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*makegreen.txt* Strong Visual Indicator for Your TDD Cycle
1. Introduction |makegreen|
2. Requirements |makegreen-requirements|
3. Installation |makegreen-installation|
4. Usage |makegreen-usage|
5. Mappings |makegreen-mappings|
6. Configuration |makegreen-configuration|
7. Feedback |makegreen-feedback|
8. Credits |makegreen-credits|
9. Contributors |makegreen-contributors|
10. License |makegreen-license|
Introduction *:MakeGreen* *makegreen*
MakeGreen runs |:make|. Then it shows a red/green bar in Vim's
'statusline' indicating the result.
Or put simply: "Strong Visual Indicator for Your TDD Cycle".
Requirements *makegreen-requirements*
This plugin requires that:
- 'compatible' isn't set.
- Your Vim is compiled with |+quickfix| and |+eval| features. You can use
|:version| to find it out.
- One or more |:compiler| for the filetype you're working on. Vim 7.3 now
officially ships with 51 compilers. You can search the Internet for more
or just write your own. See |write-compiler-plugin|.
Installation *makegreen-installation*
Copy all files to your ~/.vim directory or use one of the following Vim
plugin managers like a decent modern Vimmist:
- pathongen:
- Vundle:
- NeoBundle:
- VAM:
Usage *makegreen-usage*
Run Tests in a Single File~
Here's a quick example:
$ cd <your rails project>
$ vim test/unit/user_test.rb
:compiler rubyunit
:MakeGreen %
Expect to see a red/green bar in your 'statusline'. If the test fails,
you'll see the failure message in the red bar and the cursor would jump to
the position of the first failure.
A little explanation: the `%` character will expand to the current file
name (see |c_%|) and will be passed to the rubyunit compiler. Eventually
rubyunit just executes `testrb test/unit/user_test.rb`.
Run All Tests~
Some compiler (like rspec) runs the entire test suite if no arguments are
provided. To do that, you can just execute
Run Any Command~
At this moment Vim doesn't propagate exit status of 'makeprg' back.
MakeGreen can't figure out if failure happens without a proper
'errorformat' being set. So if you only set 'makeprg' you'll always get
a green bar. If you have both 'makeprg' and 'errorformat' set to make it
work, you should consider distributing these two settings as a standalone
compiler :)
Selecting Compiler~
You can set compiler automatically with the following methods:
- The easiest way is set compiler per filetype. Put the following code in
your ~/.vim/ftplugin/ruby.vim:
compiler rubyunit
will use rubyunit compiler for all your ruby files.
If you prefer to have all your vim settings in a single ~/.vimrc file, just
hook the the |FileType| autocommand event instead:
autocmd FileType ruby compiler rubyunit
- If your test files conform to a strict naming convention, make use of it:
" In ~/.vimrc
autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *_spec.rb compiler rspec
Note: the rspec compiler shipped with Vim is only works with RSpec 1.x.
For a modern version working with RSpec 2.x, see:
- Enable Vim's 'exrc' option to set compiler project-wise. Notice that this
introduces potential security leaks. Use with care.
Mapping *makegreen-mapping*
There is no default key mapping at the moment. You can define your own
mapping easily anyway:
nmap <leader>t :MakeGreen %<CR>
Or more conservatively:
nnoremap <unique> <leader>t :MakeGreen %<CR>
Configuration *makegreen-configuration*
Set the following variable in ~/.vimrc to control the behaviour of
g:makegreen_stay_on_file booleen (default 0)
If set to 1, cursor won't jump to the first
error when test failed.
You can configure how the red/green bar looks like with Vim's |:highlight|
command. But at this moment you have to configure it after the
plugin/makegreen.vim is loaded. You can make use of vim's |after-directory|
functionality to achieve this.
An example of ~/.vim/after/plugin/makegreen.vim looks like this:
" The green bar looks pretty bright on my terminal.
" So I have to set foreground color as black.
hi GreenBar term=reverse ctermfg=black ctermbg=green guifg=white guibg=green
GreenBar default:
ctermfg=white ctermbg=green
guifg=white guibg=green
Style used for the green bar.
RedBar default:
ctermfg=white ctermbg=red
guifg=white guibg=red
Style used for the red bar.
Feedback *makegreen-feedback*
Feel free to create an issue at
Credits *makegreen-credits*
- Based on code from the rubytest.vim plugin
( but considerably refactored and
modified for this more specific purpose.
- Red/Green bar code borrowed from Gary Bernhardt
( and slightly
modified for my use. Please do check out Gary's coding videos on his blog
for more awesome vim usage (
- elik and godlygeek in #vim on for vim help
- Jim Remsik (@jremsikjr on twitter) for debugging and typo fixing.
Contributors *makegreen-contributors*
Rein Henrichs
Gary Bernhardt
License *makegreen-license*
MIT license: