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A Roguelike game based on Ularn.
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ReLarn is a fork of the the classic Roguelike game Ularn that improves the user interface and refactors the source code to be more maintainable and better suited to the modern world. The code has been modularized with OS- and UI-dependencies abstracted away, all warnings have been fixed, arrays replaced with structures and more.

The goal is to preserve the spirit of the original game on modern computers.

See for a more complete summary of changes.

Getting Started

ReLarn should be easy to build on any sufficiently Unix-like system. If it doesn't work out of the box, the build scripts are just small, hand-written Makefiles and shell scripts so they're easy to fix.

It has been successfully built on Ubuntu Linux, Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi 3, macOS with MacPorts, and Cygwin on Windows 7.


To build ReLarn, you will need:

  • gcc, clang or some other C compiler that supports C99 and the common Unix compiler arguments.
  • ncurses version 6 or better. (Earlier versions may also work.)
  • GNU Make
  • bash
  • Perl 5 (optional; pod2html is used to generate the man page)
  • The common Unix utilities.

These should all be installed by default or easily available to your package manager. For example, on Ubuntu, the following command is all you need:

sudo apt-get install libncurses-dev gcc make perl

Note that the Makefile uses a bunch of Unixy compiler options so (e.g.) Visual C won't work out of the box. It may be possible to hack up the make scripts until it works, but that's not going to be easy.


For a program the size of ReLarn, automatic configuration systems (e.g. CMake or autoconf) tend to be more trouble than they're worth; instead, you configure ReLarn by editing the file src/

Simply set INST_ROOT to the place you wish the game installed.

INST_ROOT = /usr/local/games/

The default location is ~/apps/relarn; if that's sufficient for you, you don't need to do anything else.

Building and Installing

Once configuration is done, simply do the standard make and make install in src/:

cd src
make install

And there you go.

Building a Binary Release

You can also build a tar archive containing the playable game. This doesn't need INST_ROOT to be set at all. Simply run make:

cd src
make distbin

This will place the archive in the project root directory.

When It Doesn't Work

If make fails with an error message like *** No settings for FooOS-bar_arch.  Stop.

you will need to add your platform to the list of supported OS-CPU pairs in It's probably sufficient to copy one of the Linux sections.

The Makefile sets the -Werror flag which makes all warnings fatal. This enforces better coding style during development but can be a problem if you're just trying to play the stupid game; it is safe to remove the flag, although you may want to confirm that the warning isn't anything terrible.

If it's none of these, you'll need to debug it yourself. Sorry. Feel free to contact me if you can't get it working or to submit a patch or pull request if you do.


Pull requests are welcome. In particular, I'm looking for bug fixes, UI improvements and ports to new platforms.

Note that the goal of this project is to preserve the spirit of the original game; as such, I'm not looking for new gameplay elements (e.g. weapons, monsters, quests, etc., although stuff like balance tweaks may be considered.) If you're trying to create a different game, you should fork this project and do it that way.


See the file AUTHORS.txt for the list of known contributors. The Larn games have been hacked on for close to three decades so it's impossible to track down everyone.


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License. See Copyright.txt and LICENSE.txt for details.

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