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N&S django site cookiecutter template

Template for cookiecutter so that you can create a fresh Django site project. It replaces the old "nensskel" tool.

Using this cookiecutter template

Install cookiecutter ("pip install cookiecutter").

Run the following command and answer the questions:

$ cookiecutter

Development of this template itself

We don't need to run inside a vm/docker ourselves, so to set it up and test it, just do the regular:

$ python3
$ bin/buildout
$ bin/test

The test, however, does use docker and docker-compose:

  • There's a test that checks if the template itself generates OK without errors.
  • There's a second test that uses the template-generated docker-compose setup to run the bin/test of the generated django.

We don't really need any python code ourselves, so our own doesn't actually point at any code. But it is set up so that bin/test finds and runs the tests inside ./cookiecutter_tests/ just fine.