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code from docs (first steps) doesn't run with current master #5

tomash opened this Issue Apr 27, 2012 · 9 comments

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tomash commented Apr 27, 2012
res.render!("index.dt")(req); // doesn't work
/* instead, one below does work: */
auto output = res.bodyWriter();
parseDietFile!("index.dt", req)(output);


listenHttp(settings, ); // should be:
listenHttp(settings, &index);

The error for .render! is
Error: function vibe.http.server.HttpServerResponse.render!("index.dt").render () is not callable using argument types (HttpServerRequest)

rizo commented Apr 27, 2012

tomash: Actually, in this case you should pass the routes variable to the listenHttp instead.

@s-ludwig s-ludwig was assigned Apr 28, 2012

Fixed in #21

rejectedsoftware member

Fixed page is now live.

@s-ludwig s-ludwig closed this Apr 28, 2012

Isn't that example too complicated? With pull #21, this becomes res.render!("index.dt"); quite like the original sample. Or is the pull wrong?

rejectedsoftware member

The problem is which fortunately seems like it was fixed some days ago. So with DMD 2.060 it can be changed to the non-compatibility version.


Didn't read the bug report, but it seems to work for me (2.059 linux 64) on the simple example from the home page.

rejectedsoftware member

The bug has multiple faces.. a compiler error or just invalid code generated or sometimes it even works correctly. But since this can suddenly crop up when you add some code to the project and since it can be really difficult to track down, I would not recommend to use the render() function without a fixed DMD.


I see. Vibe seems to work just fine with 2.060, so I guess I can continue to experiment with trunk for the time being.

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