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Stick Tab Engraver for Lilypond
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The goal of the LilyStick project is to provide a note engraver for Lilypond that writes StaffTab(TM) tablatures for the Chapman Stick(R). Head to if you don't know what a Chapman Stick is.

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How do I use this?

Check out the included example scores:

lilypond --include=src examples/

Basically, all you need to do is include the file and then create a StaffTab containing a StickVoice.

The standard Lilypond markup applies:

  • -3 indicates the third finger

  • \4 indicates the fourth string


Probably many.

  • the fingering and string position of tied chords is not cached, so this fails: < b-3\4 e-4\3 >8 ~ < b e > Do this instead: < b-3\4 e-4\3 >8 ~ < b-3\4 e-4\3 >

  • fret positions sometimes collide. Also, they are stacked and are not printed as a horizontal sequence.

  • note heads are not polished yet



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