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A pile of python modules used by Red Hat release engineering to build their tools.
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A collection of Python utilities.

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Use a virtualenv for development. For example, install kobo and dependencies in editable mode:

virtualenv ~/kobo-dev
. ~/kobo-dev/bin/activate
pip install --editable ~/src/kobo
pip install -rtest-requirements.txt

To run the test suite:

  • Run py.test to run tests against installed versions of python and dependencies, or...
  • Install and run tox to run test suite against a matrix of supported python and Django versions (more thorough, slower).

Please submit pull requests against


kobo 0.9.0


  • Fixed LoggingThread on Python 3 (#66)
  • Fixed kobo.django.xmlrpc migrations for Django 2.x
  • Fixed some exceptions discarded without logging (#32)
  • Fixed some reliability issues in kobo.xmlrpc

kobo 0.8.0


  • Improved Python 3 compatibility
  • Improved Django 2.0 compatibility
  • Improved tests coverage
  • Header produced by is now limited to 79 characters length


  • Fixed handling of string SERVER_PORT in wsgi requests
  • Fixed Worker.timeout_task wrongly setting subtasks to INTERRUPTED (#72)
  • Fixed Worker.set_task_weight always crashing (#75)

kobo 0.7.0


  • Improved Python 3 compatibility
  • Improved tests coverage

kobo 0.6.0


  • kobo worker name no longer needs to match host FQDN
  • improved error reporting when loading configuration
  • improved error reporting from
  • reduced memory usage when handling large log files
  • models now respect settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL


  • fixed crash on xml-rpc client in python <= 2.7.9
  • fixed spurious whitespace from (#40)
  • fixed missing migration for User model

kobo 0.5.0


  • now supports all Popen keyword arguments
  • resubmit-tasks has a --force argument to resubmit successful tasks
  • new watch-log command for watching a log from CLI
  • admin UI now covers user model


  • now resumes on interrupted system calls
  • worker load no longer includes assigned but unstarted tasks

kobo 0.4.0


  • pkgset.SimpleRpmWrapper has now checksum_type member
  • threads.run_in_threads helper function

Django 1.5 update

Django part of kobo was udpated to be compatible with 1.5 release. Lower version are no more supported. As a side-effect, only python 2.6+ is supported by django part.

From same reason there will be no builds of kobo-django package for RHEL 5 and lower as it lacks required python version.

  • RemoteUserMiddleware is now used for KrbV authentication
  • LimitedRemoreUserMiddleware can be used to authenticate only on entry pages.
  • LongnameUser model is used for auth backend. It allows 255 characters long user names (as they come from KrbV)
  • Class-based generic views ExtraListView and ExtraDetailView. object_list helper stays for compatibility, but it is deprecated now and will be removed in future.

kobo 0.3.0


  • State machine implementation - StateEnum, db field, form fields
  • Brand new HTML template, media, views, urls and menu
  • Menu supports django.root
  • Task logs, javascript log watcher, threaded worker stdout logger
  • XML-RPC help pages display list of contents
  • Kerberos support in CookieTransport
  • JSONField to store dicts and lists in database
  • Add relative_path() and split_path() functions to shortcuts


file_name attribute renamed to file_path. file_name is now a property which returns actual file name.

Action: Change file_name to file_path in your code.

Username hack

Username hack is enabled by default now (when kobo.django.auth is used). It changes username to 255 characters and also overrides validation RE.

Action: On postgresql run: ALTER TABLE auth_user ALTER username TYPE VARCHAR(255); Sqlite users have to use db_update-0.2.0-0.3.0 script.

Worker FQDN checking

Each worker's name must match it's FQDN now. This prevents cut&paste configuration errors when tasks end in INTERRUPTED state.

Action: Change worker names to FQDN. Change related usernames as well.

Changes in kobo.plugins

Removed 'lower_case' attribute. Plugins are now subclassed when a container is created. Each plugin now contains 'container' attribute.

Action: Remove 'lower_case' attribute from plugins, do whatever is necessary in 'normalize_name() class method instead.

  • Improve PluginContainer inheritance. Also add 'container' attribute to each plugin class obtained from a container instance. (Daniel Mach)
  • Plugins are now subclassed when a container is created. (Daniel Mach)

kobo.hub.models.Task refactoring

Field 'traceback' moved to a file (traceback.log). Field 'result' content dumped to a file (stdout.log), it is supposed to contain actual task result. Field 'args' changed to JSONField and data is directly available without any conversion.

Action: Run db_update-0.2.0-0.3.0 script.

Configuration handling in kobo.client and kobo.worker

Configuration no longer uses os.environ to get config file path. ClientCommandContainer, HubProxy and TaskManager constructor has a new mandatory 'conf' argument.

Action: config_file = os.environ.get("<PROJECT_NAME>_CONFIG_FILE", "/etc/<project_name>.conf") conf = kobo.conf.PyConfigParser() conf.load_from_file(config_file) ... and pass conf to ClientCommandContainer, HubProxy or TaskManager

Configuration passed to tasks

TaskBase constructor has now a mandatory argument 'conf', which is automatically set in TaskManager.

Action: Add 'conf' argument to tasks classes with custom constructor.

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