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Tools and scripts directory

I (Reinout van Rees) use quite a number of shell scripts, small custom Python utilities, other Python programs and so on. In this project, I collect most of them.

The idea is that this directory's bin subdirectory is on my path.

  • Shell scripts are located in shell/. Running ./ symlinks these into the bin/ directory.
  • The lists dependencies, such as pep8, pyflakes and zest.releaser. Buildout installs those.
  • The also has a couple of scripts of its own, in the tools/ directory. These are also installed by buildout.
  • I use the gp.recipe.node recipe to install some node/npm packages like jshint and lessc. Node is compiled locally and the scripts are installed simply into the bin/ directory with the rest.

Useful to others? Yes, as examples and for copy-pasting of handy scripts

The code in here can be useful to others: ideas for shell scripts and small Python utilities. The svngrep shell script has found its way to several colleague's computers, for instance.

So putting it on github seems like a good idea.

Bootstrap installation notes for myself, to use on OSX

I work on a mac. So these are the installations for really bootstrapping without anything present.

  • Create a temporary virtualenv somewhere and install dotfiles and checkoutmanager in it.
  • Do a git pull of ssh:// into my homedir and run dotfiles --sync: this gives me my dotfiles, including the checkoutmanager configuration. I need this because there are local development items I need to run. There's a bit of a bootstrap problem that dotfiles is actually installed by this tools dir :-)
  • Symlink osx.cfg (on osx) to buildout.cfg`` first. The other .cfg are used inside virtualbox/vmware machines or on my own webserver.
  • Run /usr/bin/python2.7 and bin/buildout.

Extra OSX install notes

Install homebrew and install a couple of utilities that are missing from OSX (or that are too old):

$ brew install wget gpg bash-completion svn htop siege python

And, for the git annex dependencies, install:

$ brew install haskell-platform git ossp-uuid md5sha1sum coreutils pcre

Installation on a VM TODO: update for ansible/vmware

I want most of my bash settings and helper scripts also in ubuntu VMs. I use vmware fusion (and I used to use virtualbox+vagrant). I have a fabfile to do the bootstrapping in there.

Prerequisites for vmware:

  • I must be able to ssh into the machine, so "openssh-server" must be installed. This was missing from the two ubuntu server ISOs that I used, so that's something I need to do by hand.

  • My home dir must be mounted on /mnt/hgfs/reinout. Simply add my homedir in the "share" menu of the vmware config.

    The vmware tools must be installed for this. On ubuntu server images this might fail initially as the build-essential package isn't installed. After installing that, run -d to get your vmware tools build with the defaults.

  • Problem: files on that share are owned by 501:dialout, so modify the vmware_mount_vmhgfs function in /etc/vmware-tools/ and add -o uid=1000,gid=1000 to the mount command.

To install the tools and the dotfiles on the VM to prepare it so that I can develop on it with pleasure, run:

$ bin/fab -H VM_HOSTNAME vmware_bootstrap

Documentation generation

I'm trying to do this the neat way: I've even added explanatory comments to all shell scripts. And I've got a that generates a README from those comments. Look in the shell directory (for instance on github) and you'll see the nicely formatted README at the bottom.

Likewise I've got a README for the python scripts. Look on github and you'll see the nicely formatted README at the bottom. This is generated from the scripts' docstrings with (I just want a simple README, not full Sphinx documentation).