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okf.fi geocoder

API Service: http://api.okf.fi/console/

Datajournalist's manual: http://books.okf.fi/geocoder/_full/

Project notes: http://pad.okfn.org/p/geocoder


mod_perl and the following Perl modules:

  • CGI.pm
  • Geo::Proj4
  • Math::Trig
  • MIME::Base64
  • Carp
  • Date::Calc
  • Data::FormValidator
  • DBIx::Simple
  • Encode
  • JSON

Modules can be installed using CPAN:

perl -MCPAN -e shell
cpan[1]> install DBIx::Simple

Or by installing from the package management system of your Linux distribution There is a nice way to find out if a Perl module is on Debian or Ubuntu.

Apache and MySQL (or MariaDB) are also needed

Apache configuration

Apache must be configured to use mod_perl. Here is an example configuration, which should be added to your site configuration:

PerlSwitches -I/var/www/okf/data/gis
<Directory /var/www/okf/data/gis>
	SetHandler perl-script
	PerlResponseHandler ModPerl::Registry
	PerlOptions +ParseHeaders
	Options ExecCGI MultiViews Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
	AllowOverride None
	Order allow,deny
	allow from all

Of course, you should replace /var/www/okf/data/gis with the installation directory.

Uploading data

cat okffi_geocoding_data.2014-10-27.sql | mysql -u USERNAME -pPASSWORD

Installation steps

  1. Install Apache
  2. Install mod_perl and the Perl modules
  3. Install MySQL
  4. Configure Apache
  5. Copy contents of geocoder-perl directory to the installation directory which should reside under Apache document root
  6. Create the MySQL database and upload the data (Database dump)
  7. Create a MySQL user and grant privileges. (Username and password should be written to API.pm)