Relate is a GraphQL client data agnostic connector for React on top of Redux
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Relate is a library built to use together with Redux and GraphQL. You can think of it as an alternative to Relay for Redux. It extends the React Redux's connect where you can additionally specify your container's data needs. Relate will resolve each container data needs automatically and provides it to each one the data they requested.

Relate follows a similar API to Relay, it isn't a replacement but an alternative to it with some more liberty which might be a better fit for some projects.


Usage Example

Relate let's you declare data needs at a component level. Example:

  (state) => ({
    sort: state.router.location.query.sort || '_id',
    order: state.router.location.query.order || 'desc'
  (dispatch) => yourReduxDispatchMap...,
  (props) => ({
    fragments: {
      pages: {
        _id: 1,
        title: 1,
        state: 1
    variablesTypes: {
      pages: {
        sort: 'String',
        order: 'String'
    initialVariables: {
      pages: {
        sort: props.sort,
        order: props.order
export default class PagesContainer extends Component {
  render () {
    // pages will be available through this.props.pages
    // ...

You can use props mapped from your redux state to build the initial query. You can also set variables mid lifecycle that will trigger a new fetch:

componentWillReceiveProps (nextProps) {
  if (nextProps.sort !== this.props.sort || nextProps.order !== this.props.order) {
      pages: {
        sort: nextProps.sort,
        order: nextProps.order

Relate will handle updates and removed nodes for you and update the connectors listening to them :)