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Relay Tools

Community-built tools for working with Relay


  1. relay-compiler-language-typescript relay-compiler-language-typescript Public archive

    ⛔️ Obsolete - A language plugin for Relay that adds TypeScript support, including emitting type definitions.

    TypeScript 241 69

  2. relay-local-schema relay-local-schema Public

    Use Relay without a GraphQL server

    JavaScript 253 11

  3. found-relay found-relay Public

    Relay integration for Found

    JavaScript 277 32

  4. react-relay-network-modern react-relay-network-modern Public

    Relay Modern Network Layer with middlewares — cache, auth, retry, batch, logger, SSR

    JavaScript 323 61

  5. relay-hooks relay-hooks Public

    Use Relay as React hooks

    TypeScript 540 55


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