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Moving 3D models to thingiverse

Due to the amount of new 3D models, and remixes that are made of them, we have decided to move our 3D models to thingiverse, and can all be found here; this to keep the file size of the repository reasonable.
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### What components ?
There are a few variants of Relativ. The original design by the founders **(deprecated)** and two new version by TheYXXY and Vang1 based on a on a model from <a href="">Horizon Lab</a>. Shoutout to them for making this possible and allowing their design to be modified! </p>

##### 3D models
All our 3D models can be found on our Thingiverse account; We have decided to move our 3D models to Thingiverse, because of the amount of different designs, and remakes. This to keep the GitHub file zise low, and people don't have to downlaod *all* the 3D models with the code together. Some 3D designs require additional parts, they can be found on the Thingiverse page itself.

##### Parts needed for all the designs:
* STM32, $3,50 [recommended]( "recommended")
* ST-link V2 USB ~$3,00 [recommended]( "recommended") ⚠️ Price may vary a lot
* GY-521 MPU-6050, $1
* 5.5 inch 25601440 2K LCD Screen with an HDMI to MIPI board, between €65 and €95 on AliExpress (<a href="">recommended</a>) ⚠️ Price may vary a lot
* Face foam (10mm wide), about $4, see [here]( "here")

###### Extra needed for the TheYXXY design:
* 2 Biconvex lenses, Focal length 45mm, 37mm diameter <a href="">recommended</a>
* 4 M3 Screws and 2 M2 screws, both with nuts, $3 - alternatively you can use hot glue if M2 screws are not available
* TPU 95 filament is recommended in addition to the normal PLA, and a printer which supports printing it
* A screen which has a cable with a 90 degree bend just like the <a href="">recommended</a> one. For the direction: it should go up behind the screen when the small non-screen part is on the right while looking at the screen.

###### Extra needed for the Vang1 design:
* 2 Biconvex lenses, Focal length 45mm, 37mm diameter <a href="">recommended</a>
* Headstrap <a href="">recommended</a> (needs a slight modification)
* ABS or PETG filament with 20% infill is recommended, but PLA also works fine. All the parts can be printed without infill.
* M3 screws (7x M3x20 and 6x M3x10)
###### Extra needed for the old (deprecated) design:
* 2 Fresnel lenses Focal Length 80mm, $3 (<a href="">recommended</a>)
<img src="/img/component.JPG" width="100%">

### How to Install?

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