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@@ -99,9 +99,9 @@ Because we had to edit some of the main library files so that they would compile
These really should work straignt out of the box - however, if they don't then please raise a GitHub issue or message us on the Relativ Discord.
# Play some demos or use SteamVR
# Start playing your favorite games!
<p> You can now play with your headset by downloading some cool demos by <a href="">clicking here<a/>. Or build your own game in a minute using the Relativty sdk, learn more by <a href=""> clicking here </a>. </p>
<p> You can now play with your headset by downloading SteamVR, and OSVR.
<p> I would love to hear about what you’ve experienced building the headset or help if you have any questions. Ping me at or <a href="">@maximecoutte</a>. </p>
<p align="center">🤗You can now chat with me and the Fellowship</p>
<p align="center"> <strong> <> with ❤️,</strong> </p>

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