This is a motion detector module for MagicMirror
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Just clone the module into your MagicMirror modules folder:

git clone


Accessing your (web)cam requires to have the client run on localhost or a HTTPS host (due to new requirements in Chrome for getUserMedia). The default value in your MagicMirror config.js is already localhost so most users shouldn't be affected.

DOES NOT work with the vc4-kms-v3d or vc4-fkms-v3d driver so far. Please use only the default driver.


Option Description
captureIntervalTime Time in ms between capturing images for detection
Type: integer
scoreThreshold Threshold minimum for an image to be considered significant
Type: integer
timeout Time in ms after which monitor is turned off when no motion is detected
Type: integer

Example for the config.js:

        module: 'MMM-MotionDetector',
        config: {
                captureIntervalTime: 5000,
                scoreThreshold: 200,
                timeout: 60000