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Interface for the XBMC RPC v4 (Eden)

This is a library, which handles the connection to the json-rpc interface of xbmc. Therefore nearly all datatypes of the interface are mapped to php classes. That way, you have a consistent way of interacting with xbmc.

The interface allows to fetch only certain attributes, when - for example - a movie should be fetched. However, this library will always provide you with the full data set.


Installation is prefered by composer. This is what you need in your composer.json:

"require" : {
    "najidev/xbmc-api" : "dev-master"

Basic Usage

First, the XbmcConnector will be initialized. All other Services depend only on the connector:

// initialize connector and two services
$connector    = new XbmcConnector($host, $port, $username, $password);
$videoLibrary = new VideoLibrary($connector)
$system       = new System($connector);

// print name of all movies
$movies = $videoLibrary->getMovies();
foreach ($movies as $movie)
    echo $movie->getTitle() . "\n";

// suspend xbmc host
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