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Tools and scripts

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Tools and scripts directory

I (Reinout van Rees) use quite a number of shell scripts, small custom Python utilities, other Python programs and so on. In this project, I collect most of them.

The idea is that this directory's bin subdirectory is on my path.

  • Shell scripts are located in shell/. Running ./ symlinks these into the bin/ directory.
  • The lists dependencies, such as pep8, pyflakes and zest.releaser. Buildout installs those.
  • The also has a couple of scripts of its own, in the tools/ directory. These are also installed by buildout.
  • I use the gp.recipe.node recipe to install some node/npm packages like jshint and lessc. Node is compiled locally and the scripts are installed simply into the bin/ directory with the rest.

Useful to others? Yes, as examples and for copy-pasting of handy scripts

The code in here can be useful to others: ideas for shell scripts and small Python utilities. The svngrep shell script has found its way to several colleague's computers, for instance.

So putting it on github seems like a good idea.

Bootstrap installation notes for myself

  • Do a git pull of ssh:// into my homedir and run dotfiles --sync: this gives me my dotfiles, including the checkoutmanager configuration. I need this because there are local development items I need to run. There's a bit of a bootstrap problem that dotfiles is actually installed by this tools dir :-)
  • Create a temporary virtualenv somewhere and install dotfiles and checkoutmanager in it.
  • Symlink osx.cfg (on osx) or django.cfg (in my django vagrant box) to buildout.cfg first. On the server, pick newvanreesorg.cfg.
  • Run /usr/bin/python2.7
  • Run bin/buildout

Extra OSX install notes

Install homebrew and install a couple of utilities that are missing from OSX (or that are too old):

$ brew install wget gpg bash-completion svn htop siege

And, for the git annex dependencies, install:

$ brew install haskell-platform git ossp-uuid md5sha1sum coreutils pcre


I'm trying to do this the neat way: I've even added explanatory comments to all shell scripts. And I've got a that generates a README from those comments. Look in the shell directory (for instance on github) and you'll see the nicely formatted README at the bottom.

Likewise I've got a README for the python scripts. Look on github and you'll see the nicely formatted README at the bottom. This is generated from the scripts' docstrings with (I just want a simple README, not full Sphinx documentation).

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