects, and fixing how the resource handler calls the master type.
efcd1e8 Fixed CA race condition (#693)
4eb87ed A round of bugfixing. Many more tests now pass -- I think we are largely down to tests that (yay!) fail in trunk.
2a4e101 All language tests now pass. I expect there are other failures elsewhere, but I want to commit this before delving into them. My method for fixing the tests was to do as little as possible, keeping the tests as bad or as good as they were before I started. Mostly this was about changing references to the interpreter into references to the parser (since that is where the new* methods are now for ast containers) and then dealing with the new config object and its relationship to scopes.
6467c21 The first pass where at least all of the snippet tests pass. I have unfortunately had to stop being so assiduous in my rewriting of tests, but I am in too much of a time crunch to do this "right". The basic structure is definitely in place, though, and from here it is a question of making the rest of the tests work and hopefully writing some sufficient new tests, rather than making the code itself work.
a846ea9 The new parser configuration object works now, but the rest of the compiling process is hosed (although the parser itself should still be fine).
282ec89 Fixing the spec library so it correctly can see its version
1527f4a Adding node caching, so that node sources are not spammed during file serving and such
a953954 Keeping the node names in the node object, so that they are available to the interpreter
297dabb Refactoring a small part of the interface between the configuration handler and the interpreter.
901ae68 Requiring mocha in all cases in the test tree
70dffdd The new configuration handler looks to be ready for usage. Now I just need to convert the interpreter to use SimpleNode objects, then continue with the Configuration object.
aabad8e Adding the necessary name/ip fields to the node methods
65559af Adding a "none" node source, which will be the default node source and will just return an empty node.
2ff15c0 Added shortname support to config.rb and refactored addargs
90a9d09 Finalizing the node handler. It now correctly uses the different node sources and knows how to retrieve data from those sources. Now I just need to fix the language stuff to use this handler instead of the existing node stuff.
ec50484 Fixing documentation string on the file "ensure" property to remove the confusing mention of "exists"
58e3855 Added optional per-module lib directory.
aab419b An intermediate commit in the work towards adding multi-environment support.
40491eb Merge /opt/rl/git/puppet
b59d396 Revert "Updating more milestone names"
3e9ac59 Updating more milestone names
ab42534 Applying patch by Adam Jacob to make external node tools able to handle command-line arguments
24e7b4d Revert "Updating more milestone names"
61a747f Updating more milestone names
b5aefd4 Adding milestone names to changelog
7e4f270 Actually honour :namevar => true on newparam calls
01b21ae Removing extraneous debugging from crontab
6ab30eb Fix for setting global exit code ($?) in SUIDManager tests
0195893 Broaden assert_absent so that it thinks that :purged is equivalent to :absent
6a78648 Change the service name so that it is less likely to trip on a common word and spuriously fail
e143cae trac #763: Make redhat provider default for CentOS (patch by jtimberman)
d2f2bc0 Trivial mock cleanups
ada960b Constants in provider/interface/redhat.rb are getting redifined as they are dynamically assigned, changing them to instance variables
8f05951 Changes to lib/ corresponding to test refactoring from r2759, was unaware that subversion only commited in the CWD
13f358d Highlight what I think is a problem in the test suite that I just can't solve
3de4829 Refactor SUIDManager tests to run without root, change SUIDManager's behavior to not silently fail when it's not root and fix all other tests that broke as a result.
5a25701 Upgrade mocha to 0.5.1, which gives much better error messages
5e8d71d Fix the ral:providers:host:parsed tests so they run successfully
9530df1 Updated to version 0.23.2
0d312a1 Updated to version 0.23.2
49c9a62 Adding release tag REL_0_23_2
b84015a The last set of bug-fixes before the next release. This commit just fixes a couple of problems that resulted when I changed the Provider#initialize method to not duplicate its argument, which was necessary for ParsedFile.
aaf5959 Adding test support for the other mongrel configuration header
db0ffc7 Copying the "commands" and "confine" statements to the actual dscl providers, since they need to be there to determine where the providers are suitable. Otherwise base classes could unnecessarily affect how subclasses work.
5e419cf Fixing #749 -- environment settings no longer accumulate. Significantly adding to the cron tests at the same time, such that hopefully we will no longer have these recurring bugs. I now do every combinatorial of multi-line cron jobs, including doing them all in one file. There are, unfortunately, still edge cases, but maybe we will have some peace in cron space for a while, anyway.
d121b1f Removing the code from #745 until it can pass some basic tests
1e6c2ba Adding syslog support by devdas (#745).
22e7b39 Fixing #751 -- the interface providers now have basic tests, at least to verify that prefetching and listing works. I think these resource types need to be largely rewritten, though, and they currently have no relationship to ifconfig, which seems strange.
7bda32e Fixing #731 - we are now correctly only collecting exported resources
3d629bb Fixing #730 -- mounts now call flush() before trying to mount
a8bf96a Adding a file that should have been in a commit from yesterda
40e4d6f Fixing #735 -- gen_config now uses a single heading, matching the name of the process
97cd057 Fixing #314 and #729; here's the changelog:
72f2ac3 Apply fix for typo provided by Toshio Kuratomi (bz250870)
2a37c73 Removed stray debugger method.
5a5d241 DirectoryService provider for users and groups. Alternative to netinfo, as apple has indicated NetInfo may go away at some point in the future. It might happen in October.
08d8945 Fixing #734. The problem was that when I switched how the configs were parsed, I managed to lose the ability to keep values set on the cli from being overridden by values set in config files.
5eacd19 Renaming the linux interface provider to redhat
6841397 Applying patch by stick to the linux interface provider
877282e Undo previous commit, which was an error
81d690a Do not set any options if they aren't set in /etc/sysconfig/puppetmaster - otherwise we clobber settings from puppet.conf
36a3e4a Changes for 0.23.1
52e9fa0 Adding interface implementations, as written by Paul Rose
7547baf Adding a test for rails
1e11a1a Removing test that ended up being redundant
4b25750 Applying patch my emerose to fix #652.
87da172 Adding the requirement that the cert dn have /CN= in it, thus hopefully catching clients without certs
530d290 Applying a modification of the patch from Marcin Owsiany, allowing Mongrel to be a CA
64fba48 Updated to version 0.23.1
d3988cc Updated to version 0.23.1
0f7f752 Adding release tag REL_0_23_1
2229dc1 Fixing #726 -- mounts can now correctly handle mounted but absent filesystems.
47b7058 Adding some code in an attempt to fix #728, but it is all commented out since I could not get it fixed in time for beaker
2e14ea4 Attempting to clean up the mount documentation as in #727.
7401ada Caching whether a given file or module has been loaded, because the loading was greedy and was causing files to get loaded every time a class or module was asked for
3f1b957 Fixing the mail aliases generated by the mailman list provider; it was generating capitalized list names
3f1c865 Fixing #725. I was apparently not deleting the alias I was creating to the components.
55014a2 Hopefully fixing #720 -- I added tests and a lame back-off system to give the child process time to write
eacb06c Converting mount test to use mount everywhere instead of df
501e8c8 Adding the ability to specify relationships to classes, using Class[name] resource references.
b9dd7ee The first round of bug-fixes in preparation for beaker
5d7c5c9 Adding documentation to the "test" script
4f34fb0 Removing the chdir from util.rb, I forgot that the directory often matters
f2a1a10 Hopefully fixing #640, and maybe some warnings at the same time. I added a call to Process.setsid after the fork, and I chdir'd to /.
fdd2d49 Fix #696. (patch by Jason Kohles)
90c8b8c Fixing #716 -- the package type was considering anything that was not "absent" to be installed, but that included "purged", thus the problem
0316bed Applying patch by DavidS to fix #711.
48755b1 Fixing #702, hopefully. As suggested, I switched to "mount" instead of "df" to determine whether an fs is mounted.
f59ce4e Fixing #695 -- resource references will correctly serialize and unserialize in the db
53a469c Fixing #703, mostly. You still cannot do multi-condition queries, but you can at least query against any parameter, and matching any value is sufficient for a match, so the tags work fine.
d5569bc Fixing #719 -- the filebucket docs now only mention filebucket, not pbucket
d9a30a6 Trying to get rid of the warning from #724
e618065 Applying a slightly modified patch by Dean Wilson -- puppetca now exits with a non-zero code when it cannot find certs to clean.
49d8ef2 Guard the rpm command suitability confine better so we hopefully stop seeing all of the 'Command not available' errors
f104dc5 Updating the docs to mention that you can use the file server with no server name
cf25b25 Fixing some logging in cron
60ef578 Fixing the rest of #705, except for the env stuff, which I was not able to reproduce.
53c2f0a Fixing #691 -- I added "refreshable" features to the types that can restart, although exec does not have providers (yet), so I just made the docs a bit clearer
4c1a70c Reordering some of the type docs
e0237d1 Removing notice about "import loop", which was happening constantly when autoloading module files
1d261bf Fixing error message when a parameter is getting redefined
554c23c Adding rpm as a specific command to :rug
54a5f77 Fixing #589
2c13d53 Fixing #468 -- fully qualified resources can now be specified as dependencies
e88d694 Applying patch from #714 -- aptrpm now loads on RHEL
c3290a0 Fixing the mailman provider so it correctly matches case. Apparently mailman helpfully autocapitalizes list names.
2086e07 Removing extraneous debugging
6ddbec3 Fixing the interpreter autoloading so that it correctly loads classes even when being loaded from a namespace
f217fbf Fixing the instances method. It now works when there are already managed resources.
edb1be2 Fixing the :check metaparam so it does not try to check unsupported parameters
f1462cb removing the test for a method I removed yesterday
e98edac Applying docs patch by David Schmitt from #713
7580657 Applying a version of the diff to the defined() docs from David Schmitt
a4b94cf Fixing the first half of #705 -- matching no longer fails. I think this also fixes #648.
d104d4b Having FileType instances automatically back their contents up to a filebucket, so it is much harder to lose content. This does not yet back up crontab contents, though.
17a830d Fixing transactions so that they do not flush resources that are in noop
f570a5f Adding a maillist type, with support for mailman. It is not as flexible as I would like, partially because of how mailman is implemented (the "mailman" command is never in the search path), but at least it is working for mailman on debian.
2d3c920 Adding support for a "mailalias" type, with /etc/aliases support initially. I have not yet figured out how to best rebuild the aliases file when necessary.
fdfe0a3 Adding line/file info to parsing errors in ParsedFile
9f685e6 Adding support in Property for declarating whether a given property type will match all @should values or just the first.
c8801b7 Always setting a to_s value in authstore, so we do not get dumped objects
e79828f Cleaning up a log message in the transaction
20b9060 Adding benchmark info to fact retrieval in the config client
7a71db8 Adding patch by Valentin Vidic to add the "+>" syntax for adding values to parameters
e662c86 Fixing #621 -- plugins are now downloaded directly into the $libdir, and autoload looks for them there. You can now easily download any reloadable file to your clients.
7befe1b Changing some of the internals of autoloading so that there is a class-level method to query whether a given file has been loaded.
eabe0d1 Fixing #710 -- you can now specify the rails_loglevel
d36d0cf Fixing a typo in a log message
8807ac2 Changing "element" to "resource" in the documentation, which just aligns with a terminology change we made almost a year ago.
f5f8949 Changing the log message when a resource type cannot be found
773f187 Ignore the pkg directory if it exists, and fix up a couple of tests that were erroring out, which also will help the confinement of package types a bit more.
1bcca31 Fixing #687.
8a7fe9f Applying patch by David Schmitt from #701.
4080077 The parser now throws an error when a resource reference is created for an unknown type. Also, resource references look up defined types and translate their type accordingly.
07f0519 Making sure that #686 is fixed -- I specifically included the Daemon module in the Puppet mongrel server, and I call daemonize on the Puppet class, rather than the Mongrel http server
e8217ab Hopefully fixing #685 -- I added a wrapper around the call to getconfig(), so any timeouts will just throw an error and skip the run, rather than failing and killing the daemon. This is not the best approach, since really, each method should be wrapped, but it is sufficient.
60e5e10 Applying further tests to double-quoted hostnames by Valentin Vidic
266d37d Applying patch by DavidS from #697 to allow host names to be double quoted
aa74135 Fixing #596 -- classes in modules now autoload
d0680c8 Fixing the dpkg querying so that it works for packages that are in "config-files" state rather than just missing entirely. Also fixing logging so that the package version is visible, instead of a dumped object
8b14ef8 Fixing logging of module mounts; it was using the module as the name, rather than the module name
32e5bff Removing extraneous debugging
3ae3a4e Fixing #689, although I have not added unit tests. The problem was that a tag name was being removed, rather than the tag object itself.
19e180f Fixed #680 puppet should handle internet enabled image files correctly.
c22e667 Applying patch by daikinee from #690. I was not able to reproduce the problems, but it did not seem to hurt anything, either.
50b8f96 Fixing #704 -- Puppet was not failing correctly when schedules were missing, I think
c762c19 Removing the long-obsolete Element base class. The Parameter and Type classes no longer have the same base class.
0ff7827 Fixing #620 - class names and node names now throw an error when they conflict
a627f46 Adding a reference to the LDAPNodes wiki page in the ldapnodes config item
0f4de4f Fix trac #684 - set exit code for status properly (patch by abnormaliti)
6b7d3aa Create the right puppet.conf; make sure old config files get preserved and stay functional
ac36ddd Fix name of main section
ec2d469 Rename puppet.conf to puppetd.conf
8013e96 Get rid of using silly macros in %install
dc2a0bf Use single config file
3aafa84 Updating reference docs
55a512c Updating trac location for laeg
044968f Updating build files to support laeg
ada4355 Updated to version 0.23.0
d8f4c53 Updated to version 0.23.0
049faf8 Updated to version 0.23.0
f588d47 Adding release tag REL_0_23_0
8844fca Changing the paths to match laeg, instead of culain.
d79a788 Modified the fileserver to cache file information, so that each file isn't being read on every connection. Also, added londo's patch from #678 to avoid reading entire files into memory.
944e1f4 More updates to puppet-test
4bb0228 Updating puppet-test with clearer options around describe and retrieve
fd15de7 Removing extra debugging from the interpreter
5043ade Updating error message during test failure.
e5a9e24 More test fixes. I seem to be getting very close.
bd444d8 Refactoring puppet-test -- it now supports specifying a fork level (so you can get multiple tests running in parallel from one host), and tests are modeled explicitly, so it will be easier to add new tests.
a57e39d Added documentation for pkgdmg provider in the provider desc accessor as per request in #641 It stil might not be crystal clear, but should be better than the one liner it replaces.
01420ac Adding tracing to prefetch failures, and Fixing the environment support in the cron type (#669).
fa39488 The other half of fixing the versionable stuff -- removing "latest" as a requirement.
0b1dbbb Applying patch in #572 by trombik
611e783 Fixing my stupid fix of Matt's work. I conflated :versionable and :upgradeable. I have now added back all of the "has_feature :versionable" lines.
4cb30eb Adding fink package provider.
099bf6c Fixing some failing tests.
f96ec6d Updating the has_version work that Matt did -- the only thing he missed was that the :versionable feature depends on the :latest method, and when that is present we can safely assume that a package is versionable. Also, created the :latest method on the dpkg provider, as requested in #647.
3f6c413 Applying patch by trombik to fix #628.
eb2326d Applying patch by trombik from #624.
2d07334 Modifying the CA server so that it will not send back a cert whose public key does not match the csr. We have been getting a lot of instances of this, so this should cut down that problem.
6e16d9f Fixing #578 -- Invalid certs are no longer written to disk.
bf5d5d5 Fix #657: allow puppet URL's with no server; 'puppet' looks those up on hte local modulepath, whereas 'puppetd' goes to the default server
52f3f83 fixing the appdmg provider to load the package provider base class, and trying to clean up the log-file opening in rails
12adea8 Adding puppetrun as an executable in the gem, along with ralsh (#313).
2ed10d8 updating changelog for #641
bfb3852 Adding appdmg package provider from #641.
f05464e Adding the output_file.close, as wyvern recommended
30ebbc9 Applying the patch by wyvern from #662. This should hopefully kill the client hanging problems.
ac05442 Updating rrdgraph documentation with a pointer to the new rrd package.
029a191 Reverting the change I just made to the config handler; it was only there for testing.
2b1d478 Adding puppet-test, which is useful for performance testing
afc3563 Adding patch by Ghislain from #670, with slight modifications.
f6838f5 Fixing #548, and making functions support other rvalues, too, including other functions.
f842cef Fixing #643 -- replacing the get_posix_field method with a more degenerate version that works even on broken systems
46252b5 All rails and language tests now pass again. All of the rails tests should now be in the rails/ directory, and I have modified resource translation so that it always converts single-member arrays to singe values, which means the rails collection does not need to worry about it.
6084e1a Fixing #673, but I have not written a test case for it. I moved all rails-related unit tests into the rails/ dir, because they keep getting missed.
e8c6cd9 Fixing the yum provider, and fixing the unit tests so the failures people were experiencing will result in failed tests. This fixes #672.
4f7c650 Moving puppetd and puppetmasterd back to bin. Damn. Reverting the fix to #323.
23f986c Move ralsh and filebucket into /usr/bin
659792f Adding ralsh and filebucket to the rpm and the rakefile, and changing the url in the rpm
6be8b21 Modifying the check metaparam so that it just silently ignores metaparams and parameters, since they're uncheckable, and only tries to check properties
e039f7b Fixing the type/title index for mysql
9ba878a Removing erroneous debug message
b5523ff Trying to load ruby gems, in case needed libraries are installed that way, and fixing a warning in the provider
f84ac7d Significantly reworking both external_nodes and ldapnodes support (see changelog).
fc9a798 Fixing error about non-puppet protos
45f76c5 Significantly optimizing the database queries -- I am getting about 40% better times now. See
e32a1bd adjusting the rrd color stack as requested by thijs
469d999 Updated the CHANGELOG.
51b9fc1 Fixing (hopefully) the last two providers that had "" calls
77934f4 Fixing sun package provider
270cea8 Fixing #644 -- the install.rb file works again
8003320 Applying metrics patch from #659 by thijs
4910301 Fixing a typo in the docs
c67e016 A few small fixes here and there, and the rest of the zones commit
399c37b Fixing #655 -- Solaris zones are again fully functional, from what I can tell
9bc236b Adding indexes for the rails tables
7c53aab Removing the indexes migration, since the indexes are now in the main db schema
ef2698c Updating ralsh with more functionality: You can now perform work on the command line, with commands like "sudo ralsh file /etc/passwd ensure=absent". This makes ralsh a bit more interactive.
cb5bccc Added to_s to the values to ensure the check versus the database will be consistent and booleans and references will check correctly.
d78a7a5 documentation fix
3a2f3d5 Fixing mongrel test so it does not try to load the mongrel server class on machines without mongrel
6aa5d76 Applying patch from #666 by Rainhead and monachus
ea190c1 Changed the host to "eager fetch" all the resources and their associated tables. Also removed some unecessary lines from resource.rb that were causng it to re-read information it already loaded from the db.
3003aad Added the teardown of the database back to the tests.
4442a31 Revert unintentional change.
68e37a9 Major rework of the rails feature. Changed the relationship between host and facts (now many-to-many with fact_name through fact_values). Also changed the relationship between resource and params (similarly many-to-many with param_names through param_values).
c26f678 Fixing #550 -- I had to list pass and dump as optional fields.
f0b5090 Fixing #112 - mounts now default to 0 for dump and pass
d396fd5 Fixing #637 -- defined resources can now correctly be virtual or exported
ad9c9ce Removing old line from the fix for #660 -- I had strangely just commented it out, rather than removing it
ffb7ae0 Fixing #660 by applying patch by freiheit. Looks like this is another problem with yaml on 1.8.1.
79b604d Oops; I forgot to add the base class for package providers. Also, cleaning up the package provider code a touch
c826be9 Adding a simple unit test for mongrel, and adding the ability to select the header used to store the client SSL dn.
b50c85d Fixing error when commands fail -- the error code is now printed, instead of the inspection of it
3479387 Adding (slightly modified) urpmi support from #592 by Devin
73502a7 Finishing off the type/provider interface work, including adding package prefetch for all packages. The only not-done one is yum -- prefetch is set up for rpm, but not yum. We need to modify prefetching so that it also prefetches latest information, to avoid having to run yum so many times.
bf82d51 Fixing the "Server is not a class" problem with mongrel
992636a Applying patches from Valentin Vidic to fix open file discriptor and open port problems
1867d0e Fixing the few test failures that resulted from the changes to provider listing
c35d07b Significantly reworked the type => provider interface with respect to listing existing provider instances. The class method on both class heirarchies has been renamed to 'instances', to start. Providers are now expected to return provider instances, instead of creating resources, and the resource's 'instances' method is expected to find the matching resource, if any, and set the resource's provider appropriately. This *significantly* reduces the reliance on effectively global state (resource references in the resource classes). This global state will go away soon.
a7b057d Adding a "source&q