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Change Log

Note that spoilery changes are listed in a following section if you wish to avoid them.

Changes in 2.1

Broke savefile compatibility with 2.0.

Changed the semantics of vision and field-of-view:

  • The previous version would (sometimes) display everything (including monsters) in any location that had previously been revealed. Now, monsters are only visible within the field of view and everything else is just the map you made when you last saw it.
  • The field of view is now computed based on line-of-sight (via Greg McIntyre's libfov) rather than just revealing the rectangle around the player; it is no longer possible to see through walls, for example.

The field of view is now (optionally) highlighted on terminals that support colour.

Unexplored cells now look different from empty cells on colour TTYs.

The module display.[ch] now is the sole owner of field-of-view.

Added the -b debugging flag; don't use it.

Is now somewhat more efficient with bandwidth between program and terminal. (This may not actually be noticable to anyone not using an acoustic modem but there's a small chance that it'll reduce someone's network charges.)

You may now select your spouse's gender.

You may now select "non-binary" as a gender for yourself and/or your spouse.

The menu options you get when stepping on an object now use (mostly) the same keys in a consistent manner.

Standing on an object no longer pops up the associated menu for each new turn. Now, you only get the menu when you walk on it or if you explicitly look (',').

Now more aggressive in finding a free spot when dropping items after Create Artifact, Thrones, monster kills, etc. The game used to give up if there wasn't a free adjacent place; now, it looks farther away and virtually guarantees the object will be placed on the map.

Spoilery Changes

Enlightenment et. al. now work by increasing the visual radius and letting you see through walls for a small number of turns. This changes the semantics a little.

Similarly, Potions of Monster Detection now make all monsters visible for a few turns but do not reveal the map locations they occupy.

You can no longer identify walls or floor while blind if you can walk through them.

Praying at an altar can now (very, very rarely) teleport you back to the town with the Potion of Cure Dianthroritis, effectively winning the game. (True fact: this could actually happen in 2.00 as the result of a bug.)

Haste-self now decreases the passage of time by half. (It used to stop the counter completely; this meant that permanent haste-self effectively ended the time limit.)

Loading a saved game no longer gives you a free regeneration turn. (This was probably a bug, anyway.)

Using an object may now consume a turn if you don't do so when walking on it. This is because the action menu gets suppressed if you haven't moved and bringing it up requires an explicit look (via ','), which consumes a turn.

Made lemmings much easier to kill (and therefore less annoying) by increasing their AC. (Recall that lower AC is better.)

The spell "Time Stop" was not stopping the turn counter from advancing.

It is no longer possible to walk through a closed door when "Time Stop" is in effect.

Changes in 2.00 (i.e. from Ularn 1.5ish)

Here is a (hopefully) complete list of notable differences between ReLarn and Ularn 1.5ish from which it was forked.

Maintainability Fixes

The source code has been organized into thematically-related modules consisting of two files, a source (.c) file and a matching header (.h) where the header provides a public interface to the source file. You can tell if a module uses another module by whether or not it includes the corresponding header somewhere. In addition, a few modules follow the OOP pattern, where an object is implemented using a struct and a number of functions that take it as the first argument.

All functions now have C90-style prototypes, no exceptions.

The global player state was converted from an array of long to a (global) struct and renamed from c to UU.

More globals were folded into a global structure named GS (for game state).

Most remaining global variables are now gone, made static or folded into either struct Player or struct GameState.

Most macros were replaced with inline functions.

Most #defines were replaced with enums.

Removed many gotos.

Renamed lots of things to more descriptive names.

Merged lots of arrays into structs or arrays of structs.

Replaced lots of bare numbers with corresponding enums.

Eliminated all code that causes compiler warnings on GCC and Clang.

Where possible, operating system dependencies have been replaced with functionality found in the standard library. Where that hasn't been possible, the functionality has been made as close to POSIX as possible and moved to the module os.c.

In the same way, the user interface code has been moved to ui.c, and the interface itself made independent of the current (textual) implemetation. It should be straightforward to make a GUI-based interface.

Spell immunities have been reorganized into a more maintainable data structure.

Merged the map into a single matrix of structs; it had previously been several different arrays of structs.

Large lists of related data have been consolidated into files of macro invocations. These can be turned into different types of C literals by redefining the macro and then including the file. For example, monster_list.h is used to initialize the array-of-structs containing the monster types and later to create the enum items that index it.

Most signal handling has now been removed. In particular, emergency autosaving on a SIGINT or SIGTERM only happens when it can be guaranteed that the game state is coherent. To make up for this, relarn now regularly autosaves and keeps the previous save around.

Taxes are now computed once at the start of the game and stored in the save file rather than retrieved from the savefile at startup. This probably isn't visible to the player.

Most comments were reviewed and updated.

Modernization Fixes

Made non-value-returning functions void.

As much as possible, replaced all Unix I/O code with stdio.h functions.

Replaced low-level TTY code with ncurses.

Replaced metaconfig with GNU Make and bash. (Insert rant about how autoconfig systems are more trouble than they're worth, especially given the ubiquity of F/OSS Unix tools.)

Got rid of most of anti-cheating stuff. Ularn was written for multi-user Unix systems so it made sense to wall away the scorefile behind permissions. These days, people play it on their own computer where cheating is pointless or log in to a remote server with locked-down accounts.

Moved the copyright message to Copyright.txt and reworded it slightly. In particular, the license has switched to the GPL version 2, as allowed in the Ularn copyright statement.

Removed GNU getopt sources; it comes with your OS these days.

The score file is now textual and scores are appended.

Save files and per-user configuration files are now stored in the directory ~/.relarnrc.

UI Changes

There is now a visual selector that gets used for most menus and menu-like things. This includes selecting inventory items, spells, store items, arbitrary menus, etc.

Added a document viewer for displaying textual pop-ups (e.g. the online help, the introduction text, the list of items to be sold, etc.)

Debugging is now done differently; it is active only if the program can find its own executable and has write access to it. If this is the case, the '_' key will bring up a menu of debug items. The original "wizard mode" feature is still present but can now be toggled.

Monster renaming has been removed.

Junk mail is now handled differently. Instead of sending you email with /usr/bin/mail, ReLarn creates an mbox-format mailbox in ~/.relarnrc. The user may configure an email client in which case, the client will be launched on the folder when the game ends after the player's win.

Gameplay Changes

Note that these could be considered spoilers, so you may want to skip this section if that's a problem for you.

The semantics of stolen items have changed. Monsters that steal no longer carry the item around. Instead, it is immediately fenced and sold to a thief on that level who may drop it when killed.

A Rambo can sell the Lance of Death now but will get full price for it.

The bank slogan changes randomly after a few visits.

Renamed a few things. The land is now Larn rather than Ularn; the College is now a University.

Completing all courses at the University gives you an artifact, the Diploma. Carrying the Diploma increases the amount of gold monsters drop.

Added the obligatory Jabberwocky reference to the Vorpal Blade.

Your final score is now more than just the gold you've accumulated.

Missile attacks against the LRS do damage that is added to your tax bill. (I stole this from iLarn.)

Added or changed a number of messages to make them more humorous.

The junk mail items you receive are now randomly chosen (with two exceptions). I also added two more possibilities.

Changed format of end-of-game (i.e you win or die) message.

Enlightenment (scroll and spell) now might last for a small number of turns.

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