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Demonstration Parser for DPC12 talk "Let's build a Parser!"
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bin Helpers to convert source to highlighted RTF files in tree and remove…
src/QueryLang Use a TokenStream object instead of embedding the tokens in the lexer
tests Remove optimization to a separate Optimizer (much cleaner!)
.gitignore Ignore RTF files and don't ignore bin/
composer.json Added autoloading
phpunit.xml.dist More work

QueryLang - A Parser for a Querying Language in PHP

This is an example parser written for the "Let's build a Parser!" talk at the Dutch PHP Conference of 2012.

Over several versions a Parser for a simplistic Querying language is built up using both predictive recursive descent and PHP-PEG.

To install this projects dependencies you must use PHP5.3+ and Composer, please follow these instructions:

To run the test suite you must have PHPUnit installed, after which you can simply run the phpunit command in the project root.

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