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git-ts begins life as a githooks(5) implementation for reporting and recording commits to a timestamp server. any un-garabage collected blobs will have their full paths recorded, making this tool suitable for usage of git as a version management and change control system.

currently it is designed to be fired via the post-commit hook.

experimenting instructions

  • npm install git-ts
  • use git-ts to get an audit block of the current commit.
  • use git checkout <commit> to assert old trees, and run git-ts and compare the audit block hashes to verify.

installation instructions

git-ts's primary mode is serving as a post-commit script; the git-ts install command sets this up for you if you're anywhere in a local git repository.

first, find a working git-ts-publish set of parameters:

  • use the -dry and -help commands to experiment!!! git-ts-publish will publish otherwise!!!
  • inspect what data you want to publish first!
  • note how git-ts-publish attemtps to auto-detects fields such as person, email, project and name.
    • disable specific fields such as --no-email
    • disable auto-detect entirely with --no-auto
  • the u parameter will replace any %s found in the value with the commit object hash.

once you've arrived at a favorable set of parameters:

  • from anywhere within a git heirarchy, issue a git-ts install command i
    • if there is no .git/hooks/post-commit, it will be generated
    • if there is a already a post-commit file, the .git/hooks/post-commit.git-ts-default will forcibly be written.
  • the first parameter after install is a dedicated -u parameter. use "" if undesired.
  • further parameters are passed verbatim

to use after install:

  • just commit as one normally would.


it timestamps the object of commit, the blob of the commit, as well as the commit's fully pathed tree with filesizes.

for example:

tree 913d9b38ed1a06236c042824c4cfd80c30e19490
parent 5179451d189a9c4cf42461b143e54c38f92eefe8
author rektide <> 1315301027 -0400
committer rektide <> 1315301027 -0400

Add second parameter to git-ts install to add url into post-commit script. %s is substituted for the commit blob.

100644 blob 1636d41c9ccc1fe4bb56b014b0bef725f24fec79 555
040000 tree e9e918ecaee01755fec99becdd68f5da54a5cbe6 -	bin
100755 blob 765ef9423c1ae049b3cf81c564d84812b3f12cc6 86	bin/git-ts
100755 blob 89e1c6a7072ef617fc8d723bff94fcfa4144ff83 93	bin/git-ts-publish
100755 blob 825097f24a3e7bd734f7e2ff7d3092e27d0a8639 116	bin/publictimestamp
040000 tree 2b72caa7cda79cd16c5b6349044f1ec903e83dc8 -	examples
100644 blob d45446451a1ac5edc7d5be5881e20739ba9d6eb8 244	examples/
100644 blob 900e57be5ccdce573d5f7af8c3a55344073c37cf 163	examples/
100644 blob dc4971ce650bc620d500b187e4b9dfd9acf6705d 51	examples/ptb.url
100644 blob 44844e815d9b61a99d6f724e9bcd6e2d89edaa5e 133	examples/
100644 blob 15f0dca82f4598810173fd1d2813fd159e853132 668	examples/
100644 blob dac097849bde1a4fc5591f647b614c2e8a7d8f7f 2466	examples/server_start.hash.xml
100644 blob f62b13d4b2b2485a3f1e52a7b75295c4147c9ef6 382	examples/
040000 tree 65661aa4fc07abcb783c2bb3fda5c1c8e626a667 -	lib
100644 blob ced4376aed82d90b1630ba76a302c7028adc7bb8 78	lib/publictimestamp-1.0-J1.6.jar.url
100644 blob 56990d045b9b8cb6c9349b1fb551652bd9ca9fcc 588	package.json
100644 blob 58a35075b844fdfa0116de7fdbbfda6d7481a2df 4270	publish.js
100755 blob 54cc6cdb9dd95458e62acfbb960490c34e59fb15 1484	server.js

future considerations

  • a post-receive hook
  • audits and PTB remailers:
    • AtomPub
    • Twitter
    • Email
    • XMPP
    • IRC