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Release Notes Hub

Subscribe to Release Notes


The recommended way of hacking the release notes hub is by using the docker compose based dev env. Run the dev env installation and setup steps.

This will launch the hub on localhost:8080.

Environment Variables

The app is aware of the following environment variables:

Variable Description Default
PORT The http port the express server will listen to. 8080
MONGODB_HOST Hostname of the mongodb backend 'release-notes-mongo'
MONGODB_PORT Port of the mongodb backend 27017
MONGODB_USER Mongodb user empty
MONGODB_PASSWORD Passoword of the mongodb user empty
MONGODB_DATABASE The db to use 'release-notes'
SPARK_POST_API_KEY Api key for sending transactional email empty
EMAIL_DEFAULT_REPLY_TO Default reply-to email address 'Release Notes'
GITHUB_CLIENT_ID The github client id empty
GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET The github client secret empty
GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID The google client id empty
GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET The google client secret empty
PIWIK_ENABLED Whether piwik tracking is enabled true
PIWIK_SITE_ID The related piwik site id 1


The files in this archive are released under MIT license. You can find a copy of this license in LICENSE.