Emacs minor mode for automatic insertion of end blocks for Ruby
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Ruby end is a minor mode for Emacs that can be used with ruby-mode to automatically close blocks by inserting end when typing a "block keyword", followed by a space.


I recommend installing via ELPA, but manual installation is simple as well:

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/ruby-end")
(require 'ruby-end)


When ruby-mode is started, ruby-end-mode will automatically start.

In a Ruby file, try writing a block keyword, such as class or def and then SPC.

For more information, see comments in ruby-end.el.


Contribution is much welcome! Ruby end is tested using Ecukes. When adding new features, please write tests for them!

Install cask if you haven't already, then:

$ cd /path/to/ruby-end
$ cask

Run all tests with:

$ make