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Automatically download free GIS data for Prince Edward Island.
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PEI GIS Grabber

The Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada provides access to GIS data via its website.

This script allows you to easily download all of the GIS data available in a form suitable for loading into QGIS for analysis and manipulation.



Edit the file scrape-gis.php and check and/or modify the $downloadDir, $wget and $zip variables as required.

You may also need to modify the $gisPages array if the "Free GIS Products" links on the main GIS catalog page change or are expanded.

Once everything is in place:

php scrape-gis.php

and the all of the SHP files linked to from the various free GIS data pages will be downloaded, aggregated into folders based on the page they were scraped from. You can modify the script if you want to get only MID/MIF or NTX files, or only files of a certain name.

Import into QGIS

Once all the data has been scraped, you will end up with a Python script called in your $downloadDir.

From within QGIS, open the Python Console (Plugins > Python Console), click on the Show Editor icon on the Python Console toolbar, and then the Open Script icon in the Editor, and open and click the Run icon.

The script will execute on paste, and the end result should be a QGIS project containing all of the PEI GIS layers:

QGIS Screen Shot


The implication of using the script to automatically download these files is presumably that you agree to the various licensing agreements in place.

This code is not guaranteed to work properly, or at all, and I have no connection other than residency to the Province of Prince Edward Island.


Peter Rukavina

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