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Rubytest.vim is a vim ( plugin, which helps you to run ruby test (including vanilla test, rspec, shoulda etc.) in vim.


Copy all files to your ~/.vim directory.


After installation, press <Leader>t will run the test under your cursor if you are editing a ruby test file.


$ cd <your rails/merb root>
$ vim test/unit/user_test.rb
(move cursor into a test case, press <Leader>t)

(<Leader> is mapping to '\' by default in vim)

By default, only test errors will be shown to you. If some of your tests failed, the errors will be displayed in vim's quickfix window, and you can quick jump to the place where the error raise in source file by moving cursor onto the error message and press return (or ctrl-w return to open a new window and jump). If you don't want quickfix, just want to run tests and get results you can set g:rubytest_in_quickfix to 0 in your .vimrc file:

  let g:rubytest_in_quickfix = 0

You can customize the command which will be used to run the test case by settting these options in your vimrc file:

  let g:rubytest_cmd_test = "ruby %p"
  let g:rubytest_cmd_testcase = "ruby %p -n '/%c/'"
  let g:rubytest_cmd_spec = "spec -f specdoc %p"
  let g:rubytest_cmd_example = "spec -f specdoc %p -e '%c'"

(%p will be replaced by the path of test file, %c will be replaced by the name of test case under cursor)

Default Key Bindings

<Leader>t: run test case under cursor
<Leader>T: run all tests in file

You can change default key bindings:

  map <Leader>\ <Plug>RubyTestRun " change from <Leader>t to <Leader>\
  map <Leader>] <Plug>RubyFileRun " change from <Leader>T to <Leader>]