Python Tomb Wrapper
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Tomber is a python wrapper for Tomb. It relies on Python's subprocess module for Tomb command execution. This project was inspired by pytomb which was included in Tomb ./extras in the past but is no longer maintained.

The included test.jpg image file is used to test the tbury() and texhume() functions.

To speedup forge, an entropy generator such as haveged can be installed.


Current version requieres at least Tomb v2.2 to run. If for any reason you need to use older Tomb version with tomber, please install tomber v1.0.2


First, Tomb must be installed. Please refer to the Tomb documentation to get Tomb installed on your system.

Second, tomber must be installed. Tomber can be installed from PyPi using pip. Enter the following command into terminal:

pip install tomber

Alternatively you can clone this public repository by entering the following command into terminal.

git clone

Example usage

from tomber import *

# dig a tomb of 20mb

# forge a key
tforge('test.key', 'this is the passphrase for the key')

# lock the tomb
tlock('test.tomb', 'test.key', 'this is the passphrase for the key')

# open the tomb
topen('test.tomb', 'test.key', 'this is the passphrase for the key', '/tmp/tomb')

# close the tomb

Running tests

Keep in mind that the included file execute the Tomb.slam() command which will likely close any tombs, encrypted volumes, you may have open.


This package is distributed under BSD License. See LICENSE