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reldred's Basic Stations
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reldred's Basic Stations

This set was never released publicly, but now for the first time ever bear witness to the Basic Stations Set!

To be honest with the rework of the Rural Stations slated to happen I'm probably going to wrap up this set into the Rural Stations as I really don't have a lot to offer people with that set's rework beyond some minor spit and polish. And to be honest, Rural Stations was just Suburban Stations with a reskin, I want to make this one more of its own thing for small little train stations that don't really warrant any facilities.


Coding: reldred; the belligerent formerly known as Aegir

Art: Cornelius, Born Acorn, original TTD assets by Simon Foster.

License: CC-BY-NC-ND v3.0

Why the license? I'm not comfortable GPL'ing work from artists that have left the community who I cannot get in touch with. Likewise, I cannot GPL something with assets derived from the base game. Do you want to make a derivative work? Give me a shout.

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