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Vagrant Wordpress development box

Simple Vagrant Wordpress development box with PHP 5.6, Composer, WP-CLI, MySQL, Ruby 1.9.3, Node, Bower, Gulp.

Built with help from PuPHPet for use on Mac with Virtual Box.

Dev todo

  • Add to hosts file:
  • Run vagrant plugin install vagrant-bindfs (needed for Vagrant NFS support)
  • Create directory ./
  • Download a fresh Wordpress and put it into ./
  • Edit ./ to your needs
    (db: awesome, user: awesome, password: 123)
  • Run vagrant up
  • After Vagrant is done initializing, go to

Dev info

  • MySQL root password: 123
  • MySQL db: awesome, user: awesome, password: 123
  • Local directory ./ is mirrored to server directory /var/www/