📕 An EPUB 3.0 template to help you get started with your ebook. (Includes iBooks display options.)
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EPUB 3 Boilerplate

An EPUB 3.0 template (including iBooks display options) to help you get started with your ebook. http://git.io/epub3-boilerplate

Structure of an EPUB file

▾ /
    ▪ container.xml
  ▪ mimetype
  ▾ OPS/ (Open Publishing Structure)
    ▾ book/
      ▪ content.xhtml
      ▪ cover.xhtml
      ▪ title.xhtml
      ▪ table-of-contents.ncx (only needed for EPUB 2.0 backward-compatibility)
      ▪ table-of-contents.xhtml
    ▾ css/
      ▪ style.css
    ▾ fonts/
      ▪ fonts.css
      ▪ someawesomefont.woff
    ▾ images/
      ▪ cover.png
    ▪ package.opf

How To Use

As the author of this template I myself have used it a lot already and everytime I find something new I need in a book, I add it to this template. So, what I suggest you do is you really start fresh, creating a new folder and adding only what you need, otherwise I find it tough to keep track of what you have changed, added or deleted. Have fun coding!

Installation of Automator Services

To install the Automator services copy them to either /Library/Services/ or ~/Library/Services/. For the EpubCheck Service, please install epubcheck and terminal-notifier with brew install terminal-notifier epubcheck.

Helpful Resources