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Behold, the Neo-Analytic Time Sequencer (N.A.T.S.)!!!1111

It can keep track of your time, wash your dishes, and even walk your dog. NATS is your best friend in this harsh environment we call Earth. A gift from aliens who had nothing better to do than watch paint dry while keeping track of the time.

OK OK, it's just a simple timer my friends and I built from scratch. Why? Because we're geeks. We also use it to keep the speakers for on their toes. We don't like listening to long talks, you see. :-)


  1. Download the zip/tarball

  2. Extract the zip/tarball

  3. Go inside the extracted directory

  4. Double-click on index.html

  5. If the file didn't open in Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Webkit, repeat step 4!!!!1111 We don't like IE.

  6. Revel in the pure awesomeness of N.A.T.S!!!1111


  • Nathaniel 'Nats' B. Jayme (the guy who started it all)

  • Mark 'Relaxdiego' Maglana (the guy who's been obsessing over this script since then)

  • George 'Mad Guitar Skillz' Tujan (who????)


This script has only been tested on the ff platforms

  • Firefox 3.5.x.

  • Chrome 4.0.x

  • Safari 4.0.x

(Should play well with Webkit also but we're not sure. Definitely. Maybe. Hey isn't that a song???)


Having a hard time using this highly advanced, absolutely awesome app? Join us on IRC at #nats-timer (freenode) or sign up for the mailing list at


This script is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. More info at