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No fantasy behind the name. HTTP File server is a file server, and the web is how we want to manage and deliver the files. Almost everything will be written in javascript. See the architecture page for more details.

There are many ways to transfer files, and every method has its pros and cons. Having your file server has some pros, like

  • you don't have to transfer the files first to a server, and then download them to the real destination
  • you can monitor the transfers
  • you can have all your files always on the net
  • the space is limited only by the size of your drives

This specific file server wants to offer some features that are not (all) present in other similar software

  • web interface (so you don't have to install client software)
  • high availability (handle 1000 contemporary connections)
  • remote administration
  • powerful virtual file system (publish even single files, without moving them)
  • open source
  • plugin and scripting system (to meet everyone's needs)
  • cross-platform (working on Windows, Mac, Linux, more)
  • unicode file names
  • download multiple files at once

It's virtually the successor of this software, started in 2002 and currently used by over 100k users. Web technology has changed so much in 10 years, so this is a full rewrite (and redesigned), but it shares the purpose and the same maker. These are the things of version 3 over version 2.3

  • remote administration
  • easier virtual file system (no more distinction between real and virtual folder)
  • cross-platform
  • unicode file names
  • designed to be an always-on server