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# Goal: do the day-to-day deployment of the site. This is done as the
# 'buildout' user, not as root. At least, we're going to try to do it like
# this. You need to have an ssh key configured to log in with: this is handled
# in the provision.yml playbook.
- name: deploy new version of the project to the server
hosts: web
remote_user: buildout
- name: checkout correct version from github
accept_hostkey: yes
dest: /srv/{% raw %}{{ site_name }}{% endraw %}
repo: ssh://{{ cookiecutter.project_slug }}.git
version: "{% raw %}{{ checkout_name }}{% endraw %}"
- name: symlink buildout config
src: /srv/{% raw %}{{ site_name }}/{{ buildout_cfg }}{% endraw %}
dest: /srv/{% raw %}{{ site_name }}{% endraw %}/buildout.cfg
state: link
- name: bootstrap buildout (when needed)
shell: python3
chdir: /srv/{% raw %}{{ site_name }}{% endraw %}
creates: /srv/{% raw %}{{ site_name }}{% endraw %}/bin/buildout
- name: run buildout (can take a while; look at buildout.log if something goes fishy)
shell: bin/buildout -vv > buildout.log 2>&1
chdir: /srv/{% raw %}{{ site_name }}{% endraw %}
- name: Run migrate
action: shell bin/django migrate --noinput --fake-initial
chdir: /srv/{% raw %}{{ site_name }}{% endraw %}
- name: "Shut down supervisor (note: an error message here is fine)"
action: shell supervisorctl -c etc/{% raw %}{{ site_name }}{% endraw %}.supervisord.conf shutdown
chdir: /srv/{% raw %}{{ site_name }}{% endraw %}
ignore_errors: yes
- name: Wait for supervisor to actually stop
path: /srv/{% raw %}{{ site_name }}{% endraw %}/var/
state: absent
- name: "Start site with supervisor"
action: shell supervisord -c etc/{% raw %}{{ site_name }}{% endraw %}.supervisord.conf
chdir: /srv/{% raw %}{{ site_name }}{% endraw %}