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Jun 4, 2003
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After cloning the repository, here’s how to build.

  1. Ensure you have git and JDK 8 or above installed. All other dependencies are included in the repository.

  2. Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to the directory where the JDK is installed. For example:

    • export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/openjdk-11 ← Ubuntu, etc.

    • export JAVA_HOME=$(/usr/libexec/java_home) ← macOS

    • set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11 ← Windows

  3. Clone the repository

    git clone`
  4. Change your working directory to be the jing-trang directory (that is, the directory containing this file).

  5. Run the ant script included in the repository. On Linux, use the command ./ant. On Windows, use .\ant. That runs the version of ant included in the repository. When the ant script completes, you should find jing.jar and trang.jar files in the build subdirectory. You can also tell the ant script to build the test target, which will build the jars and then run some tests. On Linux, use the command ./ant test. On Windows, use .\ant test.