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An atmospheric text-based RPG written in java. You are an emissary lost in an unfamiliar land, long ago lain to waste by an unknown Cataclysm. Caught between warring tribes, dangerous creatures, and sinister enemies, you must discover the source of the Cataclysm and find a place in this world that is not your own.
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Installing Roan

  1. Download: git clone or download the repository.
  2. Compile: javac
  3. Run: java roan.Roan


One of the core ideas of the game is discovery. At the start of the game you are told nothing of what you can and cannot do, and are forced to figure out, by trial-and-error, what the possible commands, player actions and abilities are. Your own discovery mirrors that of your character, who is lost in an unfamiliar world with no explanation. Roan is a permadeath game that is unforgiving, but not unfair.


Try things out. The command set is pretty short at the moment. If you're stuck, here are some examples:

  • > go west moves the player one tile to the West, etc.
  • > examine can tell you more about the current scene
  • > inventory prints the player's inventory and equipped items (hint)
  • > quit or > exit ends the game, deleting any progress you've made

There are shortcuts to many of the commands, and I'm adding to the command set all the time. Combat has a different command set than normal exploration mode, but follows the same concept. If you're finding yourself in trouble early on, you can always > run.

Story & Dialogue

Though I plan for this game to ultimately be story-driven, for now there is a lot of filler and dummy text while I'm working on the core game functionality. Expect a lot more to come when I've worked out some kinks.

Bugs & Feedback

If something breaks, or if you have any features you'd like to see implemented, let me know. I'm very new to programming, and every part of making this game is a learning exercise for me. I'd also appreciate the input if you see any better ways of doing things!

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