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reits chain thin node source code patch to bitcoin core v0.12.1
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NRC chain node source code patch to bitcoin core v0.12.1

To play with nrc node:

1, Clone bitcoin core; git clone

2, Make a local branch from v0.12.1; cd bitcoin git checkout -b nrc v0.12.1

3, Apply the patch; git apply nrc.patch

4, Configure and make the command line executables; ./ ./configure --with-gui=no --disable-debug --disable-tests make cp src/bitcoind ~/nrcd cp src/bitcoin-cli ~/nrc-cli

5, Start nrc node; cd mkdir .nrc ./nrcd -rpcuser=user -rpcpassword=123456 -daemon -onlynet=ipv4 -listenonion=0 -rpcport=28333 -datadir=.nrc -addnode= -txindex -listen=0

6, Because nrc is an opposite to a decentralized anonymous crypto currency system, you must have an secret key with an address authorized by the nrc chain operator; Example: Authorized address: 1DxXtPEEZ71PoFbaoMScPeF1FxADfVtzhF Secret key wif: Ky1CCSRLVpgAGPDbm5c65vMwo21LcuACbzZ7SunK6zStP5sYDxBR

7, Import the authorized key pair as default key to the node; echo 'Ky1CCSRLVpgAGPDbm5c65vMwo21LcuACbzZ7SunK6zStP5sYDxBR 2017-08-24T06:57:54Z label=-defaultkey # addr=1DxXtPEEZ71PoFbaoMScPeF1FxADfVtzhF' > defaultkey.w ./nrc-cli -datadir=.nrc -rpcuser=user -rpcpassword=123456 -rpcconnect= -rpcport=28333 importwallet defaultkey.w

8, Now the node can connect to the nrc network, data synchronization begin and you rock.

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