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Only show style errors of things that have changed since master. This support tools that support exporting output in checkstyle format. This can be useful if you want to convert a project gradually towards a new config, (e.g. adding a new rule from the latest release of your linter). Another case were this is beneficial is were you do not want to break a build when updating the linter.

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npm install --save-dev lint-filter


The automated generation of a base lint configuration supports eslint. The setup command will create an extra lint configuration for you that you can use for a baseline without lint-filter. Since not all rules violation will happen at the same place as the changed code it is a good idea to have a baseline. Instead of keeping track of all the rules that might have violations on other lines than the those we change we will keep all rules without errors enabled for all files. This will result in two lint commands or a npm script combining two lint commands

To setup lint-filter make your linter config what you want it to be and then run

lint-filter generate-config > .base.eslintrc

Then you can add the following to your script section of your package.json.

"lint": "eslint -c .base.eslintrc .",
"lint:strict": "eslint . -f checkstyle | lint-filter",

A nice thing you might have realized is that the generate-config command can be run regurarly to update the baseline or when upgrading your favorite eslint configuration. This will make it a breeze to update linter configuration that adds new rules.


You can use this in two different ways, either by reading files or reading from stdin.

Reading from files

lint-filter checkstyle-report.xml

Reading from stdin

cat checkstyle-report.xml | lint-filter

# example usage with eslint
eslint . -f checkstyle | lint-filter


$ lint-filter -h
  Usage: lint-filter [options] <subcommand|file ...>


  -h, --help             Output usage information
  -V, --version          Output the version number
  -f, --format [format]  The output format. If prefixed with 'require:' the formatter will be loaded from an external package
  -b, --branch [branch]  The branch to diff against.
  -l, --linter [linter]  The linter that is used in the project.
  -w, --warning          Make all errors that make it through the filter a warning

Sub commands

The first argument can either be a file or a sub command. The available sub commands are listed below.

  • list-files - list the files in the current diff that lint-filter will use. Nice for faster linting.

External formatters

An external formatter should export a function takes two arguments (input and stats) and returns a string with the formatted output. Below are examples of the structure that the two arguments will be on. Input is a list of files with lint messages and stats is an object with severity as key and an object with the counts as value.

const input = [
    filename: '~/dev/lint-filter/src/index.js',
    messages: [
        line: '7',
        column: '23',
        severity: 'error',
        message: 'Extra semicolon. (semi)',
        source: 'eslint.rules.semi',

const stats = {
  errors: { in: 1, out: 9, total: 10 },
  warnings: { in: 3, out: 9, total: 11 },


Firstly, all contributions is super appreciated ✨

If you have questions, bug report or feature requests you are encouraged to drop by our [gitter channel][gitter-link] and say hi. If you are comfortable with it bug reports in form of a pull-request with a broken test would be awesome. Unsure about where the test belong? Then create a new file in the test folder with your test. Unsure about how to do create a pr? You can check out How to create a Pull Request on GitHub, a video tutorial by @kentcdodds or drop by the [gitter channel][gitter-link] and ask for help.