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@raggi raggi released this Mar 29, 2017

A patch carefully prepared and updated by @ccutrer brings us a byte size option for the batch mode!

See the batch_byte_size option on the Batch class. Both batch_byte_size and batch_size can be used together, whichever is reached first will cause a batch flush. There is no default for batch_byte_size, so no change for existing users unless they opt-in by setting batch_byte_size.

Thank you Cody!



@raggi raggi released this Jan 17, 2016 · 5 commits to master since this release

  • Major changes to concurrency and locking control to address numerous issues in concurrent environments.
  • Drop support for Ruby 1.8
  • statsd.time now always sends results, even with exceptions or returns from the given blocks
  • Add IPv6 support
  • Fix numerous issues with JRuby, after IPv6 support was added
  • Add TCP support
  • Add Admin API support
  • Support custom delimiters
  • Removed JSON gem dependencies, rubies now ship a json library