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A python API interface for website Its based on Pyblr by Takatoshi Matsumoto. For more detailed information about the 500px take a look at 500px Devel Docs If you want to know what methods are available in this version, take a look to this file

About the name

The 'pynientos' name came from a play on words on spanish between 'python' and 'quinientos' (five houndred)

Python libraries needed

poster certifi

Example usage

import pynientos

client = pynientos.pynilib.Pynientos()

# authenticate your key and secret
client.auth(key='consumer key', secret='consumer secret')

# if you already have a token and token_secret, you can call the lib like this
client.auth(key='consumer_key', secret='consumer_secret',token='token_key',token_secret='token_secret')

# get last photo of a photo stream

# get lastest 5 photos from editors choice

# get the detail of a photo, at largest size and comments

# get authorized user profile (if token and token_secret was provided)

# to post new photos, you need an upload_key (see [this]( and [this](
p = client.post_photo(name="from the api")

# now, proceed to upload the photo itself


This package is distributed under BSD License. See also LICENSE

For bug report, feedback, or any other reasons: Federico Reiven

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