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Thu Dec 16 20:33:46 EST 2010
- when an action is taken on a message or range, double check to see
that internal message list is in sync with the one user is seeing.
maybe send over the subject line or something and make sure they
- let vmailsend take an ARGV of filenames, so use can use globs, etc.
and send a bunch of emails at once.
Fri Dec 17 11:24:05 EST 2010
- when showing seqno in message window, get it from the fetched
envelope of the message instead of from the message_list item.
Sat Dec 18 09:08:47 EST 2010
- use IMAP EXISTS command to check for updates.
Mon Dec 20 08:14:54 EST 2010
- make the 100 list batch limit adjustable, through some flag or env
- starring from msg window should keep the cursor there
- starred messages should be indicated as such in msg window
- after switching into a cached mailbox, check for update? or at least
show when the mailbox was last updated.
- bug: mark as read a message, should update the cached version in
current message list cache. FIXED
- refactor all the flagging business into tighter code
- let use mark msgs as unread
- if the top line in the list is in a range, it can get deleted. don't
allow this. (minor)
- allow range commands from command prompt, such as VDelete, etc.
because you can show line numbers and these may be useful.
- create an easy way to turn a regular / search into a mailbox search
- set ANSWERED flags and widen the flags column
- a way to label message (from Unix) and add label colors - make this
truly orthogonal to mailboxes, unlike gmail.
- sent message mailbox not always updating
incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and US-ASCII
`block (2 levels) in main_loop'
`block in main_loop'
D, [2010-12-20T10:00:21.954632 #16797] DEBUG -- : parsing error
D, [2010-12-20T10:00:25.286781 #16797] DEBUG -- : PRUNING MESSAGE CACHE;
message cache is consuming 6mb
D, [2010-12-20T10:00:25.637020 #16797] DEBUG -- : PRUNING MESSAGE CACHE;
message cache is consuming 6mb
- still some message cache sync issues
- redesign the whole message cache system with unit testing
- remap u in message window so that user can undo when editing or
annotating the message
Thu Dec 23 08:40:57 EST 2010
* make more robust by putting message UID on message list line,
* offscreen to the right, and send this over to imap client for any
* action.
Fri Dec 24 10:13:58 EST 2010
- make contacts groups to add a bunch of contacts at once?
Sat Dec 25 09:07:28 EST 2010
- change vmail to take a file or files (e.g. globbed) as argument and
send them. This will let the user enter password on invocation.
Thu Dec 30 11:28:05 EST 2010
1/6 deadline for doing How I Work Screencast
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