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NOTE: This is the legacy v1 of Reactor

New codebase for v2 is located (

Reactor 3D Game Engine - Reiser Games

The Reactor 3D Game Engine was originally written with XNA/C# for cross-platform windows/xbox360 gaming.

Over 2 years worth of development has gone into it but I must say that it is lacking in a few features here and there. Overall it's enough to get anyone started using XNA and developing for Windows and XBox 360. Recently, I ported it to MonoGame to support cross-platform development on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

A game called Alchemist was released on XBox Live Indy Games in 2009 using this game engine.

Originally I was going to port it all to C++/OpenGL but found the task too daunting. Luckily the MonoGame guys came around and I was able to reuse all this code.

Hopefully I can add more features and make this a more feature complete engine. It will take time but I'm optimistic about the possibilities.

Gabriel Reiser - Reiser Games.

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