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@thephpleague @appletonlearning @thecodedistillery @churchsocial @redeemer
Rob Allen akrabat

@19ft Worcester, UK

Jeff Carouth jcarouth

Liftopia College Station, Texas, USA

Mike van Riel mvriel

Ingewikkeld Hoorn, Netherlands

Ben Edmunds benedmunds

CTO of an awesome company you've never heard of by day, hacking on wild ideas by night. PHP Town Hall podcast co-host. Author. Human.

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Beau Simensen simensen

Solution Architect @sensiolabs, @blackfireio. Created @sculpin @stackphp & @thatpodcast. Proponent of framework agnostic code. Unglue all the things!

@sensiolabs @dflydev Madison, WI

Ben Corlett bencorlett

Webcomm Morisset, Australia

Alex Bilbie alexbilbie

Independent software developer based in London

@glyndelabs London

Frank de Jonge frankdejonge

Frenky.Net Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jeremy Lindblom jeremeamia

Product Architect at McGraw-Hill Education. Open source contributor, conference speaker, and community organizer in the PHP community. <3 OSS, PHP, APIs, & AWS

McGraw-Hill Education Phoenix, AZ

Josh Lockhart codeguy

NMC Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Vance Lucas vlucas

Co-founder of @techlahoma and various other projects.

Actridge, LLC Oklahoma City, OK

Phil Sturgeon philsturgeon

Software Engineer @WeWork. Author of @apisyouwonthate. Chief T-Shirt Officer at All about bikes and turtles.

WeWork Brooklyn, NY